8-Bit Software Online Conversion

These are the adverts taken off Solinet 10.5, hot off the press. Solinet 10.5 September 1995 (SALES) Please note that these are private sales over which, Solinet has no control unless specifically stated. _______________________________________ Chris Hardy 109 6A High St Inverkeithing Fife. KY11 1NN Dear Ron, I have a friend with a Compact for sale. Please contact : Mr.J.A.Kemp 3 Shepherdlands Grove Porterfield Comrie Fife. KY12 9XD 01383 851034 ************ T.Chilton 044 01642 710872 1. DATAPEN Lightpen with manual, introductory program and Drawing program on tape and spare nozzle. 10.00 2. Computek Joystick with 3 Fire buttons including top shot fire button. Boxed. 5.00 3. CANON BJ10-ex Bubble Jet Printer and lead. Boxed. 125.00 inc P&P or swap for Bowens, Courtney or similar Studio Flash unit. 4. PITMAN TYPING FOR BBC. Original box. 5.00 inc P&P. 5. RAINBOW BOOK OF BASIC PROGRAMS: Library of sub-routines Games of fun Thinking games Number puzzles Science problems Word problems Good Educational content. £5 inc. P&P. 6. THE MAGIC SWORD - Children's educational adventure program. Original book, tape and backup disc. £3 Inc P&P. ************ One Barrie Kemp, who is IT man at St John's School, Kempston, Bedford, will be holding a sale of BBC/M128/Z80/etc items in the near future. Please phone him on 01234 345565 for details. Ron Marshall ************ Martin Rogers 20 Chapel Close Acomb, Hexham Northumberland NE46 4RX Software. Some on tape, some on 5.25" disc. For BBC A,B,B+ or Electron. Many top name games,including BEEBUGSOFT's Sprite utilities, and MEP'S tele sequence (all games come with tips). SAE for details. BASICODE II (Tape) I said in issue 10.4 that it won't load on BBC, it does, sorry! Enables loads of different types of computers to share programs, eg BBC and Commodore 64. User Guides, slighly worn, going cheap, £1.50 +P&P. Wordwise ROM. £2 (WHICH VERSION? ED.) Commstar ROM. Manual Inc. Requires modem. £2 Edword user guide. £2 +P&P Communitel Guides. Tutorial Guide and Reference manual. £4 +P&P 40T SS discdrive, original Acorn drive for BBC, £20 +P&P ono. Torch Graduate G800/2. Disc and Hardware compatable with the IBM PC. Plugs straight into the 1MHz Bus. 8088 16-bit processor running at 5MHz, 256K RAM, Twin, double sided 320K 5.25" disc drives. Includes original discs; MS-DOS 2.1, and 'Software Suite':- Quill, Archive, Abacus and Easel. Will run Lotus 1-2-3 and most IBM PC programs, subject to the constraints of the BBC Keyboard. Includes two IBM Compatable Hardware expansion buses. Perfect working order, full manuals for both Graduate and Software Suite included. (MANY DOS (PC) PROGS WILL NEED MORE THAN 256k MEMORY AND MOST DOS (STANDARD, DD) DISKS ARE 360k. ED.) The package also includes Graduate DFS, a disc based Disc Filing System which enables the Graduate to be used as an ordinary 40T double sided, dual disc drive for use with BASIC programs. It does not require a disc interface or any sort of DFS, so can be used on virtually any BBC. Manual included. Fully working, just like a real PC (Even includes that noisy fan) Worth #1000 when new, selling for only £200 (ono) +P&P. (Well worth it to make your BBC, somewhat PC compatable. Reluctant sell, funds needed. Computer Concepts By the age of the BBC, I had assumed that all suppliers of days gone by, had ceased to exist. Not so. Com-Com can be contacted at the following address. Computer Concepts Gaddens place Hemel Hempstead Herts. HP2 6EX (01442) 63933 They don't offer sales support, and it's 'while stocks remain' but they are selling the following ROM's for 15.00 including VAT and P&P. Interchart ROM:- Graph and chart plotting program. Intersheet ROM:- Spread sheet Interbase ROM:- data base Interword ROM:- word processor Spell master ROM:- Spellchecker for Wordwise, wordwise+,Veiw and Interword. Accelerator ROM :-BBC BASIC compiler Wordwise + ROM :-Word processor Communicator ROM :- designed to operate as a full VT100 terminal TERMI II ROM :- designed to operate as a semi intelligent terminal Printmaster :- Printer handling ROM (I own one and it's very good) The Speech System :- requires TMS 5220 speech synthesis proccessor MEGA 3 ROM :- 128K ROM containing Interword, Intersheet and Interchart. And for the Archimedies :- Interword ROM/DISC Intersheet ROM/DISC Interchart ROM/DISC Spellmaster ROM/DISC Wordwise A plus DISC SCAN-LIGHT and SCAN-LIGHT Junior:- An expansion board with ROM software, a hand held scanner and interface. SCAN-LIGHT includes an A4 200dpi scanner and SCAN-LIGHT Junior a half width, 400dpi. ROM Podule Impression Please note, All I have done is listed the items in the catalogue, I have no idea how many, (if any) of these are left. ************ ROY DICKENS 40 Shortstocks Rushden Northants NN10 0EB (01933 55556) All the following INCLUDE POSTAGE. BBC+128K RAM in original box with user guide, welcome and special disc. 1770 DFS. £25 TWIN DRIVES two 5.25 80 track double sided drives in a Master badge Bridge/monitor stand (room for Master under) complete with cables + power from computer. £25 BBC IN VIGLIN CASE PC styled monitor stand with 5.25 40/80 DS Opus drive (room for another) with separate keyboard connected by coiled cable. Also Watford solderless Rom board (not battery), user guides. £30 SIDEWAYS ZIF ROM SOCKET Watford Elc. with instructions. £6 EPROM PROGRAMMER Zif socket with software on rom and disc for 2764 and 27128 eproms. Plugs into user port. Uncased. Spare eprom and instructions. £6 JOYSTICK Voltmace. Delta 3b single. £3 PRINTER CABLE One metre ribbon.(Has been used with Citizen) £2 THE ADVANCED USER GUIDE for the BBC micro. Bray, Dickens and Holmes £4 ACORN A5000 WELCOME GUIDE 90 pages of interesting reading. £3 MASTERFILE2 Beebug data base with 40T/80T disc, manual and original box. £4 TAPE TO DISC UTILITY DISC original disc by Chalice Software "VECTOR" 40/80 disc (5.25) with instructions. £2 EXPERT UTILITY DISC 14 utils, copier, sect. editor, rom explorer, rom software developer, copy, ram editor, disc search etc. etc. all on pull-down menu 40/80 with instructions booklet. £2 ORIGINAL SUBSCRIPTION DISCS For the Micro User/Acorn Computing. 65 (5.25) discs dating from FEB89 to FEB95 (a few missing) + 5 extra discs complete in 5 flip top plastic library boxes. Plus disc with T Boughton's disc index for above covering 1984 to 1992 mags. 5 boxes plus 70 discs = £16 DISC BOXES (Two) 2 x 5.25 disc boxes each box holds 70 discs. Smoked plastic, lockable. £5 each or two for £7 ************ Bob Rose 039, 2 Byland Avenue, Cheadle Hulme, Cheadle, Cheshire. SK8 7QJ. Phone 0161 439 7506 any time. Dear Ron and all. Still got a few "Goodies" left for sale out of the big list sent in for an earlier disc so here is a new list. Please add post & packing. Acorn Co-pro 6502 + Hi-basic £20 Acorn Co-pro Z80 + discs only £20 Acorn Teletext Adaptor £20 BBC B issue 7 just overhauled £30 ATPL Rom expansion board £15 HCR Rom/Ram box. 2 boards plus -Watford 32K Ram board. All for £15 Acorn 2-button mouse £8 Power unit for Electron.New boxed £5 Electron with Slogger unit etc £12 Electron with PSU £8 Marconi Tracker Ball £10 Torch Twin 80t drive CP/N conversion kit complete with manuals & software but VERY HEAVY! £25 Torch Z80 board + Rom £8 Torch SCSI board £10 Interword + manual new boxed £10 Interchart + manual new boxed £10 Intersheet 2 Roms only.No manual £6 Interword Rom only. No manual £5 Interchart Rom only. No manual £5 Wordwise Plus.Rom only. No manual £5 Wordwise(not plus)Rom only £4 HelpII Rom only £5 Toolkit Plus. Rom only £5 ExmonII Rom only £5 Sleuth Rom only £5 Watford Elec.Video Rom only £5 Add-On Boards for Archimedes. Lingenuity SCSI expansion card £20 Twin-socket backplane £10 AKA10 Termination panel ie -User/1mhz/Bus/Analog/etc £30 Rom/Ram podules £14 Rom/Ram podules new boxed £17 Disc interface exp cards. New £20 A448 Audio Sampler podule. New £35 1Mhz Upgrade board £? Always willing to haggle if you want more than one thing! Cheers, Bob. ************ Steve Gallagher 49 Uplands Werrington Peterborough PE4 5AE 01733 578505 Cambridge Micro Surgery, 01223 410234, have a number of items for sale which might be of interest to members. I made a few notes but it might be worth asking if there is anything you particularly want. Taxan RGB monitors £60-£80 Master128s £80 Disk Drives 80t D/sided £40 SJ Research File Server for Econet POA Various Archimedes POA Various manuals inc View, W/wise & Econet POA He can arrange p&p and struck me as being quite a helpful chap.