8-Bit Software Online Conversion

8-Bit Software. Public Domain : 8-Bit Software order form. Catalogue. : Cat no Title price : --------------------------------- 15.10.95 : : : Catalogue format: : : : : : : 1...Catalogue code. : : : 2...Disc title. : : : 3...Size, format and : : : compatibility codes: : : : 1,2,3 etc (number of DFS SIDES : : : OR number of ADFS L Discs) : : : : : : D...DFS : : : A...ADFS : : : H...HADFS : : : B...BBC B only : : : M...Master/compact only : : : : : : Charges: : : : : : : 1 Pound per 80 track 5.25" or : : : 3.5" disc (please state the size : : : of disc you require). : : : Or 50p per disc if you supply the: -------------------------------- discs and return p+p. : Total enclosed : Programmed Eproms 3 pounds. : ------- : Disc size required: Please make cheques payable to: : C.J.Richardson. : Use a separate sheet if you wish. : Send off your money and list : to: : The Software in this catalogue is : free. The charges made cover the C.J.Richardson : cost of disc, postage, packing 8-Bit Software : and all the other incidental 17 Lambert Park Road : costs of copying discs. You are Hedon : free to copy the software and Hull : pass it on to friends. Be sure to East Yorkshire : tell them where you got it from! HU12 8HF : Or ring/Fax me on 01482 896868 : : Please remember to mark packages: You may find that some programs containing discs MAGNETIC MEDIA.: can be found on more than one : disc in this catalogue. However If you have any problems with : there are no two discs the same. the software in this catalogue : please let me know. : Master Compact users. You CAN use : the DFS discs in this catalogue! If you wish to submit PD : If you don't know how, ask for software that is not in this : advice when placing your software catalogue for 8BS to put in its : order. pool, you may make a free : choice from the catalogue, but : You may have any of the many ROM please enclose return postage. : images in this catalogue supplied : on eprom. The charge is 3 pounds TBI-00 is free but you must : extra. Just tell me which image send a disc and return p+p. : from which disc you require. 8BS-00 8BS Magazine Database 2D 8BS-01 Issues 1,5,6 and 8 A 8BS-01 Issues 1 - 4 2D 8BS-05 Issue 5 1D 8BS-06 Issue 6 1D 8BS-07 Issue 7 1D 8BS-08 Issue 8 2D 8BS-09 Issue 9 2D 8BS-10 Issue 10 2D 8BS-11 Issue 11 2D 8BS-12 Issue 12 2D 8BS-13 Issue 13 2D 8BS-14 Issue 14 2D 8BS-15 Issue 15 2D 8BS-16 Issue 16 3D 8BS-17 Issue 17 2D 8BS-18 Issue 18 2D 8BS-19 Issue 19 2D 8BS-20 Issue 20 2D 8BS-21 Issue 21 2DA 8BS-22 Issue 22 2DA 8BS-23 Issue 23 2DA 8BS-24 Issue 24 2DA 8BS-25 Issue 25 2DA 8BS-26 Issue 26 2DA 8BS-27 Issue 27 2DA 8BS-28 Issue 28 2DA 8BS-29 Issue 29 2DA 8BS-30 Issue 30 2DA 8BS-31 Issue 31 2DA 8BS-32 Issue 32 2DA 8BS-33 Issue 33 2DA 8BS-34 Issue 34 2DA 8BS-35 Issue 35 2DA 8BS-36 Issue 36 2DA 8BS-37 Issue 37 2DA 8BS-38 Issue 38 2DA 8BS-39 Issue 39 2DA 8BS-40 Issue 40 2DA 8BS-41 Issue 41 2DA 8BS-42 Issue 42 2DA 8BS-43 Issue 43 2DA 8BS-44 Issue 44 2DA TBI-00 Catalogue + 8BS Utils 2DA TBI-02 Red Shift Games. 1D TBI-07 32016 Utils 2DA TBI-11 AMX Stop Press Fonts 2D TBI-13-1 Digitised Pictures 1 2D TBI-13-2 Digitised Pictures 2 2D TBI-13-3 Digitised Pictures 3 2D TBI-16 Animations 1D TBI-17 Digitised Pictures 4 M2D TBI-18 Satellite Pictures 1 2D TBI-19 Satellite Pictures 2 2D TBI-20 Satellite Utilities 1D TBI-21 Digitised Pictures 5 2D TBI-22 Mandelbrots 1D TBI-23 Desk Top Publisher 1D TBI-24 Headfirst B005 1D TBI-35 Football Management. M1D TBI-37-1 Small C + XTEL A TBI-37-2 Small C Workdisc A TBI-37-3 I-APL 1D TBI-38 Cheats disc 2D TBI-39 Red Shift Utilities 1 1D TBI-41-1 Digitised Pictures 7 2D TBI-41-2 Digitised Pictures 8 1D TBI-43 8006 Words 1D TBI-45 Repton 3 Screens 1D TBI-46-1 (Side 1) P.Davy 1 and 4 TBI-46-1 (Side 2) P.Davy 6 and 8 TBI-46-2 (Side1) P.Davy 10 and 12 TBI-46-2 (Side2) P.Davy 14 and 16 TBI-46-3 (Side1) P.Davy 18 and 20 TBI-46-3 (Side2) P.Davy 22 and 24 TBI-46-4 (Side1) P.Davy 26 and 28 TBI-46-4 (Side2) P.Davy 30 and 32 TBI-46-5 (Side1) P.Davy 34 and 36 TBI-46-5 (Side2) Talking Disc TBI-46-6 (Side 0) P.Davy 38 40 TBI-47 Electronics and Menus 2D TBI-48 Hints and Tips 1D TBI-49 Posters. 4DA TBI-50 Digitised Pics 9 A TBI-51-1 Masterdisk 1 2 3 MA TBI-51-2 Masterdisk 4 MA TBI-51-3 Masterdisk 5 MA TBI-52-1 Amusing Text Files. 2D TBI-52-2 Amusing Text Files 1D TBI-52-3 Amusing Text Files 2D TBI-53 Beebnet Vol. 1 1D TBI-54 Mandelbrot and Julia 1DA TBI-55-1 DSPD Dreamscape Demo.1D TBI-55-2 DSPD Music Tracker. 1D TBI-55-3 Music Tracker Utils. 1D TBI-55-4 DSPD Graphics Kit. 1D TBI-55-5 DSPD Windows Kit. 1DM TBI-55-6 DSPD Miscellaneous 1 1D TBI-56 ADDOS. VP Support 2D TBI-57 Europhile. 2D TBI-58 Wordpower 1D TBI-59-1 Mad Rabbit Comms 1D TBI-59-2 Mad Rabbit Texts 1D TBI-60 Nutworks Text Files 2D TBI-61-1 Comm-edy Text Files 2D TBI-61-2 InterTexts. 2D TBI-62 Mad Rabbit Ample Music 1D TBI-63-1 Rolling Pictures 1 2D TBI-63-2 Rolling Pictures 2 2D TBI-64-1 Destroyed Realities 1 1D TBI-65-1 MRPD 24 1D TBI-66 Radio Amateur. 2D TBI-67 View Printer Drivers 1D TBI-68 Screen Thief 1D TBI-69-1 Humour A-J A TBI-69-2 Humour L-Y A TBI-69-3 Humour A-D 2D TBI-69-4 Humour D-J 2D TBI-69-5 Humour L-P 2D TBI-69-6 Humour Q-W 2D TBI-69-7 Humour P and Y 1D TBI-70 Tape To Disc Transfer 1D TBI-71 Amateur Radio 1DA TBI-72 KangaTerm Pagerom 1D TBI-73 More Amateur Radio 2DA TBI-74 View Professional + 2DA TBI-75 Plato. Republic. 4D 2A TBI-76 Mark Twain. 4DA TBI-77-1 Beeb Developments 1 1D TBI-77-2 Beeb Developments 2 1D TBI-77-3 Beeb Developments 3 1D TBI-78 Fonts. Clipart. 2D TBI-79 DFS and ASCII Utils. 1D TBI-80 Online World Texts 6D TBI-81 C Tutorials 2D TBI-82-1 8BS Games 1 2D TBI-82-2 8BS Games 2 2D TBI-82-3 8BS Poems And Stories 1D TBI-82-4 8BS National Lottery 1D TBI-82-5 8BS Games 3 1D TBI-83 BOFH Amusing Text 1D TBI-84-1 Acorn User Show. Pics 2D TBI-84-2 Acorn User Show. Pics 3DA TBI-85-1 Assembler Notes. 3DA TBI-85-2 SWR Notes. 3DA TBI-85-3 Teletext Receiver Notes. 2D TBI-85-4 Advanced Teletext. 2D TBI-85-5 Mouse Notes. 1D TBI-85-6 Light Pen Notes. 1D TBI-85-7 DFS Notes. 2D TBI-85-8 Speech Notes. 2D TBI-86-1 Wapping Editor Pictures A TBI-86-2 Wapping Editor Pictures A TBI-87 Music 2D TBI-88 Packet Radio Text. 1D CJR-1-2-14 Compilation. A CJR-01 Cheats and Utilities 2D CJR-02 Cheats and Utilities 2D CJR-03 STD Code Database V3. 2DA CJR-11 Teletext Editing 2DA CJR-12 Samples disc 8 2D CJR-13 Wordsearch Generator 2DA CJR-14 Collection 1 2D CJR-15 Collection 2 2D CJR-18 Samples Disc 9 2D CJR-19 Samples Disc 10 1D CJR-20 Collection 3 1D CJR-21 ADFS Compilation A EDU-01 Educational Intro 1D EDU-02 Educational Compilation 1D BUG-00 Magscan Index. 2D BUG-01-10 Volume 1. Issue 10. 1D BUG-02-1 Volume 2. Issue 1. 1D BUG-02-2 Volume 2. Issue 2. 1D BUG-02-3 Volume 2. Issue 3. 1D BUG-02-4 Volume 2. Issue 4. 1D BUG-02-5 Volume 2. Issue 5. 1D BUG-02-6 Volume 2. Issue 6. 1D BUG-02-7 Volume 2. Issue 7. 1D BUG-02-8 Volume 2. Issue 8. 1D BUG-02-9 Volume 2. Issue 9. 1D BUG-02-10 Volume 2. Issue 10. 1D BUG-03-1 Volume 3. Issue 1. 1D BUG-03-2 Volume 3. Issue 2. 1D BUG-03-3 Volume 3. Issue 3. 1D BUG-03-4 Volume 3. Issue 4. 1D BUG-03-5 Volume 3. Issue 5. 1D BUG-03-6 Volume 3. Issue 6. 1D BUG-03-7 Volume 3. Issue 7. 1D BUG-03-8 Volume 3. Issue 8. 1D BUG-03-9 Volume 3. Issue 9. 1D BUG-03-10 Volume 3. Issue 10. 1D BUG-04-1 Volume 4. Issue 1. 1D BUG-04-2 Volume 4. Issue 2. 1D BUG-04-3 Volume 4. Issue 3. 1D BUG-04-4 Volume 4. Issue 4. 1D BUG-04-5 Volume 4. Issue 5. 1D BUG-04-6 Volume 4. Issue 6. 1D BUG-04-7 Volume 4. Issue 7. 1D BUG-04-8 Volume 4. Issue 8. 1D BUG-04-9 Volume 4. Issue 9. 1D BUG-04-10 Volume 4. Issue 10. 1D BUG-05-1 Volume 5. Issue 1. 1D BUG-05-2 Volume 5. Issue 2. 1D BUG-05-3 Volume 5. Issue 3. 1D BUG-05-4 Volume 5. Issue 4. 1D BUG-05-5 Volume 5. Issue 5. 1D BUG-05-6 Volume 5. Issue 6. 1D BUG-05-7 Volume 5. Issue 7. 1D BUG-05-8 Volume 5. Issue 8. 1D BUG-05-9 Volume 5. Issue 9. 1D BUG-05-10 Volume 5. Issue 10. 1D BUG-06 TO BUG 12 All 1D BUG-02 Vol. 2 Issues 1-10 A BUG-03 Vol. 3 Issues 1-10 A BUG-04 Vol. 4 Issues 1-10 A BUG-05 Vol. 5 Issues 1-10 A BUG-06 Vol. 6 Issues 1-9 A BUG-07-A Vol. 7 Issues 1-5 +V.6-10 A BUG-07-B Vol. 7 Issues 6-10 A BUG-08-A Vol. 8 Issues 1-5 A BUG-08-B Vol. 8 Issues 6-10 A BUG-09-A Vol. 9 Issues 1-5 A BUG-09-B Vol. 9 Issues 6-10 A BUG-10-A Vol. 10 Issues 1-5 A BUG-10-B Vol. 10 Issues 6-10 A BUG-11-A Vol. 11 Issues 1-5 A BUG-11-B Vol. 11 Issues 6-10 A BUG-12-A Vol. 12 Issues 1-5 A BUG-12-B Vol. 12 Issues 6-10 A BUG-13 10th Year Anniversary. 1D BUG-14 Card And Board Games. 1D BUG-15 General Utilities. 1D BUG-16 Filer. 1D BUG-17 Arcade Games. 1D BUG-18 Applications 1. 1D BUG-19 Applications 2. 1D BUG-20 Printwise. 1D BUG-21 Masterfile II 1DA BUG-22 View Spellchecker 2D BUG-23 Disc Utilities 1D FAC-00 Demo disc. 1D FAC-01-1 Vol.1 Issue 1. 2D FAC-01-2 Vol.1 Issue 2. 2D FAC-01-3 Vol.1 Issue 3. 2D FAC-01-4 Vol. 1 Issue 4. 2D FAC-01-5 Vol. 1 Issue 5. 2D FAC-01-6 Vol. 1 Issue 6. 2D FAC-01-7 Vol. 1 Iss. 1 2 3 A FAC-01-8 Vol. 1 Iss. 4 5 6 A FAC-02-1 Vol. 2 Issue 1. 3D FAC-02-2 Vol. 2 Issue 2. 3D FAC-02-3 Vol. 2 Issue 3. 3D FAC-02-4 Vol. 2 Issue 4. 3D FAC-02-5 Vol. 2 Issue 5. 3D FAC-02-6 Vol. 2 Issue 6. 3D FAC-02-7 Vol. 2 Issue 1. A FAC-02-8 Vol. 2 Issue 2. A FAC-02-9 Vol. 2 Issue 3. A FAC-02-10 Vol. 2 Issue 4. A FAC-02-11 Vol. 2 Issue 5. A FAC-02-12 Vol. 2 Issue 6. A GLM-02 (A03) Games disc 3 1D GLM-04 (R02) Miscellany 2 1D GLM-05 (G02) Graphics 2 2D GLM-06 (S12) Sound disc 12 2D GLM-07 (D01) GLM Demo disc 2D GLM-08 (G04) Graphics 4 1D GLM-09 (G11) Graphics 11 1D GLM-12 String tracker 1D GLM-13 (U05) Utilities 1D JJF-01 Catalogue/Sampler 2D JJF-34 Games Cheats Utils 2D JJF-37 Games and Utils 2D JJF-58 Aeronautical Dogfight 1DA TYB-07 Retribution demo demo 2D TYB-08 Pictures 1+sound demo 1D TYB-09 Pictures 2 1D TYB-10 Pictures 3 digitised 1D TYB-11 Pictures 4 1D TAU-84-12 Acorn User Dec 84 1D TAU-85-2 Acorn User Feb 85 1D TAU-85-3 Acorn User Mar 85 1D TAU-85-4 Acorn User Apr 85 1D TAU-85-5 Acorn User May 85 1D TAU-85-6 Acorn User Jun 85 1D TAU-85-7 Acorn User Jul 85 1D TAU-85-8 Acorn User Aug 85 1D TAU-85-9 Acorn User Sep 85 1D TAU-85-10 Acorn User Oct 85 1D TAU-85-11 Acorn User Nov 85 1D TAU-85-12 Acorn User Dec 85 1D TAU-86-1 Acorn User Jan 86 1D TAU-86-2 Acorn User Feb 86 1D TAU-86-3 Acorn User Mar 86 1D TAU-86-4 Acorn User Apr 86 1D TAU-86-5 Acorn User May 86 1D TAU-86-6 Acorn User Jun 86 1D TAU-86-7 Acorn User Jul 86 1D TAU-86-8 Acorn User Aug 86 1D TAU-86-9 Acorn User Sep 86 1D TAU-86-10 Acorn User Oct 86 1D TAU-86-11 Acorn User Nov 86 1D TAU-86-12 Acorn User Dec 86 1D TAU-87-1 Acorn User Jan 87 1D TAU-87-2 Acorn User Feb 87 1D TAU-87-3 Acorn User Mar 87 1D TAU-87-4 Acorn User Apr 87 1D TAU-87-5 Acorn User May 87 1D TAU-87-6 Acorn User Jun 87 1D TAU-87-7 Acorn User Jul 87 1D TAU-87-8 Acorn User Aug 87 1D TAU-87-9 Acorn User Sep 87 1D TAU-87-10 Acorn User Oct 87 1D TAU-87-11 Acorn User Nov 87 1D TAU-87-12 Acorn User Dec 87 1D TAU-88-1 Acorn User Jan 88 1D TAU-88-2 Acorn User Feb 88 1D TAU-88-3 Acorn User Mar 88 1D TAU-88-4 Acorn User Apr 88 1D TAU-88-5 Acorn User May 88 1D TAU-88-6 Acorn User Jun 88 1D TAU-88-7 Acorn User Jul 88 1D TAU-88-8 Acorn User Aug 88 1D TAU-88-9 Acorn User Sep 88 1D TAU-88-10 Acorn User Oct 88 1D TAU-88-11 Acorn User Nov 88 1D TAU-88-12 Acorn User Dec 88 1D TAU-89-1 Acorn User Jan 89 1D TAU-89-2 Acorn User Feb 89 1D TAU-89-3 Acorn User Mar 89 1D TAU-89-4 Acorn User Apr 89 1D TAU-89-5 Acorn User May 89 1D TAU-89-6 Acorn User Jun 89 1D TAU-89-7 Acorn User Jul 89 1D TAU-89-8 Acorn User Aug 89 1D TAU-89-9 Acorn User Sep 89 1D TAU-89-10 Acorn User Oct 89 1D TAU-89-11 Acorn User Nov 89 1D TAU-89-12 Acorn User Dec 89 1D TAU-90-1 Acorn User Jan 90 1D TAU-90-2 Acorn User Feb 90 1D TAU-90-3 Acorn User Mar 90 1D TAU-90-4 Acorn User Apr 90 1D TAU-90-5 Acorn User May 90 1D TAU-90-6 Acorn User Jun 90 1D TAU-90-7 Acorn User Jul 90 1D TAU-90-8 Acorn User Aug 90 1D TAU-90-9 Acorn User Sep 90 1D TAU-90-10 Acorn User Oct 90 1D TAU-90-11 Acorn User Nov 90 1D TAU-90-12 Acorn User Dec 90 1D TAU-91-1 Acorn User Jan 91 1D TAU-91-2 Acorn User Feb 91 1D TAU-91-3 Acorn User Mar 91 1D TAU-91-4 Acorn User Apr 91 1D TAU-91-5 Acorn User May 91 1D TAU-91-6 Acorn User Jun 91 1D TAU-91-7 Acorn User Jul 91 1D TAU-91-8 Acorn User Aug 91 1D TAU-91-9 Acorn User Sep 91 1D TAU-91-10 Acorn User Oct 91 1D TAU-91-11 Acorn User Nov 91 1D TAU-91-12 Acorn User Dec 91 1D TAU-92-1 Acorn User Jan 92 1D TAU-92-2 Acorn User Feb 92 1D TAU-92-3 Acorn User Mar 92 1D TAU-92-4 Acorn User Apr 92 1D TAU-92-5 Acorn User May 92 1D TAU-92-6 Acorn User Jun 92 1D TAU-92-7 Acorn User Jul 92 1D TAU-92-8 Acorn User Aug 92 1D TAU-92-9 Acorn User Sep 92 1D TAU-92-10 Acorn User Oct 92 1D TAU-92-11 Acorn User Nov 92 1D TAU-92-12 Acorn User Dec 92 1D TAU-93-1 Acorn User Jan 93 1D TAU-93-2 Acorn User Feb 93 1D TAU-93-3 Acorn User Mar 93 1D TAU-93-4 Acorn User Apr 93 1D TAU-93-5 Acorn User May 93 1D TAU-93-6 Acorn User Jun 93 1D TAU-93-7 Acorn User Jul 93 1D TAU-93-8 Acorn User Aug 93 1D TAU-93-9 Acorn User Sep 93 1D TAU-87 1987 Compilation. 2D TAU-88 1988 Compilation. 1D TAU-01 Portfolio 1D TAU-02 Calligraphy 1D TAU-03 SWR Utilities 1D TAU-04 Printer Help 2D TAU-05 Graphics Utilities 1D TAU-06 Education Disc 1D TAU-07 Games Disc 2D TAU-08 Gallery 1 1D TAU-09 Gallery 2 1D TAU-10 Network Utility Disc 1D ARC-01 Archimedes 1 A ARC-02 Archimedes 2 A ARC-03 Archimedes 3 A ARC-04 Archimedes Radio Ham 1 A ARC-05 Archimedes Radio Ham 2 A ARC-06 Archimedes Radio Ham 3 A ARC-07 Archimedes Radio Ham 4 A ARC-08 Archimedes Radio Ham 5 A ARC-09 GIF Files. A ARC-10 APDL Library Disc A TDU-01 Disc User Issue 1 1D TDU-02 Disc User Issue 2 1D TDU-03 Disc User Issue 3 1D TDU-04 Disc User Issue 4 1D TDU-05 Disc User Issue 5 1D TDU-06 Disc User Issue 6 1D TDU-07 Disc User Issue 7 1D TDU-08 Disc User Issue 8 1D TDU-09 Disc User Issue 9 1D TDU-10 Disc User Issue 10 1D TDU-11 Disc User Issue 11 1D TDU-12 Disc User Issue 12 1D TDU-13 Disc User Issue 13 1D TDU-14 Disc User Issue 14 1D TDU-15 Disc User Alphabet A-O 1D TDU-16 Disc User Micronet Advert 1D TDU-1-5 Disc User Issue 1-5 A TDU-6-10 Disc User Issue 6-10 A TDU-11-14 Disc User Issue 11-14 A JGH-00 HADFS Info Disc 1D JGH-0A ABZ Teletext HADFS JGH-0B HADFS Startup HADFS JGH-0C Various HADFS JGH-0D Various HADFS JGH-0E Small C HADFS JGH-0F Various. HADFS JGH-0G Various. HADFS JGH-0H Various. HADFS JGH-0I Various. HADFS BBC-01 Informant Rom Vol 1 2D BBC-02 Maths Competition Pack 2D BBC-03 Spellcheck 2D BBC-04 Small C Compiler 2D BBC-06 Games, Demos 2D BBC-07 Kermit Comms. 2D BBC-08 6502 Macro Assembler 2D BBC-09 X-TEL - Rafael Jay 2D BBC-10 John Henson Collection 2D BBC-11 Urban War 2D BBC-12 Puzzles - Peter Kerr MA BBC-14 Graphics 2D BBC-15 Various 2D BBC-16 Clip Art 2D BBC-17 'Something About Me' 2D BBC-18 Various 2D BBC-19 Sorcerer's Domain 2D BBC-20 Risk 2DA BBC-21 A.Sandman Games A BBC-23 Clip Art 2D BBC-25 Games 2D BBC-26 Not Available yet BBC-27 Clip Art Vol. II 2D BBC-28 Five Action Games 2D BBC-29 Games. Utilities. 2D BBC-30 UMX Sound+Graphics MA BBC-31 Program Planner. Game. A BBC-32 John Lyons 2D BBC-33 Institute of Metals 2D BBC-34 STD Telephone Codes 2D BBC-35 Viewstore STD Codes A BBC-36 STD Codes For VP 2D BBC-37 Games 2D BBC-38 Steven Flintham 2D BBC-41 Clip Art 4D BBC-42 Clip Art 2D BBC-43 Clip Art 4D BBC-44 Clip Art 2D BBC-45 Clip Art Vol 3 2D BBC-47 Master UtilROM v1.7 2D BBC-48 'C' Language Tutorial 2D BBC-49 Memory Protector v1.00 2D BBC-50 Utilities 3D BBC-51 Not available yet BBC-52 Star Fleet MA BBC-53 Christian Quiz 2D BBC-54 Fanfare Teletext System 2D BBC-55 NPDSA Collection 2D BBC-60 Roly Poly Pudding 2D BBC-61 Mac Art 2D BBC-62 Games Collection 2D BBC-63 Various 2D BBC-64 Utilities 2D BBC-65 Clip Art 4D BBC-66 Small 'C' Compiler 2DA BBC-67 Clip Art - 'People' 2D BBC-68 MCL 2D BBC-69 The Animation Station 2D BBC-70 BAPS 2D BBC-71 Science Software 2D BBC-72 Various 2D BBC-73 The Geology System. A BBC-74 Wordfinder Thesaurus 2D BBC-75 Something About Me 2D BBC-76 Digitised Pictures 4D BBC-77 Wapping Editor Clip Art A BBC-78 Find My Young 'Uns 2D BBC-79 Dracula Adventure 2D BBC-82 Utilities 2D BBC-83 Games And Utilities 2D BBC-84 Utilities And Games 2D BBC-85 Aeronautical Dogfight2 MA BBC-86 Lars Osterballe vol.1 2D BBC-87 Lars Osterballe vol.2 2D BBC-88 Lars Osterballe vol.3 2D BBC-89 Lars Osterballe vol.4 2D BBC-90 Games 2D BBC-91 Tutorials 2D BBC-92 Utilities. Game 2D BBC-93 Anatomical Diagrams 2D BBC-94 ADL 2D BBC-95 Lars Osterballe vol.5 2D BBC-96 Lars Osterballe vol.6 2D BBC-97 Lars Osterballe vol.7 2D BBC-98 Not Available yet BBC-99 Ultraword + A BBC-100 Easibase V.4 2D BBC-102 Spellcheck 2D BBC-103 Home Help. Easybase 2DA BBC-104 Game Cheats, Solutions 2D BBC-105 Jim Stirk Educational 2D BBC-106 H C Parr Collection 2D BBC-107 Letterhead Designer II 2D BBC-108 S.Flintham Utilities 2DA BBC-109 Utilities 2DA BBC-110 Utilities 2D BBC-111 Games+ 2D BBC-112 Early Learning 2D BBC-113 Educational 2D BBC-114 Clip Art Collection 4D BBC-116 Fractals Disc. 1D BBC-117 'Silly Games Disc' 1D BBC-118 Dictionary Access 3D BBC-119 Various 2D BBC-120 Snacker by Alt 2D BBC-121 Fractal Graphics A BBC-122 Not available yet BBC-123 Names and Zodiac 2DA BBC-124 History and Geography 2D BBC-125 History and Geography 2D BBC-126 Wapping Editor Files A BBC-127 Family History A BBC-128 Ultrasoft Picasso A BBC-129 Help Disc 2D BBC-130 Maths/Language Games 2D BBC-131 Not available yet BBC-132 Disc Duplicator III 1D BBC-133 Einstein V2.4 2D BBC-134 Master Tetriz 2D BBC-135 Mirror of Khoronz + 2D BBC-136 Welsh Boys PD 2D BBC-137 Psychebrot 2D BBC-138 Not Available yet 8A BBC-139 Essays. A BBC-140 Various 2D BBC-141 Super Tetriz MA BBC-142 Ultraword Plus MA BBC-143 Gateway to Karos 2D BBC-146 Radio Amateur Utils 2D BBC-147 Hints and Tips 2DA BBC-148 Parmenter's Maths 2D BBC-149 Not available yet BBC-150 Not available yet BBC-151 Kermit Manuals A BBC-152 Astrological Charts. 2D BBC-153 PD Publisher V2.17 M2D BBC-154 Adventures Collection A BBC-155 A to Z of Game Cheats 1D BBC-156 Yellow Disc - V.2.00 4D BBC-157 Software From Poland 2D BBC-158 Not available yet BBC-159 Educational 2D BBC-160 Mad Rabbit PD Sampler 2D BBC-161 Music 1D BBC-164 Star Trek Documents 1 2D BBC-165 Red Dwarf Documents 2D BBC-166 Games Collection 2D BBC-167 Mad Rabbit PD 2D BBC-168 Wordsearch Puzzles A BBC-169 Fig-FORTH + 2D BBC-170 Various 2D BBC-171 Morse Code Training. A 512-1-1 DABS Shareware Vol.1 Disc 1 512-1-2 DABS Shareware Vol.1 Disc 2 512-1-3 DABS Shareware Vol.1 Disc 3 512-1-4 DABS Shareware Vol.1 Disc 4 512-1-5 DABS Shareware Vol.1 Disc 5 512-2-1 DABS Shareware Vol.2 Disc 1 512-2-2 DABS Shareware Vol.2 Disc 2 512-2-3 DABS Shareware Vol.2 Disc 3 512-2-4 DABS Shareware Vol.2 Disc 4 512-2-5 DABS Shareware Vol.2 Disc 5 512-2-6 DABS Shareware Vol.2 Bonus. 512-3-1 (BBC PD 512) 512 Specific SW 512-3-2 (BBC PD MI2) Miscellaneous 512-3-3 (BBC PD PR3) Programming 512-3-4 (BBC PD WP1) Wordprocessing 512-3-5 (BBC PD UT1) Utilities 512-3-6 (BBC PD UT2) Utilities 2 512-3-7 (BBC PD UT4) Utilities 4 512-3-8 (BBC PD GR1) Graphics 1 512-3-9 (BBC PD DH1) David Harper 1 512-3-10 (BBC PD DH2) David Harper 2 512-3-11 (BBC PD DH3) David Harper 3 512-4 Databases. Spreadsheet. 512-5 Spell. Spreadsheet. File Utils. 512-6 Genealogy. 512-7 Eaman. Adventure 512-8 Origami. 512-9 Cryptanalysis. 512-10 Sprite Designer. 512-11 E-Number Database 512-12 STD Code Database 512-13 Spanish. 201 Conjugated Verbs. 512-14 French. 201 Conjugated Verbs. 512-15 Eamon Assault. Text Adventure. 512-16 New York. Text Editor. 512-17 Quest. Adventure. DrawPlus. 512-18 Eamon Trezore. Text Adventure. 512-19 Supernova. Text Adventure. 512-20 Mystic Pascal. 512-21 Record Database. 512-22 FRP Game Master. 512-23 Labeller 512-24 Sail. Text Editor. 512-25 HelpDos. 512-26 PicThis. 512-27 Express Graph. 512-28 Express Cheque 512-29 Assembler. 512-30 Turbo C Tutorial. 512-31 PC Draft. 512-32 PC Dashboard. 512-33 The Gardener's Assistant. 512-34 Basic Program Screen Designer.