8-Bit Software Online Conversion

            Hello again. Changes to the public Domain Pool since the last issue: CJR-03 STD Database Version 3 now out. Contains all of the new STD codes. With the help of my family I have checked through the codes now. It was not as simple as just adding a 1 after the 0. Adding the 1 with software to the existing data was not enough, many subtle changes were there. TBI-80 On Line Handbook 6D Three discs of text from the net. TBI-81 C Tutorials 2D Three sets of tutorials for the programming language C. One of these tutorials is included on the DFS version of this issue. All three are included on the ADFS version of this issue. TAU-10 Acorn Network Utilities 1D A whole new section added. The JGH section. Software from J.G.Harston PD. For the Master 512 512-11 E Numbers Database 512-12 STD Code Database 512-13 Spanish 201 Conjugated Verbs 512-14 French 201 Conjugated Verbs Regular readers of 8BS magazines will know that I have just moved on to a new shift pattern. No longer will I be on standby from home on a night after a days work. We have gone 24 hours. I will be working 12 hour shifts which gives me only a couple of hours a day off when I am at work. This poses all sorts of problems for my running of 8BS. The end result will be that the return of post policy that I have followed with rare exception for the last couple of years can no longer be. There may be a couple of days delay in my replies to you. There also may be several days in a row when you cannot contact me by telephone. Do not worry about ringing during the day. If I am asleep after nights, the phone will not disturb me. I frequently go to bed early, so please do not ring after 2000 (8pm). Steve Hanson of Superior Software has contacted me with an excellent offer. He is offering fantastic discounts on software from the blue catalogue obtainable from 8BS or Superior Software. Elite. Exile. Revs. Repton Infinity. These four top class games for £7 each. EVERYTHING else in the catalogue at £6 each. This price for all versions, 5.25", 3.5" and Tape. This offer is open to members only. CONTACT SUPERIOR SOFTWARE DIRECTLY. DO NOT SEND MONEY TO 8BS! QUOTE YOUR USER ID. Many thanks are due once more to Stephan Richardson K2O for contacting Pineapple Software and negotiating the release of their Diagram II and PCB design software to the Public Domain. Details of catalogue number etc hopefully in the next issue as I have not received the software itself yet.    