8-Bit Software Online Conversion

Late Additions. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Some late items, not mentioned in the "About This Issue" section as I have added them only a few minutes before the mass backing up of this issue. Watford Electronics Sale. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Watford Electronics are having what is probably their very last sale of BBC items. Here is a list of a few of the items in the sale passed on to me by Stephan Richardson: Wapping Editor £5 Twin Master Cartridge £2 Quad Master Cartridge £3 Master 128 Advanced Reference Manual £2 BBC Advanced User Guide £2 Complete BBC User Handbook £2 Watford 128K ROM/RAM Board £25 Quest Tracker Ball £10 Quest Paint £5 Conquest £5 (add on Rom for Quest Paint) AMX Superart £5 AMX Stop Press £5 Computer Concepts Sale. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Computer Concepts are selling any of their BBC items for £15. This includes the Mega 3 Rom for instance. Mark Colton. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have learned of the death of Mark Colton of Colton Software. Amongst many other things, he wrote View Professional, the distribution license for which Mark sold to 8BS. He died when the vehicle he was in hit a tree at high speed. Thanks to Paul Clucas. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A Huge TA goes to Paul (K6X) again for chekin out the issue for spellin and grammaticl erors. Come to think of it, thanks for the phonecalls, faxes, letters, hardware checks and helpful suggestions too.