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                                                      To: 999 (all members) From: 4G7 (J.R.Hay) Subject: 512 Co-Pro Whilst attaching labels to 512 discs I was DIRing them to ensure the correct disc was being used and in the process inserted an ADFS disc by mistake. On DIRing it I got a long list of what appeared to be file names, dates and times but the screen showed them in garbage form and the printing out was equally garbage but readable ending in the message "Directory files exist". DIR /S also gave me garbage. and it was then I realised the disc was ADFS and the correct contents where displayed when it was CATed from ADFS. Can anyone explain what was being displayed - was it the formatting of the disc? EDITOR..... This has happened to me too. I assume that DOS+, as it can read so many different formats, interprets an ADFS disc as being some form of DOS disc. As a result, DOS+ displays what it thinks is the catalogue info, it is however only data from the ADFS disc sectors where the DOS catalogue info usually would be. Can anyone give a proper "technical" reason for us?  To: 999 (all members) From: 4G7 (J.R.Hay) Subject: Interword with ADFS & Master Having used IW for some time in both DFS and ADFS I realise that in ADFS there are many advantages. For general correspondence each party is given a DIRECTORY and within that directory the letters/documents are given a ref. no. and this is placed in the top left corner of the document with the originator's address etc. in the usual place followed by the recipient's name etc and the salutation. This page is saved as a template for that DIRECTORY and can be used each time a letter is written. However, as IW can usually take about ten pages before using up available memory, second and third letters can be attached to the original by MARKing the template section and copying it to the new page. The ref.no. is increased before the letter is started. The !BOOT file for the disc CHAINs a function key program which enables IW.1 to be entered, *DIR and *BACK to be typed in, the four style keys to be programmed to give that style on one word only and f9 to place the current date at the cursor using CTRL/SHFT/f9. The date program is that published in BEEBUG Vol.8 Issue 1 by Jeff Gorman. It also enters IW.0 and moves the menu to option 2 which produces the list of Directories. When the appropriate dir. is highlighted the screen proceeds to list the files in that dir. I find that this set-up enables me to switch on, insert the disc, BOOT it and be ready to start writing a letter all within a very short time and definitely quicker than any of the WPs available for use with the 512 board.  To: 999 (all members) From: 4G7 (J.R.Hay) Subject: Interrupt Driven Motor Control. In BEEBUG Vol.11 Issue 5 there was a program under the above name. In essence the purpose of the program was to use the cassette recorder in the same manner as an Audio Typist would use it, only the TAB key operated as the foot pedal. Having typed in the listing, run it and replied to the SAVE Code Y/N the message "Bad command at line 540" - the last line, which reads 540 PRINT "*"+c$:OSCLI(c$) The program on the BEEBUG disc displayed the same message. I have tried a number of last lines gathered from other listings of a similar nature all to no avail. Can anyone help me to correct the line and enable the program to run correctly? If so, please contact me on (01896) 754840 or at 14 Halliburton Place, Galashiels, TD1 2JE. EDITOR...... Here is the solution... 530c$="SAVE "+name$+" "+STR$÷(start%)+ " AFF" The problem was that c$ was not constructed correctly. The start address of the data was there, but not the end address. All that is required is to add +" AFF" to the end of line 530. OR type: CALL start% after the program has run.  To: 999 (all members) From: K6E (ROGER LINGWOOD) Subject: HELP! DEAD MOUSE CAN ANYONE HELP I AM HAVING TROUBLE GETING MY MOUSE TO WORK I HAVE TRIED ANOTHER BUT THIS WAS NO BETTER BOTH OF THEM WORK ON MY FRIENDS B.B.C. ALL I GET IS THE MESSAGE POINTER ON & BAD COMMAND MY SET UP IS A B.B.C.B WITH AN S.T.L. 128 SWR BOARD AND MINI OFFICE 2 ROM BOARD FITTED IT HAS A 1770 FDC AND THE 1770 DFS 2.1 WITH A 1.2 O.S I AM NOT USING THE SWR WHEN THIS PROBLEM OCCURS AND THE ROM SOCKETS ARE SET OUT AS FOLLOWS FROM LEFT TO RIGHT O.S 2.1 MINI OFFICE ZIF SOC 1770DFS STL SWR BOARD (with BASIC fitted) AND THE COMPUTER IS AN ISSUE 4 BOARD AND RUNS TWIN 5.25 80 TRACK DRIVES I HOPE I HAVE INCLUDED ALL THE INFO REQUIRED I CAN BE CONTACTED BY PHONE WHICH I WILL GLADLY RING YOU BACK OR HERE ON 8 BIT PHONE 01255#221206 CLACTON ON SEA OR 102 TUDOR GREEN CLACTON ON SEA ESSEX CO15 2PE  These last few messages are late submissions tacked on to the nearest file, that's why some may seem a little out of place.  To: 999 (all members) From: K4K (GRAHAM LENG) Subject: TYPEWRITER AS PRINTER I have recently acquired a Triumph Adler typewriter (model SE 310) which I would like to use as an output printer. According to the manual an interface (IFD1) is needed which can be connected to the Beeb RS 232 or parallel port. The typewriter has an 8-pin DIN socket. I already have a dot matrix printer connected to the parallel port. Has anyone tried this? Can anyone give advice as to the best set-up, is it best to use the serial port or can you obtain a switchable device to run both printers from the Centronics port? Has anyone got the necessary hardware which they want to get rid of? Any help would be most welcome. You can contact me via 8BS or at: 2 Snabwood Close Little Neston South Wirral L64 0UP  To: 999 (all members) From: D2K (Alred Grimes) Subject: New Member Hi, Having been a member for a few months now, and just about got the hang of somethings,well all most,I will introduce my self, name is Alfred and I live in Cambridge,home of the BBC computers by Acorn as you know,I do not know anything about computers, so with some help from you good people and a bit of luck I should be able to do my duty and get something into the PD software soon, so I shall look forward to meeting you,hearing you or just reading your prog,s on the disc.keep up the good work. Bye Alfred  To: 999 (all members) From: D2K (Alred Grimes) Subject: Wanted AMX Mouse Has anybody got a AMX mouse for the BBC.B or do you know if any other kind of mouse can be made to operate on the BBC.B, also I am looking for any AMX software you dont use, reasonable price payed plus postage, you can find me at my address = 37 Cavendish Ave, Cambridge, CB1 4UR Tel=01223-413401  PRESS BREAK