8-Bit Software Online Conversion

For Sale Tel.01935 25974 Martin Wilson, 32 Grass Royal,Yeovil, Somerset, BA21 4JW Master Compact including; Microvitec RGB colour monitor, Brother HR5 9pin ribbon/thermal printer, printer PSU, joystick, printer cable, BBC B+ manual, 32k View/DFS EPROM, lots of disk software (games, applications, utilities) and various magazines. Complete system ready to go. £125 including insured postage. Electron including plus 1, Cumana Disc interface with Slogger DFS conversion. Cased 5 1/4 40T double sided drive, View cartridge, manuals, datacorder, cassette and disk software. Electron User magazines. £60 including insured postage. A4000 with 2meg and 80meg hard drive, Acorn AKF40 stereo RGB monitor (Philips CM8833Mk2), Risc OS 3.1. Arm250 based computer. Over 7mips power. No bad sectors on hard drive. £425 including insured postage, keyboard, mouse, magazines and lots of software. Master 128 with 2nd 65CO2 processor, Colour monitor, 5 1/4 80track double sided drive, Eprom programmer, Epson FX80 printer, cables, books, magazines and lots of software. £140 inclusive. Betacom Murata F20 facsimile machine £120 including insured postage. 90meg BBC Hard drive with built in 5 1/4 80 track double sided disk drive. Space for another 5 1/4 or 3.5 drive and extra hard drive. Fan cooled and large (PC base size with monitor sitting on top and computer in front). The internal hard drive is a Fujitsu model and larger than normal 5 1/4 size hard drives. The host adaptor is by Viglen. You must have ADFS to use it, a Master 128/Turbo/512 is ideal. 512 users can partition the drive for PC use. The hard drive boots to a menu of utilities with options like DFS to ADFS, ADFS to ADFS etc and files are easily moved from floppies onto the hard drive. £120 or £75 plus good combined 3.5 and 5 1/4 disk drive unit (with own PSU). Includes power cable, hard drive utils on floppy and spare 20/32 meg RLL/MFM hard drive which is 3.5 full height size but the condition is unknown as I don't know how many heads, cylinders etc or jumper settings. Its just a freebie. There's a lot of software on the 90meg drive including games, applications, ROM images, disk mags and utilities. Bare 5 1/4 40t double sided drives. All fully working £9 inclusive. Bare 3.5 80t single sided drives. Fully working £7.50 inclusive. Amstrad PCW9512 Daisywheel printer. Only works with Amstrad PCW. Its powered and communicates via single lead with large circular plug. Very high quality printout for letters. £20 inclusive. Sony 3.5 high density drive. No separate PSU socket takes power thru 34 way connector. Uses some of the normal ground connections for 5V. conversion cable should be easy to make. £12 inclusive. Software. UltraCalc2, boxed as new. Includes ROM, disk and manual. £9 Books. 30Hour Basic (256pages) £3 Wordwise Plus extra manual. (Large manual lots of info about using wordwise.) £5 Miscellaneous Large pile of Pre-recorded DR Who Videos costing over £150 new. Sell for £75 or swop for a good printer or simple VHS video (without winding problems or worn heads). Ribbon Cables 14 way ribbon cable, bare ended 2-4metres £1.50 25 way Ribbon cable, 25 way D connector to 34 way IDC. This is the cable from a Master Compact to its internal 3.5 drive. £3.00 20 way Ribbon cable, 20 way IDC to bare end 1.5m. Suit replacement cable to item that uses user port (mouse/eprom programmer) £2 34 way IDC to bare end 1m £1.50 34 way multicoloured ribbon cable 1ft 50p 34 way ribbon .66m, IDC to bare end £1.25 14 way ribbon 2-4m bare £1.50 16 way ribbon 1-2m bare £1.25 20 way IDC to 20 way IDC .66m £2.50 20 way IDC to bare end 1.5m £1.50 50 way IDC to 50 way IDC 1m (internal SCSI cable e.g. controller to hard drive) £5 34 way IDC +34 way IDC male to bare end 18cm £2.00 34 way IDC to 34 way IDC 20cm (BBC to 3.5 floppy drive) £2.50 20 way IDC to bare end 2m £1.50 50 way IDC connector (previously used so would need to be carefully removed and reinserted on another cable) .75p 36 way centronics plug to 36 way centronics plug 1.5 metres (printer to printer buffer type cable) £5 16 way ribbon 1.5ft 75p 34 way edge connector to bare end (1.5ft) £2.00 26 way ribbon 2ft 75p 25 way ribbon 15cm 50p 20 way ribbon 2ft 50p 14 way ribbon 2-3m £1.25 keyboard connector cable. 17 way £2.50 12 way cable like above £3 20 way IDC + 7pin din plug (1.5m 20 way ribbon) to 25 way D connector (female) 20 way IDC (7cm 20 way ribbon) 20 way edge connector £3 14 way ribbon 1ft 75p Other leads Kettle leads. Normal mains plug to large 3pin connector. As used by Compact and PCs. £4 BBC to scart lead (RGB with BBCs 5v sent to RGB status for autoswitching) 2m £6 BBC to scart lead with master audio connection and autoswitching 2m £7 BBC to scart lead manual switching 2m no audio £5 Compact phono to phono with lowloss cable (monochrome monitor) £2.50 Compact phono to scart with lowloss cable (videotitling etc) £4 BBC to BBC RS423 cable (5pin domino to 5pin domino) £7 BBC to Microvitec RGB monitor £2.50 All cables inclusive of postage and packing. Most are one offs. Acorn 2nd Processor (6502). Complete with DNFS ROM, original manual and disk. £25 including posting and insurance. Suitable for the BBC B or Master 128 series. Master 512 owners who desire a turbo board but have no room could go for this slightly slower alternative. 3mhz 65C02 compared to 4mhz 65C02. Benefits of the 2nd processor. Well firstly there's more memory and the computer operates 50% faster ( there's a bigger speed increase with a BBC B than a Master ). Many applications work with it and benefit from increased speed and storage. The ram can be used as sideways ram for Roms which are 2nd processor compatible. Basic and the supplied enhanced Hi-Basic have more memory available than normal. The disadvantages. Obviously lots of software isn't compatible with it but it can be switched off instantly. Its a big lump on the side of the computer and isn't hidden inside the computer. Lastly most importantly you need a 2nd processor to run Tube Elite. This 96k one load version has enhanced speed, graphics and sound plus new ships. There's also the star wars intro. The best game ever written for the BBC and this is the best version. Tube Elite is compatible with normal commander files and therefore you don't need to start again.