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Flowers Poem. PRINTER READY! - Listing

10DEFFNS="B.FLOWERS" 20*KEY2 RUN |M 30CLS 40VDU2 50VDU1,14:PRINT"Flowers" 60VDU1,14:PRINT"-------" 70PRINT"I would rather have one littl e rose, From the garden of a friend" 80PRINT"Than to have the choicest flo wers, When my stay on earth must end" 90PRINT"I would rather have a pleasan t word, In kindness said to me" 100PRINT"Than flattery when my heart i s still, And life has ceased to be,"' 110: 120PRINT"I would rather have a loving smile, From friends I know are true" 130PRINT"Than tears shed round my cask et, When to this world I bid adieu" 140PRINT"Bring me all your flowers tod ay, Whether pink or white or red" 150PRINT"I would rather have one bloss om now, Than a truckload when I am dead ."' 160PRINT"--------------" 170VDU3:END 180: 190REM"  200REM"     220REM" Unkown Author 230REM" Modified By Fred Price 240REM" 22/1/95 250REM"  260REM" SAVE"B.FLOWERS"