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                  To: 999 (all members) From: K5U (Simon Godfrey) Subject: MANUAL WANTED           I have a UMI-2B MIDI interface for my BBC Model-B. These were available from the "London Rock Shop" in the mid-to-late 1980s. I have the ROM software (version 6.01) but no manual. If you have, or know anyone who has, any manuals related to this system, could you please let me know through the 8BS messaging system. Any help whatsoever would be very much appreciated. Thanks.  To: 999 (all members) From: K6N (Brian Raw) Subject: Wanted Does anybody have a technical book for the Electron? I have a spare dfs & rom out of an old beeb and would like if possible to use it on my electron. Yes I have a plus 1 but need to know the pinouts of the cartridge slot. Or alternatively can anyone with a disc interface for the Electron do a circuit diagram of it? If you can help contact me at:- 5 Victor St. Thornbury Bradford W.Yorks BD3 8NG  To: 999 (all members) From: A.Robinson. Subject: For Sale BBC B. Microvitec CUB Monitor. Commodore 1270 Printer. Printer Stand. Single 80T double sided disc drive. Single 40/80 double sided disc drive. Lots of blank discs and software. £150 the lot including postage. Any one interested, please contact Chris Richardson 01482 896868. EDITORS NOTE (11.8.95 XD phone)  To: 999 (all members) From: D3L (S.Mason) Subject: WANTED HCR Electronics Eprom Programmer (128K) Mains Powered. Must be supplied with software please. Contact Steve. 0121 550 7268  To: 999 (all members) From: 20G (Roy Dickens) Subject: SALES Address: 40 Shortstocks Rushden Northants NN10 0EB (01933 55556) BBC+128K RAM in original box with user guide, welcome and special disc. 1770 DFS. £25 post free TWIN DRIVES two 5.25 80 track double sided drives in a Master badged bridge/monitor stand (room for Master under) complete with cables+ power from computer. £25 post free BBC IN VIGLEN CASE PC styled monitor stand with 5.25 40/80 DS Opus drive (room for another) with separate keyboard connected by coiled cable. Also Watford solderless Rom board (not battery), user guides. £30 post free SIDEWAYS ZIF ROM SOCKET Watford Elc. with instructions. £6 post free EPROM PROGRAMMER Zif socket with software on rom and disc for 2764 and 27128 eproms. Plugs into user port. Uncased. Spare eprom and instructions £6 post free JOYSTICK Voltmace Ltd. Delta 3b single. £3 post free PRINTER CABLE One metre ribbon.(Has been used with Citizen) £2 post free THE ADVANCED USER GUIDE for the BBC micro. By Bray, Dickens and Holmes £4 post free. ACORN A5000 WELCOME GUIDE 90 pages of interesting reading. £3 post free. MASTERFILE2 Beebug data base with disc 40tr and 80tr. With manual and original box. £4 post free. TAPE TO DISC UTILITY DISC original disc by Chalice Software "VECTOR" 40/80 disc(5.25)with instructions. £2 post free. EXPERT UTILITY DISC 14 utils,copier, sect. editor, rom explorer, rom soft. developer, copy, ram editor, disc search etc. etc. all on pull-down menu 40/80 with instruction booklet. £2 post free. ORIGINAL SUBSCRIPTION DISCS For the Micro User/Acorn Computing. 65 (5.25) discs dating from FEB89 to FEB95 (a few missing) + 5 extra discs complete in 5 flip top plastic library boxes. Plus disc with T Boughton's disc index for above covering 1984 to 1992 mags. 5 boxes plus 70 discs= £16 post free DISC BOXES (Two) 2 x 5.25 disc boxes each box holds 70 discs. Smoked plastic lockable lids. £5 each or the two £7 post free  To: 999 (all members) From: K5U (Simon Godfrey) Subject: Wanted: UMI Midi User Guide I have a UMI-2B midi-interface for my BBC, all the ROMs, but no manual. (The ROM software is series-6) If you have, or know anyone who has, any manuals for UMI, please let me know through the 8BS messaging system. Any help whatsoever would be very much appreciated. Thanks, SG  To: 999 (all members) From: K2B (Colin Culpitt-Smith) Subject: Bargains for sale!!!!!!!! 5.25" disks, used but in good condition & in sleeves..10 for £1.50 5.25" u/c drives 40t, 80t & 40/80t, all in working order, each from £6 Z88 mains/portable 'laptop' computer, has built-in w/p, d/b, s/s etc etc, incl. mains unit and case........£50 Master Compact User Guide.........£4 Electron keybd & psu.....both for £5 Citizen 120D, 3 new ribbons for £6 Printer stand for fanfold paper £2 InterBase chip, books and disks £20 Please ring me on 01738-812186 eve's      