8-Bit Software Online Conversion

          To: 999 (all members) From: K4V (Trevor Crapper) Subject: View Professional This is a little known word processor from the View family, however, it is completely different to the View we associate with the Master and on ROMs. Actually View Professional is more than just a word processor, it is a combination of word processor, spread- sheet and database all rolled into one package. View Professional and a program called Pipedream are one and the same, so for anyone using a Z88 especially, View Professional is an old friend in disguise! Apparently Pipedream has now ventured out into the world of PCs, so if you want a piece of the PC action in your Beeb now is the time to think about getting View Professional. Chris Richardson has the distribution rights for this package so contact him for quotes. In addition there is a ROM image called VPutils on a utilities disc, it emulates the commands used by the Z88 and in this respect it is only really useful to anyone with a Z88 if they wish to practise their skills on a larger screen. I use View Professional or, VP for short, for writing letters and storing all my postal chess match records on. These are all held in databases which are extremely simple to produce. In addition I am also using VP as a Desk Top Publisher to produce pairing notices for the international friendly postal chess matches of which I am team captain for the British Postal Chess Federation. It is a very handy tool indeed, because both text and numbers can be used together. All the normal spread- sheet functions can be used with the word processing side. This would be ideal for anyone producing both text and figures in combination where totals are required. This is just a user blurb to start with, it is far too complicated to simply run off a quick overview. So I aim to cover as much of the subject as recent usage is making possible. So until next time, bye for now.    