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From:K8J.Cyril Pike. ******Sep's tale***** Browsing through an old copy of the 'Stonehenge' Advertiser I came across this rather intriguing snippet at the bottom of page four. LOST AND FOUND A man was found unconscious at Longbarrow yesterday May 17th. 1992. Police later gave his name as Septimus Hawkins. Mr Hawkins has been taken to Salisbury Infirmary. Our Stonehenge correspondent has pointed out that by a strange coincidence, a gentleman of the same name was reported missing from the Longbarrow area towards the end of August 1989. It is said that truth is stranger than fiction, and as I had started my working life with a Sep Hawkins, I felt compelled to follow up this story to see if it was by chance the same chap. The quest was far from simple but in due course I found that it was indeed the same Sep I had known a few years ago. Sadly he was in a mental ward, because according to the authorities he suffered from delusions as to how he had spent the previous three years. Eventually I was allowed to visit him, and his explanation of the missing years beggars belief. I have twenty tapes made of our conversations from which I will give a rough outline of his story and leave you to judge for yourself. First let me add that the foregoing dates and locations have been verified. ***** Part one: The pick up On Monday August 21st.1989 I left my home in Ealing (which I shared with my aunt who had reared me from an early age) for about a month in the West Country servicing commercial computer set ups. I had made a stop in Basingstoke to collect some pills from a rep., and as the A3O. was short of toilets, in the Stonehenge area I made my way through a copse for a spot of relief. Suddenly it became quite dark, and a strange sensation of wellbeing seemed to flow through my body. There before me was a metallic-looking vessel into which I could not stop myself entering. There was no door yet I walked straight aboard. There was one person there, an Indian, and I realised that far from being unable to communicate with him I could actually see his thoughts; this was telepathy far in advance of any ideas I had previously entertained. The message from him was that he also had been invited aboard, but as yet had not met with the pilot. There followed a rather uncomfortable period of what I can only think of as acceleration, nevertheless neither of us felt in any way worried. Eventually our journey became quite pleasant and I began to wonder about the controller of the machine, and why had "he/it" not been revealed to us. Immediately I had entertained these thoughts the answer was in my brain, it was as if I had tapped into an extensive data-base. In simple terms I gathered that as a safety measure healthwise, our pilot must remain isolated from us; that due to physical differences all communications would be via thought transference; our wellbeing in respect of food and rest would be attended to exactly as we would wish. I must add at this point that in looking back to the time of being abducted, I had no complaint about the treatment received but this was only because of the 'feel-good' effect that was mentally implanted. I have no doubt that no matter what we were fed we were conditioned to imagine it to be like manna from heaven! The data-base mentioned earlier continued to feed my brain with what must have been more information than one would normally acquire in a life time.The highlight was our destination.....Mars!. This was thought induced as the fourth planet outwards from the sun. A Martian history of how to cause a planet to be just about sterile and uninhabitable, and all life being forced to exist below ground was fed into my memory bank, but more of this later. In addition to the surface being hazardous, to overcome the atmospheric depletion it was necessary to live at great depths where the weight of the air(?) made breathing possible, without some artificial aid. Food and rest were suggested at regular intervals, also one's basic functions were catered for. Exercise consisted of a circular tour around the craft, which was as far as we were concerned like being inside a huge doughnut shaped area, the centre section I took to be the control cabin. We could not see into this section and neither did there seem to be any means of access, yet our meals appeared as if by magic through the seamless metal walls. I have no idea how long our journey lasted, we both had a wrist watch but as soon as the acceleration eased the watches began to go into a reverse mode, and whilst one might think that perhaps there would be a chance to live a second life, the most likely reason was that maybe we were travelling at some extraordinary high Mach number. In retrospect I still get a feeling of panic, and am thankful for the telepathic reassurance our captors gave us. ***** Part two: The Eagle has landed. The arrival on the planet was a non-event as far as we were concerned; really I should say 'in the planet'. It was suggested that we leave the craft and we entered an underground cavern that appeared as large as a football pitch, and from which hundreds of tunnels radiated. Under the influence of the hypnotic effect we made our way to one of the tunnels and after walking some considerable distance, arrived at a series of rooms (then rooms...now cells), and were aware of the room that had been allocated to each of us. Following the prompts we settled in for a rest in our respective quarters. During this period, reams of background information was poured into our heads, the most startling being that our hosts whom we should not meet until such time as our freedom from illness was assured, had a symbiotic relationship with a being that through the mental picture could only be described as an overgrown ant. These beings were the product of selective breeding and were used in numerous ways for the maintenance of the well-being of the tunnel dwellers. "I wish I knew the collective noun for troglodytes". The mental picture of our hosts was of a somewhat man-like build, of less height than an average man, say..about five feet tall, with a more stocky body- shape, barrel-chested in my minds eye, but most outstanding of all was that they were completely covered in hair, and sported no other form of body covering. For those who have that sort of mind..no! one could not identify any sexual variations!. There followed a period (months at least) which was the most restful that I can remember. A mentally imposed regime consisting of exercise, educational study, minor tasks, meals, and rest. Exercise meant that two blokes with but a single thought set off on a form of jogging along some of the myriad of tunnels, always being guided in such a manner that by many differing routes we arrived back at base, but would not have found it possible to retrace our path, so we were unable to visualise the extent, or the direction of these tunnels; in retrospect it was very restrictive and did not permit any exploration. Work was really only attending to the normal chores around the room, going to a set point at such time as you got the message, to collect the meals and later to return the dishes. ****** Part three: What makes it move? A potted Martian history is based around a few salient features: first and foremost, whereas on Earth life circulates by the grace of petrol or oil products, there the motive moving power is an element that I can not put into words, the nearest that comes to mind is 'double water', this is not quite right, as it is something to do with hydrogen being the double agent. I fear you will have to accept it as it stands, I am no chemist or scientist. Now whereas we use some form of rotary mechanism, on M. the previously mentioned 'water' is passed through a complex piped arrangement which is in the form of a helix, the size of the bore and the distance between the spiral members being of paramount importance. The range of uses is legion, the common feature is that any material subjected to the resultant force has the bonding agent between the molecules modified. This can range from rendering the sample as malleable as putty to a complete disintegration of the basic structure. A simple gizmo can be used for a form of welding, where two plates are joined by causing the edges to become fluid at the molecular level and then uniting into a single unit by using a reverse flow through the apparatus. To translate the way this takes place needs a knowledge far in advance of my schooling. My first contact with this force was when as I mentioned earlier, I just walked through the wall of the 'saucer ship'. What apparently happened was that a section of the wall was partially freed from internal bonding, and could then be moved aside like a bead curtain and then re-bonded; believe me it was as good as new afterwards. The ultimate and much more complex machine consisted of a multi- collection of the helix format, there being several spring-like forms one within the other, then a number of these banded together to complete the engine (I use this term loosely to convey an idea) which is the motive power of the 'saucer'. If you wish to have an idea of how this works, you will have to take on board the possibility of plus and minus gravity. For lift-off, an anti-gravity effect is produced until such time as the mid point is reached, then an attractive force is implemented. Whilst on inter-planetary travel, a trip from Earth to Mars is broken down into segments...lift-off and head for the moon, at the critical time change to attract towards the moon maintain this mode to give a high speed and skip by the moon heading out into the Martian orbit. The speed reduction is achieved by first going round both Deimos and Phobos. Unfortunately we did not see our approach, there being no windows in the craft; at least it saved us being worried as to our safety. ******* Part four:- The red planet. Over quite a long time I gathered an immense amount of knowledge concerning the past events. In general it appears that in the beginning the land was like Eden as visualised on earth, all greenery and lushness. Gradually the countryside was changed, the inhabitants converting it to suit their needs for crops, then to accommodate a growing population even more of the virgin land was used for housing. There was no problem in understanding how these changes took place, we have had the same experience at home.The parallel continued with the need for living space causing small bands of people joining forces to safeguard their homes, this joining together of peoples carried on until there remained just two large opposing forces. I hardly need to tell you that eventually the ultimate weapon was developed,and used. As I can only relate what happened in the words at my command, you will have to accept that a nuclear bomb is as close as I can get. This is not an exact fact because the result of the device was to not only devastate a large area, but at the same time a myriad of seeds were dispersed, and it was afterwards discovered that these seeds reacted with water, causing the molecules to break down into their constituent parts. No way was found of halting this disaster, and whilst the action was relatively slow it was relentless. This resulted in a drying up of all small patches of water, and the failure of crops to prosper. Panic among the populace caused the hoarding of both food and water by individuals, until collective arrangements decreed that all means must be implemented to conserve all the basic requirements of life. The seeding effect continued with no antidote being found, and a very serious result became apparent, that was that any open wound on either animal or person was attacked by the seeds. Now there were dried-out carcases in abundance, and most of the people had resigned themselves to extinction. A relatively small band took up residence in some very deep natural caves, and rather than just give in to fate, set about equipping the caves with whatever they could collect. Over the following ten or twelve generations as all surface water disappeared, Mars now took on a new colour, that brought about by red-oxide, as the hydrogen was lost through gravity being insufficient to hold such a light gas. The cave-dwellers survived, but only just, for a long time. Whilst the able- bodied went on collecting forays, the patriarch sat watching the ants until one day he had the idea that maybe their lifestyle could teach him a better mode of existence. From this by painstaking work in a special breeding programme, a new and useful being was developed. Next, the people and the ants had to be brought into a symbiotic whole, to live together and to work together. There remained one difference between them, namely speech. The resolution came about by the need to cope with the resonant echo effect within the caves, gradually all speech was dropped, and replaced by telepathic means. ****** Part five:- Homeward. At the beginning of this tale I made reference to my having collected some pills, here I have to come clean and admit that as a child I was diagnosed as schizophrenic, but with regular medication this was fully under control, and apart from the pills it never crossed my mind. I endeavoured to take the pills regularly but during the above escapade this was not easy, with the result that I began to suffer headaches and lapses of memory. Eventually my mind rebelled and I found myself fighting the tele- messages from the controllers. I could sense that this caused no end of an upset to them, and for the first time I was able to understand what was actually going on, not just the edited feel-good version that had been fed all along. Take the food; once I was aware of what it really was I felt sickened. Where I had thought I was having maybe steak, it was in fact nothing more than raw fungus. I have to say that they had nothing else to offer, the ants continuously cropped many kinds of fungi, this being one of the parts of their working together, sort of underground horticulturists. It was now that I understood the devious plans my captors had in mind. It must have been obvious that at some time they would have to evacuate the planet, also there was a good chance the goal would be Earth, so in preparation we were to be integrated into their society, then infiltrated back to Earth to set up a suitable site for their colonisation. My head could not cope with this without a major explosion, fortunately for me the outcome was to disrupt completely the telepathic control throughout the colony. Having discovered their weak link I gave my mind over to causing as much trouble as possible. To cut a long story short, I was so disruptive that I was expelled, and sent back to Wiltshire where no one will believe my tale. I have tried to warn the authorities of the impending incursion of these aliens. To what end? I am locked up in the looney bin! Say what you will, life is far from fair, from one who knows. p.p. Septimus Hawkins.(14.2.1995). ====================================== A few words to any who have survived this far and feel cheated because certain aspects of the lifestyle have not been dealt with. As Septimus is trying to get a hearing by some section of the Ministry and has enlisted the help of a solicitor to this end, plus the fact that I tripped up in being caught bringing out the final tape, I have only been allowed to keep this tape providing the contents of same are in no way made public until such time as the official hearing has been completed. This may possibly be in a couple of months, and I can assure you that the startling revelations yet to come should not be perused by those of a nervous disposition. Cyril Pike.