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                                                      To: 999 (all members) From: K6Z (DICK GOODALL) Subject:8BS MESSAGING INFO I wish to get a printout of this file in neat form without a lot of editing or retyping. So far, no joy. I've tried 2 methods. a) *TYPE b) READ into VIEW. Line lengths appear very long, longer than 80 col, making editing difficult. Is there a simple answer ? EDITOR....... YES! Highlight the messaging info from the menu and press P.  To: 999 (all members) From: 4WL (MARTIN WILSON) Subject: HELP WITH DISK DRIVES WANTED Can HD drives be used with BBCs? I'm not expecting to get the higher density capacity but wondered if they would work as double density mechanisms. I realise the drive heads are smaller and may cause the occasional problem with protected disks possibly but for general use will they work? The reason I ask is that it seems far easier to get bare HD drives than DD drives, especially 3.5 drives. Has there ever been a high density interface for the BBC/Master? What's a resistor pack for a disk drive? I saw it described in a early BBC magazine. Where do the resistors go on a disk drive? Is it just for early BBCs disk interfaces that perhaps were not quite at the right level or for all BBC computers? How do you fit a 40/80track switch to a drive? How do you recognise the place where you solder on the connections? Also I wish to fit a side select switch so that I can make side 2 work as side 0 at a flick of a switch. Again how do I find the connections? Are there extended format programs for the BBC like 82 tracks 11 sectors type formats?  To: 999 (all members) From: D2C (ANDY BURGESS) Subject: HELP-Wordwise+ Manuals Can any one please help with the sale/loan of Wordwise+ manuals. I have the ROM fitted, but no documentation. I would be pleased to pay expenses involved if loaned. Also: I would be interested in " The Complete Wordwise Plus Handbook" by Paul Beverley, published by Norwich Computer Services. I have the associated disc, but no book! If you can help please phone me on 0117 9575168.  To: 999 (all members) From: D2C (ANDY BURGESS) Subject: EPSON LX-300 PRINTER I have recently purchased this printer new and have been impressed with its output despite a price of £104, about the cheapest I found. It has four built in fonts, two NLQ and two draft. It has both tractor feed, which can be either push or pull, as well as single sheet feeding. The makers claim a draft print speed in 12cpi of 264 characters/second and 53 cps in NLQ mode. I have not checked these, but it is fast enough for me and is reasonably quiet. It has paper parking so that single sheets can be fed while the continuous paper is 'parked'. All in all I am very pleased with the quality which is better than I expected from a 9 pin machine. It has many other features which I have yet to explore and it is Colour upgradable with a kit. If you are looking for a cheap printer and do not want to risk a second hand one I would suggest the LX-300 is worth a look.  To: 999 (all members) From: D2C (ANDY BURGESS) Subject: WANTED - BBC CIRCUIT DIAGRAM AND BEEBUG MAGS Can any one loan me or supply a copy of the circuit diagram for the BBC B. I understand one was supplied with the Advanced User Guide, but my copy has been lost sometime in the past. Phone no. 0117 9575168. Any expenses will be paid of course. Also has anyone got BEEBUG paper mags Vol 11 nos 8 and 9 to sell so that I can complete my set. Will pay reasonable prices.  To: 999 (all members) From: D2X (Ivan White) Subject: Monitor for BBC B Suggestions as to which monitor a BBC B newcomer should obtain would be welcome. The most likely usage is word processor/spreadsheet Inter-Word and View Professional, some educational and games for children and perhaps BASIC programming. The present screen is through the RGB sockets with a Philips TV/VDU, nicely coloured but with rather inconvenient definition and slight shimmering when working closely. It measures 29x22cm. I am assuming that a monitor would be an improvement on this dual-purpose TV/VDU equipment.  To: 999 (all members) From: 4WL (MARTIN WILSON) Subject: Info Wanted I have a Miniscribe RLL/MFM hard drive which I need to know what capacity it has etc. Model No.8425, Inspected 11/5/87, Type 2. It has a normal 5 1/4 type power socket and a 34way edge connector plus a second 20way edge connector which I presume is standard for RLL/MFM. Anyone know the full details?  To: 999 (all members) From: K4F (Brian Dunn) Subject: Wanted Can Anyone please help Me with the Loan of, or photocopies of the full instructions for the Disc Doctor ROM All costs will be repaid Tel 01254-391682  To: 999 (all members) From: 176 (Eric Shuker) Subject: HELP DISC DRIVES I have a SEIKO 8640 5.25 disc drive with a sixteen pin connector and two jumper sockets. If the pins are labelled 1 to 8 (R TO L) back row and 9to 16 (L TO R) front row, when the jumpers are arranged to connect 1 to 16 and 2 to 15 this drive is drive 0 and when the drive is rotating my second drive, a NEC FD1037A 3.5 drive is still and has no light on. However, when I run the NEC drive as drive 1, the 5.25 rotates but shows no light. I am sure this should not happen and trust someone has met this problem and has a solution , for which I will be eternally grateful.  To: 999 (all members) From: K3H (ALBERT SCHOFIELD) Subject: TAPE TO DISC ON THE BBC 'B' Another game that will not work without control codes in the filename is ALIEN BREAKIN. This is in three parts. A-B-IN, ??? and A#B#IN. The last part being separated by the underline character. The first part is a BASIC program so load this from cassette and alter the last line 1400 to:- 1400*KEY0 *??? |M*RUN A#B#IN |M Then add line 1410*FX138,0,128 and line 1420END and save to disc. Then load in the second part from cassette using *LOAD""2E00 and save to disc using *SAVE ??? 2E00+5FC 3300. Then load in the third part from cassette using *LOAD""1900 and save to disc using *SAVE A#B#IN 1900+2097 22CA B6A. This last part will need to be downloaded. If you now run the game it will probably work as the control codes have been entered during transfer but if you switch the computer off and on then it will not work. The control codes are 8E 8B 90. So you could alter line 1400 in the first part to 1400*KEY0 !&3B2=&908B8E|M*??? |M*RUN A#B#IN |M and it would then work. But a better way is to use a sector editor. On part two, where at location &530 you will see the control codes in reverse order. Replace these with zeros. Also if you want music you will see at location &5A8 the filename for the last part with the A missing. Replace the missing A. And that's about all. More next month.  To: 999 (all members) From: K2K (Peter Davy) Subject: *CONFIGURE SCROLL AND *CONFIGURE NOSCROLL ON MASTER-128 AND A-3000 COMPUTERS. If an M-128 is configured NOSCROLL a new line is not generated if a character is printed on the screen at the end of a line. The effect of being configured NOSCROLL can be demonstrated by repeatedly pressing a character key, the A key say. Each time an A is printed the cursor moves to the right of it to show where the next A will be printed until an A is printed at the end of the line when the cursor stays under the A. The cursor only moves to the next line when the A key is pressed once more. If the M-128 is configured SCROLL and the A key is pressed repeatedly, when an A is printed at the end of the line the cursor moves immediately to the beginning of the next line. So far so good. Everything as expected. But when the same experiment is carried out on an A-3000 (and on one or two other Archimedes machines to which I have had access) it makes no difference whether you configure SCROLL or NOSCROLL. Whichever configuration is set the computer behaves as though it is configured NOSCROLL. I discovered this unexpected behaviour as a result of the failure to work properly of an A-3000 version of my program HIGHWAY CODE MIX. (BBC-B and M-128 version is on TBI-46-3). The program assumes scrolling and therefore fails on the A-3000 which does not scroll even though configured to do so. The program fails in exactly the same way if run on an M-128 configured to NOSCROLL. To make sure that the program will run on a Master-128 or A-3000 irrespective of scroll configuration I have now slipped in a line to test whether scrolling takes place: 305 CLS:PRINT TAB(39,0)"A";:IF VPOS=0 THEN scroll=FALSE:CLS ELSE scroll= TRUE:CLS The flag scroll is used subsequently to send program execution along the appropriate route to ensure correct working. Please can anyone throw any light on the seemingly anomalous behaviour of the A-3000?  To: 999 (all members) From: 3PM Subject: Keyboard Switch Supplier. I recently purchased some keyboard switches from Maplin Electronics of Preston, 01772 258484, to replace a temperamental key on my Master 128. Till receipt as follows:- 1 DM76 KEYBOARD SWITCH 74-59 Price? 39p +vat each (excluding the keycap). These are identical to those of Beebs/Masters. It is very simple to de-solder and replace the existing switch having removed the keyboard unit as outlined by Chris in a recent 8BS issue. Note that their keycaps are not Beeb black, but if you've lost yours they are supplied separately.  To: 999 (all members) From: D2N (VIC HORGAN) Subject: WANTED & HELP (Again) A voice crying in the wilderness. My plea for information on the availability of:- (1) CDS Software Ltd.'s COLOSSUS 4 CHESS for BBC & Master 128 on 5.25in discs. (2) A New,Unused, or even hardly Used MASTER 128 COMPUTER to use as a spare when,inevitably, my present 128 goes on strike. (3) The name of a firm,organisation, shop or member that will mend tired and ageing BBCs & Masters.Preferably not in the Outer Hebrides or Scilly Isles (I live near Oxford). which I sent in last month was probably too late to be published in Issue 41.This is just a reminder to my new-found associates that I am still in a highly fraught condition -expecting my computer to blow up any minute,being consistantly thrashed at chess and constantly reading the glossy brochures about the Archimedes. Never one to miss an opportunity, I would like to add a comment which really should be in another section. This is my second Disc Magazine issue and I find it even more informative and interesting than the first.Chris Richardson and his helpers are doing a great service to all faithful Beeb owners. Victor J.Horgan 24 Kings Lane,Harwell Village Didcot, Oxon. OX11 OEJ Tel: O1235 834544. EDITOR........ Your first message did not quite make issue 41 Victor. It was on this issue until just now!  To: 999 (all members) From: D2R (John Olway) Subject: PRINTER Ribbons I have an AMSTRAD DMP3160 9pin dot matrix printer. Where is the best place to buy spare ribbons? Are pattern ribbons as good as original ones and is the extra cost of original ribbons against pattern ribbons justified?     