8-Bit Software Online Conversion

I am writing this on 28th January 1995, several days before the issue date of issue 40. Issue 40 was the first to be full on the deadline. Up to now, I had allowed a bit of latitude with the deadline and squeezed items in after it. As I write this, issue 41 is already half full! Well done everyone, the submissions are excellent. Keep it up. Up to now, I have published everything submitted to 8BS unless copyright has been dubious. All material submitted to 8BS WILL be put onto issues. Although in future I cannot guarantee that everything submitted will get onto the next issue. Messages will take priority. To be certain that your submissions make the next issue, get them in early. Everything is on a first come, first served basis. As submissions arrive and are finalised (sometimes it takes several letters and phonecalls to get a submission debugged/made suitable for issue), they are put onto the next issue disc, placed into the menu and a brief description placed into the info file. All messages go straight onto the issue disc too. When the issue disc is full, submissions are placed onto the following issue. Thanks to K3S for supplying 8BS with a spare Master. In fact it has ended up in constant use. There are now 2 Masters and one BBC in constant use and a Master Compact in the loft at 8BS HQ. Richard Chamberlain must have got his fingers crossed when typing in his STD code in the book loan article on issue 40. His phone number is: 01773 829543. I shall be moving on to a 24 hour shift rota, working 12 hour shifts in April possibly. How this is going to affect 8BS I cannot tell until I have worked a few shifts. I suspect that when I am at work I will not have any time for 8BS as my free time when I am at work will amount to something like 2 hours a day. The Spring Acorn User Show is to be held in Harrogate on the 6th and 7th of May in the International Centre. The show opens at 0930 hrs. You are all invited to attend. 8BS has been given a stand at the show and we will be there, eager to meet the rest of the membership. If you want to come along and help (and get in free!), please do so. I will need plenty of help at this show as my wife Gill who came with me last year cannot make it this year. So, if you possibly can, PLEASE come along and help! Technical expertise is not essential, just a willingness to tell people what 8BS has to offer. If you can come along to help (even if it is only a couple of hours, you are welcome), please contact me as soon as possible so that I can get the passes organised. Remember that it will be getting a bit late if you leave it until the next 8BS issue to volunteer! If you would like maps or info about how to get there or where to park etc, send an SAE to me and ask. Mick Needham has sent me a disc of hand scanned digitised maps of Harrogate. Send a DFS disc and ask if you want them. The Issue 42 deadline has been brought forward 1 week from the originally planned date to the 4th of May, the day before I go across to Harrogate. New to the pool this time: BBC 151 added to the list BBC 99 added to the list TBI-67 BUG REMOVED from the Beebug Printer driver and an example saved to disc. MANY THANKS K2F who pointed this out to me. TBI-77-1 Beeb Developments 1 1D TBI-77-2 Beeb Developments 2 1D TBI-77-3 Beeb Developments 3 1D TBI-78 GFX Fonts and Clipart 2D TBI-79 DFS Utilities By Brian Raw 1D FAC-00 Fast access demo disc 1D 512-2-6 Dabs Bonus Disc 800K DOS+ 512-4 Various 512 utilities. DOS+ 512-5 Various 512 utilities. DOS+ 512-6 Genealogy. 360K IBM 512-7 Eaman. Adventure. 2 disc 360K IBM 512-8 Origami. DOS+ 800K 512-9 Cryptanalysis 360K IBM 512-10 Sprite Designer. 360K IBM BUG-20 Printwise 1D BUG-21 Masterfile II 1DA BUG-22 View Spellchecker 2D NOTE 512-6, 512-7 and 512-8 all require a Basic such as GWBASIC to be installed in your Master 512.    