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                    To: 999 (all members) From: K2E (Mick Reeves) Subject: For Sale Master 128 with Cumana slimline 40/80 track drive, double height matching plinth, and Philips CM8833 colour monitor. Manuals, including Master Reference Manuals part 1 and 2. Disc boxes and lots of discs ACORN DATA RECORDER SELLING BECAUSE OF ILL HEALTH £250 O.N.O. PHONE 0757-638643 (SELBY AREA)  To: 999 (all members) From: K2U (DAVID BROWN) Subject: FOR SALE 2*BBC B MODELS WATFORD AND ACORN HUNDREDS OF TAPES AND DISKS GAMES AND ADVENTURE. EDUCATIONAL. BLANK DISKS. SINGLE 40/80 TRACK DISK DRIVE. 40 TRACK DISK DRIVE. TAPE RECORDER. MOUSE. 2 SETS OF JOYSTICKS. BBC USER PORT SPLITTER. SHADOW RAM BOARD AND ROM AMX. STOP PRESS. PTTL ROM BOARD. VIEW. INTER WORD. PINEAPPLE ROM AND DISKS. ROM MANAGER LOADS OF ROMS IN FACT. ACORN AP100J PRINTER. EPSON MX70 PRINTER. PEN DOWN CUMANA PAD. VERY RARE ULTRA DRIVE COMPLETE WITH TAPES ETC. AND 3 SETS OF JOY STICKS.FULL SET INPUT BBC MARSHAL CAVENDISH BOOKS VOLS 1 TO 4 IN 4 BINDERS. HUNDREDS OF BBC BOOKS. PRINTER PAPER. 3 DISK BOXES ALL FOR SALE AS ONE LOT ONLY £400. NO OFFERS. TEL ASHFORD KENT 01233 621053.  To: 999 (all members) From: 4WL (MARTIN WILSON) Subject: For Sale BBC Model B with fitted Acorn DFS and Wordwise wordprocessor. Its an issue 4 board. Its fully working and comes with a Cumana 40/80 track switchabe 5 1/4 double sided drive which is BBC powered. Also includes original manual, disk software and tv cable. £70 including insured postage. Acorn Electron with Slogger 64k/Turbo upgrade(gives shadow modes and upto 3x speed increase), Plus 1 and Cumana disk interface with SEDFS conversion (runs normal DFS software not ADFS), also includes 5 1/4 80t double sided drive, drive and computer PSU, disk cables, datacorder and cables, disk software, cassette software, view cartridge, manuals and electron user magazines. £60 including insured postage. IBM 486SX 25mhz, 4meg, 120meg hard drive, SVGA colour monitor, VESA accelerated graphics, mouse, heavy duty keyboard,fast architecture, all normal ports plus joysticks ports, DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.1 plus other installed software. Very good condition, no bad sectors on hard drive. An actual IBM not a compatible. Built to last no compromise design. Original cost last year £1450 including VAT. £575 including insured carriage. No VAT. PCTools SI rating 32.9 and runs the Spectrum emulator Z80PD at 292%(the later is a better test of the computer overall instead of just the main processor). Tel.01935 25974  To: 999 (all members) From: 4WL (MARTIN WILSON) Subject: For Sale Books 30Hour Basic(256 pages) £3 Using Floppy Disks with the BBC Microcomputer(cumana) £3 Watford DFS Manual £3 Wordwise Plus Extra Book £4 BBC B+ User Guide £5 (or swop for Master Compact manual) Software UltraCalc2 as new, ROM, disk and manual. Looks excellent but I don't need a spreadsheet. Works with second processor. £9 (all boxed) Advanced Disk Investigator and Advanced Disk Utilities on single 32k ROM. £5 Miscellanous Large Pile of original pre-recorded DR Who videos. Originally costing over £150. Sell for £75 or swop for good 9/24pin printer or simple video. Various cables and connectors. Too many to list. Tel.01935 25974  To: 999 (all members) From: 4WL (MARTIN WILSON) Subject: For Sale Hardware Microvitec Cub Monitor 1431 with cable to BBC/Electron. Good condition, good picture. £55 inclusive. Acorn 2nd Processor with manual and disk software. 65C02 type with 64k RAM suitable for applications, printer buffer, Tube Elite, Sideways RAM if application Tube compatible. £25 inclusive. Acorn 2nd Processor as above but with DNFS ROM making it suitable for early BBCs with Acorn DFSs which do not have the Tube code built in. £30 inclusive Bare 5 1/4 40t double sided drive £9 Bare 3.5 80t single sided drive £7.50 Bare 3.5 80t HD drive but no seperate power connector. It uses the half of the normal ground connection for 5V input. £10 inclusive Amstrad PCW9512 daisywheel printer. Totally non standard for use only with Amstrad wordprocessors. It uses single cable to provide power and communication. £20 inclusive. Miniscribe RLL/MFM hard drive. Model 8425. Sent in proper hard drive posting box. Condition unknown as nothing to connect it too but is unlikely to be faulty. £15 inclusive. Tel.01935 25974  To: 999 (all members) From: K5P (ANDREW FAY) Subject: WANTED: MULTI FORTH **** WANTED **** I was reading an old copy of ACORN USER and came across an advert which looked interesting and leads me to my request; Has anyone got a copy of MULTI-FORTH 83 for the BBC from SKYWAVE Software. It is a multi tasking FORTH language which came in a 16k ROM. Any help please. Contact me on Plymouth (01752) 673659, or via 8-BIT. Many Thanks, Andrew Fay.  To: 999 (all members) From: K2B (Colin Culpitt-Smith) Subject: ITEMS FOR SALE Hegotron GraphPadII, Graphics tablet c/w rom, disk, light pen, manual.£15 40t D/S u/c 5.25" drive...........£8 40/80t S/S u/c 5.25" drive........£8 6502 2nd processor...............£15 Various BBC disks, AMX Mouse, Art, Paint-pot, View Print drivers, NovaCad, MasterFile, Speech!, Spell- CheckIII, Acorn SWR utils, Morley Epromming disks, InterBase utils, etc, price each..................£3 Printer Stand for fanfold/roll....£2 BBC Master User Welcome Guide.....£6 Serial to parallel printer interface, c/w with 8k buffer. eg allows a Z88 to work with a standard Centronics parallel printer directly........£10  To: 999 (all members) From: K7E (Stuart Kempner) Subject: Hand Scanner For Sale Watford Hand Held Scanner. Interface. Eprom. Manual. Looks New. Boxed. £60 Tel. 01819417824  To: 999 (all members) From: D3D (Brian Thackeray) Subject: Printer for sale Citizen 120D+. Manual. £65 including postage. Tel. 01964 622933.     