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Pilar - Listing

10REM" P I L A R 20REM J.Davis '95. 30MODE7 40VDU23,1,0;0;0;0; 50PRINT"  * N A K E D * G I R L *  60PRINT" Anticipating the implement ation of  70PRINT" a recent E.C. directive - effective  80PRINT" from 01/04/95 - entitled ' Represen-  90PRINT" tation of the Naked Human Body in  100PRINT" Electronic Media (Restric tions  110PRINT" Thereof)' - ref.AF/573/858 - this  120PRINT" program is written using t he Heis-  130PRINT" enberg Uncertainty Princip le. In  140PRINT" essence, this means that t he act of  150PRINT" measurement or observation of any  160PRINT" object or event totally di srupts  170PRINT" that object or event, maki ng accur-  180PRINT" ate observation impossible . There-  190PRINT" fore, in this case, when n obody is  200PRINT" looking at the screen, a p icture of  210PRINT" a beautiful naked girl, na med Pilar  220PRINT" Olof, appears, but as soon as some-  230PRINT" one looks at the screen, t he pic-  240PRINT" ture instantly disappears and is  250PRINT" replaced by this message. It works  260PRINT" amazingly well, breaking n ew ground  270PRINT" in interactive computing. Try it!  280PRINT" STRING 290GOTO290 300REM" Next year, specially for the ladies in 8BS, a picture of a hunky invisible Chippendale. Watch this space.