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                As the issue was more than full before the deadline, a lot of messages quite simply would not fit onto the first disc. These messages are of various types all put together into one file. Help offered, help requested and for sale. To: 999 (all members) From: D5J (B.Thorogood) Subject: "SCRIBE" and "VIEWSHEET" Can anyone supply me a Manual for 'Scribe' together with a 'Utility Disc' as this is needed to start the system off. Also I require a Manual for 'Viewsheet' Can anyone help? This is my first message to 8-Bit. Please telephone anytime on 01237 424814. Many Thanks.  To: 999 (all members) From: K3Y (Lorna Jenne) Subject: Part 2 on Stylus Ink-Jet Printer Sorry about delay in this but I have been using the Stylus + Interword +Intersheet to produce my friend's M.Sc.thesis-16,000 words, long job but managed with all those effects double height/bold/condensed/double underlining etc all using the STAR program (Now sent to Chris for library, need to copy on to blank disc before running. EDITOR..(ON TBI-68) Now about Graphic printing with the Stylus. Using all the screen dump programs I had (for 9 pin printers) the pictures were very faint. I got the Acorn User Disc for 1988 which had 24 pin dumps and there was a lot of improvements, but the dumps were quite small. Better results were found using a program from AU August 1988 Hints & Tips page 43. The idea is that this converter takes 8 pin graphic data and converts it to 24 pin. It can also be used with Screen Thief/Dumpout 3 and Dumpmaster so making the Screen dumps more versatile (in all cases some problems are found like changing the place where it is loaded) But without a straight forward sceen dump for the Stylus, it is worth playing about with the programm to make it work. (Copy on Same Disc as Star) TBI-68 The only other way I have used the Stylus is with Wapping Editor a DTP package, this has normal/High resolution dumps. Using the High resolution, a reasonable dark picture is obtained, which is very good if you want to photocopy the results. Until some one writes a special dump for the 48 Pin Stylus (This is beyond me, I am afraid) this is the best I can do to get graphics. The results are not brillant but useable. My latest purchase is an Integrex Colourjet Classic which emulates the Integrex 132. This is supported by both Screen Thief and Dumpmaster, so no problems in printing graphics.  To: 999 (all members) From: K3Y (Lorna Jenne) Subject: For Sale I have a number of items for sale which belong to the College of Nursing where my friend Carol works. They have given all their Beebs to a Primary School and one tutor was vainly trying to sort out what was left.(The Computer manager was made redundant) and they were completely amazed to know that I might be able to sell beeb bits and pieces. Like all hospitals they need the money!!! Most prices include postage but large items have postage extra I have tried to check out the ROMs discs etc and all seem to work. But they have not had extensive testing!! Watford Co-processor Adaptor - fitted with the Master co-processor Turbo board 65C102 +User Guide and Disc. This can be used with B,B+ or Master I used it with Reading University's Statistic package. It is faster than a 6502 second processor Cost 30 + postage £4 (weight 2kg.) Watford Co-processor Adaptor - fitted with a 512K 80186 Board + manual+Gem Package (need to have a mouse for Gem) and also need 1770 DFS & ADFS ROM Can be used with BBC B,B+ or Master Cost 30 + postage 4 ------- Support Disc for Turbo 65C102 processor (x3) 1.20 each (DFS 40T contains Hiedit, Hibasic) Masterfile II Beebug Soft,ADFS Disc Database + manual 2.50 Master Series Reference manual Part 1 and 2 - 5 for both + postage 2.50 Trival Pursuit DFS 40/80 for BBC B Boxed with instructions 2 Printmaster Rom for Star printer Untested 2.50 Spellcheck II (Beebug) Rom+disc + manual 3 Spellcheck III (on an Eprom + disc no manual but can include a photocopy of Spellcheck II manual) 2.50 MicroTEXT Plus Eprom+ 2 disc Interactive Presentation of information program from National Phyiscal Laboratory lots of on screen information on use. 4 MEGA Rom Computer Concept (contains InterWord, InterSheet, Interchart) + all 3 manuals 30 Interword Rom +Manual 10 Interbase Rom +Disc+Manual 10 Master Z80 MCP2.02 Rom (untested) 1 Various disc etc for TORCH SYSTEM Rom MCP 1.01CB System Disc TSD 0106 Wordstar x2 Hard Disc Utilies V 4.62 Standard Utilies V2.10 Perfect Filer/Calcand Writer (I donot know anything about all these and they are untested) If intetested can have for a donation ?) Wordwise Plus Rom + manual WE Word Aid Rom. 7 discs including WordEase,Hi Wordwise Plus,Welcome utilities, WW+ Handbook Norwich Computer Service. all for £20 Interchart Manual 1.50 Intersheet Manual 1.50 BBC Micro Rom Book (B.Smith) 3.50 BBC B User Guide 3.5 AMX Super Art Package on Disc to load into Sidways Ram on Master as need 4 banks of SW Ram. +Manual + extra disk. AMX Utilities on Disc + manual AMX Desk on Disc + manual ALL for £20 AMX PAGEMAKER on disc to load into Sideways RAM (2 Banks)+ System Disc + Font disc + Manual Extra! Extra! Utilities for Pagemaker on Disc + Manual +Clip Art Disc All for £20 or make me an offer!! Phone all day (before 9.00pm) 0181 670 6665 (South London)  To: 999 (all members) From: D2N (VIC HORGAN) Subject: WANTED & HELP (Again) A voice crying in the wilderness. My plea for information on the availability of:- (1) CDS Software Ltd.'s COLOSSUS 4 CHESS for BBC & Master 128 on 5.25in discs. (2) A New,Unused, or even hardly Used MASTER 128 COMPUTER to use as a spare when,inevitably, my present 128 goes on strike. (3) The name of a firm,organisation, shop or member that will mend tired and ageing BBCs & Masters.Preferably not in the Outer Hebrides or Scilly Isles (I live near Oxford). which I sent in last month was probably too late to be published in Issue 41.This is just a reminder to my new-found associates that I am still in a highly fraught condition -expecting my computer to blow up any minute,being consistantly thrashed at chess and constantly reading the glossy brochures about the Archimedes. Never one to miss an opportunity, I would like to add a comment which really should be in another section. This is my second Disc Magazine issue and I find it even more informative and interesting than the first.Chris Richardson and his helpers are doing a great service to all faithful Beeb owners. Victor J.Horgan 24 Kings Lane,Harwell Village Didcot, Oxon. OX11 OEJ Tel: O1235 834544.  To: 999 (all members) From: D2N (VIC HORGAN) Subject: WANTED & INFORMATION Back again.Been away for 6 months (in Scotland,not prison).Hope the Group,Chris and his helpers are still prospering. Thanks for the help in obtaining a spare Master 128.I would still like to obtain: COLOSSUS CHESS 4 for Master 128 on 5.25 Disc.It was issued by CDS Software Ltd. but they no longer supply it. If COLOSSUS CHESS has vanished from the planet I would welcome any other really good CHESS game.Price no object (within the limits of my pension). Vic Horgan Tel: O1235 834544 P.S. Am I the most geriatric of the Group's members? I am 75 and have been using computers since 1965 and the BBC (and then the Master) since 1982.  To: 999 (all members) From: K2K (Peter Davy) Subject: 100 People/100 Pounds Puzzle in TBS Magazine Disk no.45. 2J3's solution takes more than 5 minutes on my Master-128. By restricting the range of men + women + children tested to just those which add up to 100 a much faster solution results. My solution, to be found elsewhere on this disk, uses two nested FOR-NEXT loops and produces the answer in a couple of seconds. My program may be used to discover figures for similar puzzles. All that is needed is to change the numbers for the number of people, the total sum of money and the money received by each class of person and then run the program to see if there is an answer. In the following examples I have left the number of people at 100 and the total cash at 100 pounds. To be on the safe side change the figure 9 in line 30 to 100. Change the .125 in line 60 to .25. This means that children get 25p instead of 12.5p. When the program is run, two answers are found: Men 10pounds Women 50p Children 25p 7 27 66 6 66 28 Change values in line 60: 10 to 6, .5 to .8 and .125 to .2 Men 6pounds Women 80p Children 20p 11 27 62 5 85 10 One set of figures I tried gave 12 answers: Men 5pounds Women 1pnd. Children 50p 11 1 88 10 10 80 9 19 72 8 28 64 7 37 56 6 46 48 5 55 40 4 64 32 3 73 24 2 82 16 1 91 8 0 100 0 The only figures I tried which gave just a single answer were: Men 10pounds Women 50p Chil. 37.5p 6 38 56 It would be possible to write a program to systematically vary the the total sum of money, the total number of people sharing it and the sum received by each class of person. But is it worth doing?  To: 999 (all members) From: D2G (Neil Parry) Subject: Colossus 4 Chess HELP !!!!!!!! HELP !!!!!!! HELP!!!!! Can anybody help me.. I am looking for Colussus 4 and I cant find it anywhere, I have looked for it all over the place but know one can help me it just seems to have disappeared form existance. Please help from a frustrated Chess Player. Also has anyone got a Helicopter flight simulator apart from Combat lynx. Contact me at: Neil Parry 17 Coke Street Bathside Harwich Essex CO12 3HP Or Phone: (01255) 506620 No I'm not joking about my address it is real, the number of people that think im taking the P*!S is unreal.... Thanking you in anticipation.. A Frustrated Chess Pilot..  To: 999 and L1M (Janny Looyenga) From: K5K (David Robinson) Subject: .BMP to BBC Image Conversion No, you didn't miss anything! I just haven't got round to finishing off the documentation yet. The CHEETAH pics (ADFS) were early results, I have improved the programs quite a lot since then. Results in MODE 2 are pretty good! I hope to submit the conversion programs, documentation and a 'slide show' of converted pictures very soon.  To: 999 (all members) From: K5K (David Robinson) Subject: HP DESKJET PRINTERS Having just bought a Deskjet 600 & colour option, not even unpacked yet, does anyone have a screen dump program for one?  PRESS SPACE