8-Bit Software Online Conversion

              Sample Taken : 8.3.95 Members : 224 Bank Balance : You Don't Want to know. Discs in pool: 731 Discs Issued : 5847 Prices : Ludicrously low Spares+software etc : Approximately 17 tons in the loft, so buy them quickly before they plummet through the ceiling onto the 8BS hardware. Editor : C.J.Richardson. Occupation, full time: Loony Part Time : Paramedic Thanks to: Stephan Richardson for the help/advice daily. Paul Clucas (Cluke) for making sure there are no bugs     that I put in  postbox (nO eggsadura tion there whotsowever)) You lot for keeping 8BS going. Result of sample: The doctor says I'm impotent, so I am going to dress impotent. Old joke I know, but simple things amuse me. If anyone wants to see the 8BS accounts, they are available. Send a disc and return p+p. Ask for the accounts. They will be sent to you in plain ASCII (and an envelope of course).    