8-Bit Software Online Conversion

                                                    To: All From: Ben Willow K8P Subject: Poems Good Morning; Reply given with a scowl, Easier than a smile, Frustration feeds his ever Present hunger; We move off, I hoping he will Improve; Cocks and Hens feeding Abundantly, questioned where Are the young? Their they are Another missed moment of Frustration; Work flows the morning, He issues no order, I on returning, He satiates His hunger; That's why I count Oak Trees One day one might have Moved; Words Of Rain Plants need growing Rain, When set in for the Day, Drizzle is a nuisance, Not even lays the Dust, Sky's full of It, A driven Soaking;  To: 999 (all members) From: K6N (Brian Raw) Subject: ADVERT FOR TBI-79 EDITOR... Brian has written a disc full of utilities that may be found in the library as TBI-79. They are DFS and ASCII utilities. Here is a message from Brian regarding his recent update to the disc adding ASCII utilities. If like me, you only have a BBC B and do not wish to give a whole rom slot over to a wordprocessor rom then this set of programs should solve most problems caused by the fact that most commercial software for wordprocessing is somewhat cumbersome and does not allow an 80 column screen. These utilities were written to allow text manipulation in 80 column mode on the most basic machines. EDITOR ****** With only 32k of ram and no shadow screen, this will hold 4823 characters which is 60 lines or one sheet of A4. Documents then can be built up of lots of these files then added together to make one big one using JOIN. SPLIT/JOIN ********** These are for splitting up large text or source files to be small enough to fit into the editor with room for additions.(4000 characters) If you fill this to the editors limit of 4823 characters then you will have to put the file back together and then re-split it, alternatively you could make an extra file and rename the files in numerical order before joining them. Previewing text files originally written in 80 columns in a 40 column mode can be hard to follow. The usual method would be to use MODE 1 or 3 and *TYPE the file which scrolls the file but has no method of scrolling back. The main point being that the data is kept on and read from disk. What is needed is a program which examines the file and notes the depth into the file (PTR#F%) of the carriage returns storing them in a table, then a simple routine can calculate the disk address of the data you wish to see. LINEX1 file viewer ******************* This is just such a program and it can store 1150 CR's or 18 pages A4. This program also allows the visual marking of a block of text which can then either be printed or saved to another file, furthermore it then allows to save both the texts prior and after this block to separate files. So now you can split and edit files where ever you like and put them back together afterwards using JOIN. Should you need more capacity then :- LINEX10 file viewer ******************** In fact this has no extra capacity instead it stores the position of every tenth CR that is two per screen effectively storing 11500 lines or 180 pages of A4, other than this both programs are the same. Should you need even more capacity :- LINEX20 file viewer ******************** Same again except it stores every 20th CR that is one per screen effectively storing 23000 lines or 360 pages of A4, quite encyclopaedic. At this point it may be worth looking at the capacity of an 80 track 200k disk CHR$/line lines/disk A4 pages ********* ********** ******** 80 2560 42 40 5120 84 20 10240 168 10 20480 336 From this you can see that unless the average line length is low this program should be able to cope with anything stored on an 80 track disk.  From: D3C (JIM MCCOLL) Subject: 8BS As a new member I thought I would like to write and give you my impressions after just two months membership. Well, I must say that the magazine has been a real God-send to me. As a recently returned 'prodigal son' I was despairing about finding any software for the Beeb as all of the suppliers I remembered had stopped any connection with the Beeb. However, I found out about you from a guy advertising in the Micro Mart, and I am now working my way through the catalogue. I am a Music teacher and therefore particularly interested in Music (see message elsewhere), so if there is any member needing help with the more theoretical aspects of Music I would be only too willing to help. It's the least I can do. Keep up the good work!  To: 999 (all members) +483 From: 20G (Roy Dickens) Subject: Acorn User Competition The Acorn User Aug 95 has a picture of a 'OXO cube packet' submitted by a Benjamin Shimmin of Bolton. It won a prize. Is this the same family as our own Daniel (483) of Bolton? Another keen Shimmin. Editor.... Daniel does have a little bro he calls Benjamin I think.  To: 999 (all members) From: 20G (Roy Dickens) Subject: Another succumbs to the RiscPC. Sorry, no more programs from 'Rushden Roy'.(I am a bit deaf so I cannot hear you all cheering!). Cos' I've gone and done it. Yes a RiscPC 600, CD rom and a 486 card. Using the Acorn Advance package which is a integrated 'Mini Office' style WP,Sheet,DB and Graphs. It certainly takes a bit of getting used to, although the mouse and windows makes life easy. When I was editing in the Basic command I couldn't find a COPY key! Panic! Surely I haven't to type that whole line again? It took me ages to find that the 'END' key is really the copy key. Ah well! There is nowhere to stick the Fkeystrips. Panic again! I had printed some lovely strips from the April 94 ACORN COMPUTING and no place to put them. So a spiral paged calendar has been shaped into a nice little stand with the strips stuck on and lodges close to the Fkeys. I had been receiving the ACORN COMPUTING every month with a BBC 8bit disc.(The disc contained a very small amount of progs). Then ACORN USER carried on when AC ceased. Lucky for me and full marks to AU one of their cover discs was a CD Rom with a million or near of useful stuff including about a hundred cover/subs back issue discs from AU and AC. So now I have the Archi. progs. for all my pile of magazines. The MASTER that I have will still be near-by. So that I can still continue with the 8-BIT and SOLINET discs. Because I look forward to receiving these every issue. All the best ROY.  To: 999 (all +K6X Cluke ) From: K5U (Simon Godfrey) Subject: Albumen !GULP! RE: Reactor message from K6X 8BS-43 Regarding my PC/Beeb comms lead, it is indeed multi-strand as you assumed. It's intended use was as a telephone extension lead. I agree, multistrand cables are much more reliable for datacoms, shielded even more so. Anyway, I hope my article didn't mis- LEAD anyone (sorry for the pun :-/ ). I've sent an updated version of my conversion program and article to Chris - perhaps for inclusion in a future issue of 8BS? EDITOR...... It's in this issue.  To: 999 (all members) From: K2F (John Davis) Subject: ?!? The picture in 8BS 43 purporting to be from the Acorn show didn't fool me for a minute. It was clever to take off the fedoras and hide the cigars and machine guns, but I could still recognize Bugsy Richardson and his ruthless mob in that garage in Chicago...      