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                  To: 999 (all members) From: K5W (CHRIS LEWIS) Subject: WANTED! EPROM ERASER AND EPROMS. Has any one an EPROM eraser for sale? I am also looking for a source of cheap blank EPROMS ( or used if I can get an eraser). My 'phone number is 01953 882222 (Weekends only until the end of June)  To: 999 (all members) From: K2H (RON BOYCE) Subject: FOR SALE PIONEER uni-directional dynamic stick microphone. DM-21. imp 500 ohms. weight 380g. £6. 01673-860892 (Lincoln area).  To: 999 (all members) From: K2H (RON BOYCE) Subject: FOR SALE 40/40 dual DS ALPHA disc drive with self-contained power supply, lead for Master 128 and instruction booklet. £10 if collected Lincoln area, else plus carriage. (Possibility of delivering within 40 miles of Lincoln) 01673-860892.  To: 999 (all members) From: K4E (Richard Walker) Subject: FOR SALE AND WANTED For Sale: Epson MX A3 dot matrix printer £40 Seikosha GP-500A A4 DM printer £35 (prices include postage!) Wanted, please help: At Harrogate '95 I bought the AMX MAX ROM package from A.P.D.L. for a few quid. It is something that I have wanted for ages! It turned out that there was no ROM in the box, but there were manuals. If anybody can help me to find an AMX MAX ROM then could they please contact me: Richard Walker 7 Hackforth Road or use the Hartburn messaging Stockton-on-Tees system!! Cleveland TS18 5NF  To: 999 (all members) From: K8W (DIANE) Subject: SOFTWARE WANTED I HAVE A BBC MASTER AND I AM AFTER THE FOLLOWING EDUCATIONAL 5.25" SOFTWARE WIZARDS REVENGE WHITE KNIGHT MK 12 ZILLION POLICE LANGUAGE IN EVIDENCE RAFT AWAY RIVER GIANT KILLER INVESTIGATING MATHS POLYONIMOES THINK AHEAD NUMERATOR TARGET MATHS FLEET STREET PHANTOM VOWELS OF THE EARTH FUN SCHOOL 3-OVER SEVENS MUSIC SYSTEM..ONE THAT WORKS ON THE BBC MASTER PLEASE! .....AND OTHER SOFTWARE THAT I AM UN- AWARE OF FOR CHILDREN AGED SEVEN AND NINE I SHOULD LIKE TO PAY FIVE POUNDS PER ORIGINAL TITLE PLUS POSTAGE(OR THERE ABOUTS) LESS FOR COPIES. ALSO; HAS ANYONE GOT ANY SOFTWARE BY M.E.U. FROM BEDFORDSHIRE, THEY DO SOME BRILLIANT STUFF FOR YOUNG CHILDREN, BUT UNFORTUNATLY, IT IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE NEW.I AM AFTER ORIGINALS OR COPIES(THEY ARE FREELY COPIABLE,AS PER THE TWO I HAVE) I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM ANYONE WHO HAS ANY,OR CAN GIVE ME ANY INFO. ALSO ALSO AGAIN; HAS ANYONE GOT ANY "CHEAP" GAMES DISCS DFS OR ADFS 5.25" IF YOU HAVE PLEASE SEND ME YOUR LIST (PLEASE GIVE GAME CONTENT OF EACH DISC) OR RING AND I WILL SEND YOU A S.A.E TO DO THE SAME. PLUS; ARE THERE ANY PARENTS OF YOUNG CHILDREN OUT THERE? PERHAPS WE COULD GET IN CONTACT WITH EACH OTHER ABOUT SWAPPING SOFTWARE. ALTHOUGH I AM PLEASED TO BITS WITH MY COMPUTER, THEY DO TEND TO GET BORED OF THE SAME DISCS AND WE CANNOT JUST GO OUT AND BUY SOME MORE EVERYTIME! SO IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED, LET US KNOW. ANYWAY, IF I WERE RESTRICTED TO JUST TWENTY FIVE WORDS PER ADVERT I GUESS I WOULD BE IN BIG TROUBLE, SORRY CHRIS I DO TEND TO CHAT. THANKS FOR THIS FACILITY THOUGH. PLEASE PHONE O727 854360 OR WRITE MRS D FOX 3 CHESTNUT DRIVE ST ALBANS HERTS AL4 0EP  Tim Parsons 40 Coniston Road Flitwick Beds MK45 1QH 01525 715013 (after 6pm before 10pm) For Sale Panasonic KX-P1180 Dot Matrix printer 45 pounds (Post extra). New ribbon fitted, a brand new spare ribbon, internal 32k buffer, Beeb cable, manual, original packing AND if collected a lot of fan fold paper will be included !. For Sale c/o Steve Fenwick ATPL Rom Board for BBC B Watford Electronics Shadow Ram Board for BBC B, needs a spare Rom socket and when in use it also uses a page of memory just above the variable PAGE, although this can me moved, this Shadow Ram board is best used with Interword. These two boards cannot both be fitted in the same BBC B at the same time. Please write to:- Steve Fenwick, Furze Tops, Blackfield, Southampton, SO45 1XF with your offers or W.H.Y  To: 999 (all members) From: D3R (Tony Whitwell) Subject: For Sale Epson EX1000 9 Pin Dot matrix printer with colour option kit fitted. This printer has been little used mainly because of lack of time and ignorance particularly regarding how to print colour with the "Beeb". As I am using an Epson LQ1070 in conjunction with my P.C. for space considerations I thought I would advertise the EX1000 although if I become proficient through this user group I could change my mind. The printer comes with all manuals plus 3 black and 3 colour ribbon cartridges for £110-00 (carriage extra).Tel 01670 735734  To: 999 (all members) From: D3R (Tony Whitwell) Subject: Wanted Having recently "returned" to the "Beeb" I have been collecting various bits and pieces. I now need info/manuals for Viewspell Viewsheet A.M.X Super Art and I am also looking for the Mini Office 2 examples disc.I have tried running Screen Print which I recently acquired and whilst this enables screens to be printed it appears to be totally incompatible with A.M.X Stop Press, Super Art and 3D Zicon. I have changed prorities of the various roms all to no avail and I wonder whether anyone can suggest what else I can try or whether there is some other screen dump/print utility that would work with the A.M.X products. I read a back number of Beebug in which Printmaster got a good write up but would this work with the A.M.X stuff?. And finally, is there such a thing as a screen saver for the B.B.C micro?. Tel 01670 735734 or write to me at 22 Richmond Way, Cramlington, Northumberland, NE23 7XE.  To: 999 (all members) From: 4WL (MARTIN R WILSON) Subject: FOR SALE Acorn A4000 Arm250 based risc computer. Over 7mips performance plus accelerated graphics handling over original ARM2 based computers. Risc OS 3.1, 80meg IDE 3.5 hard drive (no bad sectors), 1.6meg floppy. Layout like a PC with seperate keyboard and box design so monitor can sit on top. Excellent condition. 100% working. Requires monitor or tv with scart socket. Scart cable supplied. The A4000 uses a 3.5 size hard drive which are faster and more reliable than the 2.5 mechanisms that the 3010 and 3020 have to use (unless external). The other plus point is there a lot cheaper at roughly half the price or less. Also the advantage over the 3010 is that the hard drive interface is built in leaving the expansion bay free. Theres also a lot more room inside and a beefier psu. If you went for the turbo memory upgrade taking the computer upto just under 13mips you've got room to fit a fan in the case to help cool it. It includes mouse, manual and lots of software on the hard drive and on disks. Plus magazines. Its still a current model at over a thousand pounds which admittedly includes a simple monitor, larger hard drive and at the moment a free CDROM. My A4000 for £410 including insured postage. Same price as 2meg 3010 with Learning Curve software. Will take A3000 or A3010 in part exchange. Take off £120 for A3000 and £175 for A3010. Tel. 01935 25974 for more details  To: 999 (all members) From: 4WL (MARTIN R WILSON) Subject: For Sale 2 Microvitec 1431 RGB monitor. Good display and condition. Includes cable to BBC. £55 including postage. Panasonic KXP1123 24pin letter quality printer. Boxed as new with manual. Very cheap to run with ribbon cartridge costing about £3 each. Semi-automatic paper loading for single sheets or tractor feed paper. Electronic front panel for various font and features plus configuration. £105 inclusive of insured postage. Amstrad PPC512 luggable PC compatible. Very fast XT. 2.6 times faster than the original XT. 512k RAM, single 720k 3.5 drive. Built in pop up LCD display plus connects to external monitors. Lots of ports for printers, modems etc. Full size keyboard. Although meant to be a portable it is quite heavy and battery consumption is high. Includes manual, mains psu and software. £95 including insured postage. Music 5000 music synthesiser including manual, rom, disk softwear and audio cable. £30 inclusive. Tel. 01935 25974  To: 999 (all members) From: 4WL (MARTIN R WILSON) Subject: Wanted ADFS ROM for Advanced AP4 Electron disk interface. Pay £4. Also wanted Chocks Away compendium, Wolfenstein and Starfighter 3000 as cheap as possible for Archimedes. Tel.01935 25974  To: 999 (all members) From: K6E (ROGER LINGWOOD) Subject: WANTED SYSTEM AND FONT DISC,S FOR AMX PAGEMAKER OR WOULD CONSIDER PURCHASE OF COMPLETE PACKAGE ALSO I WOULD LIKE TO PURCHASE AMX STOP PRESS PHONE 01255#221206 OR 102 TUDOR GREEN CLACTON ON SEA ESSEX CO15 2PE  To: 999 (all members) From: K3Y (Lorna Jenne) Subject: Dabhand Guide for Viewstore WANTED the DABHAND GUIDE FOR VIEWSHEET & VIEWSTORE by G.BEll published by Dabs Press to buy or borrow. Please contact me on 0181 670 6665. Thank you.     