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Pentominoes - Listing

10REM 20DEFFNS="Stop" 30MODE7 40VDU23;8202;0;0;0; 50PRINT''" The View, Function Key and Pentominoes"'" programs must first be d ecompressed"'" onto a new disc."''" Plea se read the documentation article"'" fir st." 60PRINT''" Press M to return to the m ain menu." 70PRINT'" Press D for De-archiver to examine an"'" archive." 80PRINT'" Archive names are: PENT VIE W and FKEYS" 90*FX 21 100REPEAT 110A$=GET$ 120UNTILINSTR("MmDd",A$) 130IF INSTR("Dd",A$):CHAIN"Arch`de" 140*EX. !BOOT