8-Bit Software Online Conversion

This advert was sent to me by Mr B.Kemp 17 Greystoke Walk Bedford MK41 8LN St John's School IT and AVA Sale Summer 1995 SEPTEMBER 1995 HIGHEST OFFERS ACCEPTED Hardware Complete systems BBC Master with Microvitec Cub monitor, CS400S 40/80 Disc drive (Watford Electronics), all in original boxes. BBC Compact, monitor and lots of documentation. Software can still be purchased for these computers. Some softwear will be available from the School. Computers BBC Bs, used as workstations in network (no cables survive). Useful for spare parts. (5) BBC B with air cooled fan (can be made up in to complete system). Monitors Microvitec 452 Cub (3) BBC Cub (1) Northstar green screen Peripherals Modem. DTI Schools Project DSL 3123AD Autodialling. Dacon Systems. No manual. Cables: DTE socket has cable (other end 5-pin in cross configuration); Modem to wall socket; 5 pin round socket to PSU. Satellite connection box. BBC Z80 second processor in polystyrene packaging. Manuals: Z80 BBC Basic User Guide; Z80 second processor user guide; and Z80 professional BASIC user guide. The following manauls complement the processor and are included in the purchase: Accountant; CP/M 2.2 with GSX Graphics Third Edition 1983; File Plan; Graph Plan; Memo Plan; and Nucleus System Generator. (NO DISKS - seven in the original set) BBC Data Recorder with power lead and cable. Digimouse mouse - the mouse for the BBC - the access details to the software program will indicate if this mouse can be used. (4) EE Joystick - the access details to the software program will indicate if this joystick can be used (5). BBC Power Supply Unit Pary no. D 1597. Complete. Micro VDU Screen Contoller. Nidd Valley. No manual. Audio Visual Ferguson Studio 200 record deck and radio, two speakers. Top broken. Sony Music System HMK-55B tape deck and raido. No speakers. Sanyo SX800 6 ohm 100W speakers (2) Coomber W20 8 ohm speakers (2) Sony Video 8 recorder in case. All attachments. Other Line A88 typewriter QED Page Turner with supply unit and bracket (complete) List of tapes Utilities The Chip Shop. Basic Code 2.BBC Radio 4 1984.Translation and sample programs. Joystick Utility. For analogue joysticks on the BBC 32K. Welcome tape for BBC B. 1981. (Many boxed copies). Welcome tape for Master. Acorn 1986. Utilities on side 2. (Two copies). MEP Complimentary Cassette, containing programmes from page 20 and page 27 of the Microprimer Activity Guide - BBC Model B. Educational Awari Main-Line Geotest Shapes. CSL Microdata. Network. Cranky. Mathematical game. Acornsoft. Roadcraft 1. For BBC B. Highlight Software 1985. Mr T's Money Box (no manual) Early Learning. Ebury Software. Factfile. Primary school database program. Cambridge Micro Software 1982 Alternatives to the keyboard Micro Mike. Voice operated programs- City, Boat, Copter, Rider. (Two copies). (no microphone) Lite Pen. Issue 1.02. Minor Miracles 1983. (No light pen). Robin Light Pen. Educational Software 1983. (No light pen). Games Arcadians. Acornsoft for the Acorn Electron. Bobby Charlton Soccer. For Electron. DACC Ltd Boxer. Acornsoft for the Acorn Electron. Chess. For Model B. Micropower 1983. Cricket. For BBC/Electron. Bug-Byte1985. 3D Grand Prix. For BBC B. Software Invasion 1984. Five Star Games (Geoff Capes Strongman; Deathstar; Twin Kingdom Valley; Repton; Combat Lynx). For BBC B. Graham Gooch's Test Cricket. Audiogenic Software. For Electron. Howszat for BBC 32K. A and F Software.1983. Adventure Game for BBC 32K. Kansas Software. Pieman. Five musical games for B. Musicsoft. Starship Command. Acornsoft for the Acorn Electron 1983. List of Disc-based packages Viewdata Terminal Emulator. Manual and discs. 1985. Tecmedia production. 6502 Development Package for the BBC micro with 6502 second processor. 1985 Acornsoft Languages. Boxed disc, manual, quick guide and key strip. (40 track only - needs transfer to 80 track). Various software packages to complement purchases of computers or systems. Documentation. Manuals Accountant for the BBC micro with Z80 second processor Acorn Computer 1985 AKF 12 Monitor Operating Instructions. CP/M 2.2 with GSX Graphics for the BBC micro with Z80 second processor Third Edition 1983 Acorn Computer Dialup Educational Communications Software. (Campus 2000). User Manual. Version 2. PMS Communications. 1986. File Plan for the BBC micro with Z80 second processor 1984 Acorn Computer Graph Plan for the BBC micro with Z80 second processor 1984 Acorn Computer Memo Plan for the BBC micro with Z80 second processor 1984 Acorn Computer Nucleus System Generator for the BBC micro with Z80 second processor 1984 Acorn Computer OverView I and II. (For ViewStore, Viewspell, ViewPlot, ViewIndex, Printer Driver Generator. Star LC 10 Multi-Font Printer Users Manual. Star Micronics Co. View. User Guide. Acornsoft. 1986. Viewsheet. User Guide. Acornsoft. 1984. Publications BASIC Programming on the BBC Micocomputer. Cryer and Cryer. Prentice Hall. 1983. 30 Hour Basic. Clive Prigmore. BBC/NEC. 1981. BEEBUG Members Pack. Beebugsoft.1987. (No discs). 132 Short Programs for the Mathematics Classroom. Higgo et al. Mathematical Association. 1985. FORTH for the BBC Microcomputer. Richard De Grandis-Harrison. Acornsoft. 1983. Learning with LOGO. Some classroom experiences. Beverley Anderson. MEP 1986. LOGO Introduction. BBC 1987. Programming Tips for the BBC Micro. A selection of articles from the first year of ACORN User. Addison-Wesley 1983. Projects for Programs Spectrum and BBC B series. Ladybird Computer Series. Quality Programs for the BBC Micro. Simon. Micro Press. 1983. Sixty Programs for the BBC Micro. Pan. 1983.