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                  To: 999 (all members) From: K6E (ROGER LINGWOOD) Subject: MASTER COMPACT EXCH WOULD ANYONE LIKE TO SWAP MY MASTER COMPACT WITH 3.5 D/D FOR A BBC B WITH 5.25 D/D I WAS GIVEN THIS COMPACT TO SEND OUT TO ROMANIA BUT ALL THE COMPUTERS WE HAVE SENT SO FAR ARE MODEL B AND SO WE WOULD LIKE TO KEEP TO THE SAME MODEL YOU CAN RING ME ON 01255 221206 OR WRITE 102 TUDOR GREEN CLACTON ON SEA ESSEX CO15 2PE  To: 999 (all members) From: K6E (ROGER LINGWOOD) Subject: BBC B REPAIR MANUAL DOES ANYONE KNOW OF A MANUAL OR BOOKLET THAT IS AVAILABLE ON THE REPAIR AND TROUBLE SHOOTING ON THE MODEL B I HAVE BEEN ASKED TO LOCATE ONE TO SEND OUT TO ROMANIA TO HELP KEEP THEIR EQUIPMENT GOING ANY INFORMATION ON THIS SUBJECT WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED OR ANY POSSIBLE SUPPLIER THAT MAY STILL HAVE COPIES.  To: 999 (all members) From: K6E (ROGER LINGWOOD) Subject: WANTED ( MONO MONITOR ) WANTED CHEAP MONO MONITOR FOR B.B.C. MODEL B ROGER K6E 01255`221206  To: 999 (all members) From: K8F (Stuart Angell) Subject: MUSIC SOFTWARE WANTED I am trying to locate copies of some music software the first is a copy of SCOREWRITER by EMR and the second is by Island Logic THE MUSIC SYTEM I have acquired copies of these but they will not work on a Master BBC If you can supply any information it would be much appreciated. Please phone 01494 862636 PS: am willing to pay for original copies  To :999 (All) From:D4J (Oliver Debus) Subject: For Sale via 8BS Oliver has sent me a box full of software and things. He has asked me to sell them for him and to put the credit into his 8BS account for future issues. Send requests for items and payment to 8BS. Cheques to C.J.Richardson please. In true 8BS fashion, all prices include postage. Tape Software: £1.50p each unless otherwise stated. Lunar Rescue Acornsoft Question of Sport Vegas Jackpot Physics O/A Level Gemini Easiledger Gemini InvStat Revise GCE/CSE English. 2 Tapes £3 Painting The Computer Programme. Programs 1 The Computer Programme. Programs 2 Secondary Science. Micro Technology. Software On Disc: £3.50p each. A Question Of Sport Electric Fields. An Interactive Simulation. Books: The Good Software Guide. £3 Discover Your Electron. P.Williams. £3 BBC Soft Home Finance Instructions. £1 Z88 Soft Carry Case £5  To :999 (All) From:D5U (G.Reynolds) Subject: For Sale and Wanted Loads of BBC software on tape and disc. Send a large SAE for a list. WANTED Double, twin 5.25" disc drive WANTED BBC Magazines. Acorn User. Micro User. Beebug. WANTED Master Replay Phone George on 01543 258032 41 London Road, Lichfield, Staffs, WS149EP  To :999 (All) From:J.Roberts. Subject: Wanted For The Electron. Pres Plus 3 or Plus 4 Interface for the Electron. Jet Set Willy, Phantom, Boulderdash, Pinball arcade, all for the Electron. 12 Four Winds Road, Dudley, W Midlands, DY2 8BY.  To: 999 (all members) From: K5M (R.HOWELL) Subject: WANTED User Port Switcher with Cable. BBC Magazines 86-89, A+B Computing, Acorn User, etc. Will collect if reasonable distance. R.L.Howell, 32 Kingsway West, Penwortham, Preston, Lancs, PR1 0JA. Tel. 01772 742197.  PRESS SPACE