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                                   8 Bit                    To: 999 (all members) From: K2B (Colin Culpitt-Smith) Subject: Z88 Users - useful aid If you would like to have proof that your mains adaptor REALLY is powering your Z88 - as opposed to just hoping - then I have a very simple mod to the adaptor suitable for anyone with modest electronics experience. If you have none, then I will adapt it for you for only `3 inc return postage. With my mod, your adaptor will light a red LED whenever the Z88 is switched on, and doesn't simply show that the adaptor is powered from the mains. This way you know the Z88 is being mains powered and saving your batteries. Ring me for details on 0738 812186 anytime.  To: 999 (all members) From: K2B (Colin Culpitt-Smith) Subject: Z88 & WordWise+ users Have you ever wished you could convert text files prepared on a Z88, for use with WordWise+? That is, without lots of boring and slow editing & deleting etc! I've written a program that uses the WW+ language, and it edits out all those %codes, extra spaces & returns etc, and converts a messy layout into a normal WW+ layout - all at the press of a key! If you would like a copy, please send me a disk with your typical Z88 text file(s) on it, and I'll send you my program, customised to suit your text files. Please ensure the Z88 file(s) are not converted for the BBC, & not saved as Plain Text on the Z88 - i.e. exactly as originally typed, complete with all Z88 codes & commands etc. Send disk with sae to:- 35 Muirmont Crescent, Bridge of Earn, Perth, PH2 9RG NOTE: only OK for WWplus, not WW!  From: K5B (David J.MacGraw) Subject: Using ViewSheet with ADFS. A tip for using ADFS linking files: The root-like structure of an ADFS directory only permits the downward referencing of ViewSheet linking files e.g. 'V.VS1' where 'V' is sub-ordinate to the current directory. This is a disadvantage where several Sheets need to access a common set of figures e.g. component costs, operator rates etc. This isn't a problem with the DFS as all directories have a parallel level. By changing 1 byte in the ViewSheet rom, linking files can be 'above' the Sheet, or even in the Root directory of a more complex structure. ViewSheet vB1.0 (as supplied with the Master 128) is part of the 'MegaRom' but can be copied onto a separate 27128 Eprom and used in a cartridge, '*UnPlugging' the original image. Alternatively, it can be run from SWRAM, provided it can be made 'read- only' after loading, as the image is written to during use causing a crash! The byte to change is at offset &2979 and is the 'V' of the 'V.VS' filename. Altering this to '^.VS' accesses files 'above' the current level and '$.VS' accesses linking files in the Root.  From: K5B (David J.MacGraw) Subject: More SWRAM in a Master. Master 128 cartridges will accept RAM chips as well as Eproms and can thus be used to add more SWRAM. The chips can be either 6264 (8K x 8) or 62256 (32K x 8, only 16K of which is used) or equivalent CMOS byte-wide chips. The Master *SR commands only recognise positions 4 to 7 (the cartridge slots being 0 to 3) so a utility rom such as ADU by Pineapple Software needs to be used to make best use of this feature.  To: 999 (all members) From: K4A (KEVIN HALLAM) Subject: HELP Does anyone know how to solve the chessboard riddle in the adventure game Mirror Of Khoronz as I haven't got a clue how to solve it.  To: 999 (all members) From: K6N (BRIAN RAW) Subject: MODEM'S At last I have got my modem working. The fault was so simple I'm almost ashamed to admit to it.But for the benefit of anybody else who may be having trouble I shall. From past articles on connecting two computers via the serial port I naively assumed the cable connection to be the same for modem connection. But I have since learnt otherwise,this form of connection is not called NULL MODEM for nothing. The correct method for connection is simply straight through see diagram tx---------------2 rx---------------3 25 pin D-type rts---------------4 socket cts---------------5 RS232 standard gnd---------------7 Once done my modem was happy to work on default setting 8N1 at 1200 baud. What next?  To: 999 (all members) From: K8X (Eric Lane) Subject: Modem help I have picked up a modem which I would like to use with my BBC B,description as follows QUATTRO BULL oak tree emblem 6 LEDs DSR TXD RXD DCD DTR OH 6 Push switchs DATA ANS TEST AL RCD LOAD 4 2 1 SET DIAL This is the front panel lay out. The rear panel is as follows MAINS cable PHONE cable PHONE socket HEADPHONE socket DTEInterface socket. EPROMS inside 9000-0450-0001/E 02-ON CSUM 4B63 900-0451-0001/E Q2 STD HI CSUM 9579 900-0452-0001/E Q2 STD LO CSUM 2E00 Can anyone supply information to help me get this modem on line  To: 999 (all members) From: L1M (Janny Looyenga) Subject: Master <--> BBC Read in the Advanced SWR book: The differences: MASTER equivalent BBC ------ --- PHX TXA:PHA PHY TYA:PHA PLX PHA:TAX PLY PHA:TAY STZ location LDA £0: STA location And I found some more: BRA JMP INA ADC £1 There are some unknown ones in the QUIZ file which appeared on the ADFS version of Issue 38. TSB test and set bits TRB test and reset bits Who can help?  To: 999 (all members) From: K3H (ALBERT SCHOFIELD) Subject: TAPE TO DISC ON THE BBC B Anyone who has used the cassette filing system will be familiar with control codes in the file names. These appear as queries (?) no matter what the control code is. Control codes cannot be used in disc filenames as they confuse the DFS. However, the control codes can usually be dispensed with when transferring files to disc but occasionally a file will not work without the control codes and this causes problems when transferred to disc. There are various ways of getting round this, so to illustrate one method I will give details of how to transfer one such program to disc. The program is ATOM SMASHER which is in four parts :- ATOM-SMASH, INST???, M/C???? and MAIN?. The file that causes the problem is the third one M/C????. The first file is a short loader for the second file which is really only a basic program with protection so the first file can be dispensed with and the second file made listable by the following routine. Load the second file, INST???, from cassette by using *LOAD""18E0 . Then enter:- ?&227A=&FF to set the end of file marker. If page is normally at &1900 you should now be able to list the file, otherwise set page to &1900 first. Delete line 308 which is CALL&1790. Also delete line 310 which is *RUN. Add the following line:- 5 IF PAGE<>&2000THEN PAGE=&2000: CHAIN"INSTRUC" . This is necessary to make room for the next file to download. Alter line 760 which is CHAIN"" to 760*M/C. Add line, 770 PAGE=&E00:RUN Now save the file to disc as INSTRUC . The last two files are machine code and load in below &1100 so they can be combined into one file so that they can be downloaded together. To do this load the third file from cassette with:- *LOAD""1900 . Then load in the last file with:- *LOAD""1E00 . Save it to disc with:- *SAVE M/C 1900+F00 BBA 900 . This file will have to be downloaded to &900 so use whatever method you prefer. By chaining INSTRUC the instructions will be displayed but the game itself will not work because the control codes have not been entered. You can prove this by cataloguing a block or two of the third file from cassette. Press BREAK and chain INSTRUC . The game will now work. To identify the control codes catalogue a block or two of the third file, M/C????, press BREAK and enter:- *SAVE MEMORY 0 400 . This will save the first four pages of memory. Then *DUMP MEMORY and at location &3B2 can be seen the file name and the three control numbers. The fourth is just a query. Make a note of the seven numbers:- 4D 2F 43 98 80 8A 3F. These can be poked into memory by adding an extra line to the file INSTRUC just before it loads the next file as follows:- 756 !&3B2=&432F4D:!&3B5=&3F8A8098 See page 409 of the USER GUIDE. It is possible that slightly different versions of the game exist. If so you will have to make allowances for this. More next month.  To: 999 (all members) From: K3F (Jacquetta Morris) Subject: COMBAT LYNX BATTLE SIMULATION GAME (DURRELL SOFTWARE) CAN ANYONE HELP, PLEASE. MY SON HAS THE COMBAT LYNX AIR TO GROUND BATTLE SIMULATION, HOWEVER, HE IS STRUGGLING TO FIND THE KEYBOARD CONTROLS FOR THIS GAME. IF ANYONE CAN ENLIGHTEN US, PLEASE CONTACT: JACQUETTA MORRIS, 78 BLAKE HILL CRESCENT, LILLIPUT, POOLE, DORSET BH14 8QS  To: 999 (all members) From: K6N (BRIAN RAW) Subject: RGB SYNC SIGNALS L.Roberts problem may possibly be easily cured since both the vertical and horizontal syncs are available on the 6845 on pin 40 and 39 respectivly Both give posative going TTL signals pin 40 at 50 Hz pin 39 at 15625 HZ Though it does seem strange to me that 15625 / 50 = 312.5 lines per frame I thought we were on 625 lines ? Notice I came up with half this value so maybe you should only take notice of half this reply ? Anyhow,if your monitor requires any different to these which it might you will have a few problems there. Try contacting the manufacturer for details before procceding further.  To: 999 (all members) From: D2G (Neil Parry) Subject: Watford 32K Rom/Ram Board     Please help me I am another one of the 32K Rom/Ram board victims. Has anyone got any idea of how I can use it with the programs which need shadow ram. Signed Why Me..!!  From: K8C (Arthur Adams) 125 Hall Lane Upminster Essex, RM14 1AU, Tel.01708-226137). Subject: WANTED (1) ROM Cartridges for Master, several. (2) Loan or photocopies of full instructions for ROMs Master, Caretaker, Sleuth and Disc Doctor. (Master ROM unstructions most urgent).  To: 15A/999 (Steven Flintham) From: K5U (Simon Godfrey) Subject: BT-approved modems (8BS£40) Regarding your query on modems, providing you use a short and high- quality comms-lead, and a fast comms program then you should be able to connect your Beeb to a 14400 modem at the BBC's maximum speed of 19200 baud. The modem will then communicate with the computer at this speed while it communicates over the phone line at a maximum of 14400 baud. Many modems are not 'BT approved' simply because it costs the manufacturer so much to get the approval from them. If you can find a cheap modem that has been approved for use in the USA then it should be safe enough to use on a BT line as (apparently) the U.S. standards are higher than BT's. The use of such a modem may however infringe your license agreement with BT. It's your choice - It could be the difference between `90 and `140...  To: K8F/999 (Stuart Angell) From: K5U (Simon Godfrey) Subject: EMR MIDI ROMs Help (8BS£40) I contacted EMR a couple of years ago and they were still trading but were concentrating on Archimedes products. Last year I met someone from EMR at an Acorn fair in Wembley. He told me they no longer have any Beeb products commercially available but he'd be happy to supply me with software/ROMs on a 1-off basis. Their address was (and still is?): Electromusic Research Ltd 14 Mount Close, Wickford, Essex SS11 8HG. Tel: 0702 335747 Fax: 0702 332370  To: 999 & OE7 From: K2V (Bill Jowitt) Subject: MPG program Issue 38 Thank you Fred for your comments. I also use a separate disc. I hope the following will also help others. Firstly, line 1205 in MPG2 should read 1205 G=GET : IF G=32 CHAIN "MPGmenu" EXP1 is a fictitious car number for demonstration, and C1 is a saved screen. The program is designed to accept the last 3 digits of the mileometer reading. Thus the 1000s are ignored. This will fail if the vehicle can do more than 1000 miles between fill-ups (FULL to FULL). The program adjusts where the mileometer reading passes through XX000, ie "Previous mileage 900", "This mileage 100", will give a reading of 200 miles. (See lines 510 & 520). The program is also designed to give two places of decimals in mpg calculations (see lines 550 & 720). These must be switched off (lines 640 & 800) or dates, miles etc would be given two places of decimals (eg 12.00 instead of 12). BYE.  To: 999 (all members) From: K2F (John Davis) Subject: I recently gave an Electron to a local charity shop, but having read Martin Wilson's paean of praise for that machine in 8BS 40, I guess I shoulda kept the Electron and given them the Cray 1 instead. I've only just discoverd - by accident - what has probably been known to everyone else on earth for years: that you can create and edit a !BOOT file as a VIEW text file, which makes life a whole lot simpler, specially when chopping and changing the !BOOT file for VIEW itself. I feel there should be town criers going to every hamlet in the kingdom shouting things like:"Oyez! Oyez! You can edit a !BOOT file in VIEW! God Save the King!" Never can find a town crier when you need one.  To: 999 (all members) From: K2F (John Davis) Subject: HELP! Thanks to Karl Tilbrook for his advice about repairing the entrails of a couple of ailing Beebs. The fact that I then made a total hash of it is beside the point... In one of my small pile of boot sale Beebs there is a load of ROM's 'n' stuff which I don't have the foggiest idea how to use. If anyone can help with info/manuals/philosophical thoughts on any one (or more) of the following, I'd be very grateful, and will of course pay the appropriate amount plus postage: 1) ViewStore 1.0 2) ViewSpell 1.0 (I gather this also needs a disc or two) 3) AMX Pagemaker-Plus 1.7 4) Watford 32K Shadow RAM 2.40 5) Acorn Speech System (Thanks to Karl, I can get the words directly from each key - sounding like Kenneth Kendall on Valium - but nothing more. Info/external ROM's/discs would be welcome) 6) In another Beeb, there are still a few mysteries with the Watford DDFS 1.54 T. As Kenneth K. would say, being a bit limited vocabulary-wise,"Thanks very amount!" 5 Glebe Close, Prince of Wales Terrace, Chiswick, London W4 2EZ. 0181 994 0786.  PRESS BREAK