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Harston BBC PD/Shareware Catalogue ================================== J.G.Harston, 70 Camm Street, Walkley, Sheffield, S6 3TR. ======================================================== This catalogue is free by sending a stamped addressed envelope. Date: 20/10/94 Thank you for requesting this catalogue. The disks listed will each fit onto one side of an 80 track DFS disk. Those marked 'DD' need two sides of a DFS disk, those marked with '*' have archived files and Andrew Black's Archive program to de-compress them. On HADFS and ADFS disks, you can fit more than one of the disks on by adding up the sizes. I can handle DFS 40/80 SS/DS, ADFS format L (640k) and HADFS disks (400k). Prices: £1 if disk sent, £2 if no disk sent; postage included. A more comprehensive catalogue is supplied on the disks (size: 20k). Text Editing/Word Processing ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Disk 1 - ABZ Teletext Editor 200k (130k DFS) Contains the ABZ Teletext Editor and instructions and sample pages. Disk 10 - VIEW Programs and Utilities 180k Contains: NewView extensions to VIEW, MakeLP printer generator, SpellCheck by Alan Blundell, EDtoVIEW convertor, etc. Disk/Filing system Programs ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Disk 2 - Harston ADFS System Startup Disk 280k HADFS and HADFS utilities TreeCopy, Backup, Compact, H-Edit, H-Utils, D_Map2, VisCompact and the latest version of the HADFS manual. Disk 15 - DOS Utilities 80k Alan Blundell's DOSCopy & DOSUtils and BBC-DOS. Disk 5 - Archivers 1 80k Andrew Black's Archiver, UnArkH, etc. Disk 12 - FileIndex 50k ADFS/HADFS disk indexer Disk 14 - Menuing systems 80k Mark Bannister's System menu, EcoMenu, etc. Graphics, etc. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Disk 4 - Pictures 1 200k Compressed pictures: ALDRIN, ARNEE, ASTERIX, DISK, GLOBE, JARRE, LOUNGE, MOON, OBLITER, PLANETS, PYRAMID, RAYTRC, TAIPIC, VALKY, WMAP1, WMAP2, WMAP3, WMAP4, WWOLF and *ScrLoad and *ScrSave, screen compression routines. Disk 11 - Pictures 2 180k Compressed pictures: BUNNY, CASTLE, CHIEF, CLOWN, DALEK, GHOST, GRIM, M128, M128C, NORWAY, PAWNS, PIANO, UNIONJACK and *ScrLoad and *ScrSave. Disk 16 - Character fonts 110k * Contains: DefChar, DefIcon, Ikon Editor, CharRom, *CLoad, *CSave, and various character fonts. Utilities ~~~~~~~~~ Disk 3 - Utilities 1 100k Various utility programs: Monitor, Printer, MakeLP, FormList, MCat, TreeCopy, EDtoVIEW, DefChar, DefIcon, EcoMenu, and text file instructions. (1) Disk 18 - Utilities 2 50k Various library utilities: *Assem, *MCODE, *MDump, *Mouse, *PrList, *REPAIR, *VList; *CLoad, *CSave, *Explode; *Break, ETREE, *FileInfo, *Roms, *ScrLoad, *ScrSave, *SetType, *Show, *SrLoad, *SrSave, *Stamp; *MIDIon. Disk 17 - Informant help rom 80k DD Informant programmer's help rom and source Programming ~~~~~~~~~~~ Disk 9 - Small-C 310k DD Contains Small-C 6502 compiler for the BBC, with extra documentation written by J.G.Harston Roms ~~~~ Disk 6 - Roms 1 160k Contains: Dissem 1.02, Char-Rom 1.23, HADFS 0.49, VIEW Extender, Z80 Basic Converter 1.15, *Roms, *SrLoad, *SrSave. Music ~~~~~ Disk 7 - Music 1 80k Contains: MASH, ZooLook, Equinox 5, Cheers Theme, Captain Pugwash, Captain Pugwash II the remix, Airwolf, All Creatures Great and Small Theme, Cold Tea, Sky's Toccatta, Black & White Rag, Arpegiator, MIDI interface details. Disk 13 - Music 2 200k Contains: DreamScape, Foggy Mountain, Piano Rag, Ghost Busters, Bear Necessities, Dr Who, Voyage Voyage, Domino Dancing, You Pay My Rent, Oxygene, Always On My Mind, Addiction. Econet ~~~~~~ Disk 19 - Econet Programs 30k Contains *TALK, EcoMenu, *Stations, *Machines, NetMon2. Misc ~~~~ Disk 0 - Introduction disk. 200k Contains a selection from disks 3,4 and 6. Also a selection from disk 2 on HADFS disks. Games ~~~~~ Games 1 - Arena II 380k (65k DFS) Contains: Arena II multi-user Econet game. Games 2 - Urban War 360k DD Contains: Urban War. Games 3 - RISK 130k Contains: RISK Games 4 - First Contact 200k Contains First Contact Games 5 - Dreadnaught 200k Contains Dreadnaught ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ (2) In summary: If you send a blank formatted disk and £1, I will fill it with goodies and return it to you. If you send £2, and no disk, I will supply the disk. This includes postage. These disks will fit on one or two sides of an 80 track DFS disk. More than one will fit on HADFS/ADFS disks, up to the total size of the disk. Make sure that you supply your name and address. So, as an example, you could get disks 3 and 4 onto a single double-sided 80 track DFS disk. Using HADFS 400k disks, you could also get disk 16 on as well making a total of 395k. Using ADFS 640k disks, you could get disks 1, 3, 4, 16 and 19 making a total of 545k. Always mark your disks, especially if you can only use one side, or only have a 40 track drive. If disks are unmarked, I will assume them to be 80 track double sided. The disk formats that I can handle are: 5.25 inch: DFS 40/80 ADFS 640k HADFS 200k/400k 3.5 inch: DFS 40/80 ADFS 640k HADFS 200k/400k 3 inch: DFS 40 HADFS 100k Please label your disks, eg "DFS 40 track" or "HADFS 400k" and put your name on them. I cannot as yet supply 3 inch disks. Your name and address will be added to a database for the sole purpose of maintaining this library. I will not release this address list to any third party. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ************ EPROM programming service ************* As I have an EPROM programmer, I can offer an EPROM programming service. Send a disk with the rom image on it and an EPROM and I will program it. Alternatively, I can supply the EPROMs. The costs for these are: Programming: 50p plus 50p for each EPROM Supply of EPROMS: £4.00 each So, if you send a disk with an image on, and want four roms with it on, that is 50p + 4*50p + 4*£4.00 = £18.50. If you supply the four roms, it is 50p + 4*50p = £2.50. Roms I can program are: 2764 8k 27128 16k 27256 32k A handy way of posting (and storing) EPROMs is to put them on a piece of anti-static foam and putting them into the small plastic tubes that 35mm roll films come in. Piggy-backing them, you can get four in like this. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ A lot of the items in this library are my own programs. If you want to contribute programs, send a disk to the above address, clearly marked with your name and address. Make sure you enclose you name and address so you can be credited. It would be handy if you could do the following: {*} Supply some sort of instructions, preferably on disk. {*} State what machines it can run on, and what it needs (eg DFS). {*} You don't have to just send programs. You can also send other things, such as screen pictures, music program data, etc. Anything that you can save on a disk. (I will compress most screen pictures that I receive before putting them on disks and include *ScrLoad and *ScrSave with them.) (3) I will attempt to test all the programs I receive to see how many machines it will run on. I will also test to see if it will run on networked machines. This library is primarily for the 8-bit Acorn machines, but I will also test for Archimedes compatibility. Don't be put off by this, if you think I might frown on something because it has some incompatability, send it anyway. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ If you want to contribute to this library, don't be afraid to try. Go on, you have nothing to loose but a stamp! Books ===== The following books are also available through Harston BBC PD/Shareware: HADFS Reference Manual, J.G.Harston A full programmer's reference manual for the HADFS package for the Acorn BBC series of computers. Includes full technical details. 1994, £5.00, ISBN 1-899366-40-7 The Treaty of Union of the Two Kingdoms of Scotland and England, Ed. J.G.Harston A complete text of the 1707 treaty that brought around the United Kingdom. Of particular interest to historians and people interested in the relationships between England and Scotland in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. 1994, £1.50, ISBN 1-899366-50-4 The Yards of Whitby, J.G.Harston A complete plan of the yards of Whitby at a scale of 1:1250, about 50 inches to a mile. It shows all the yards as they currently are, giving all their names. No other map ever published has shown all the yards in such detail and completeness. Includes an index and quick location reference. 1994, £1.50 folded ISBN 1-899366-70-9, £3.00 flat ISBN 1-899366-71-7 / / / / | | ----------- J.G.Harston, /----\ / \ 70 Camm Street, | @ | / ----- \ Walkley, | | | / \ | Sheffield. \/ | | | | | S6 3TR \ \ | \ / / / \ \ \ -/ / / jgh@sigma.demon.co.uk \ \ \ / / \ ----------------\ \ ---\ ------------------------- ********** Note the new address ********** Correspondence to my previous address (Norris Road) will still reach me for a time. Please address all new correspondance to the new address above. (4)