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Easy Executing David Bradforth explains how it's done on a computer Now I'm not talking about people - I'm talking about the ever-useful *EXEC command, which is built into your Acorn computer, no matter what it may be. This can have numerous practical applications on your computer. Take the following as an example (which would be an !Boot file on a disc to be auto-booted.) > *WORD > *DISC > MODE 128 > NEW Ignore the ">" in the example above - I'm just using it as a highlight. In this example, View would be loaded and then the DFS filing system would be chosen. Mode 128 (shadow mode 0) would be selected, and then - to make sure rulers, etc. are all correct, NEW is issued. It would all need to be terminated with a Return, just to make sure the final command is activated. This could prove potentially very useful, as you would be able to set up a boot file for any application you use on a regular basis - maybe even to load a file of your choice. Perhaps it could even be used with Colin Robertson's Corplan alongside Wordwise Plus. I don't actually know, 'cos I've never personally seen either of them! Either way, EXEC is beyond doubt very useful! WHAT'S THIS TO DO WITH ME? Very good question - and easily answered. Sometime last year, Chris included a labelling program I wrote on an 8BS issue disc. The program was, funnily enough, called Label-It and proved to be immensely useful to me. So I sent it to Chris - and it was on an 8BS disc. One feature that it lacked, however, was the ability to save any field definitions you created. Now I do have plans for developing the program further, on the Archimedes mainly, but if anybody would like a labelling program for the BBC which can import CSV files, write to me and, should enough people be interested, I'll be happy to try and convert it. Until then, try something like this. Enter Edit (on the Master), or a wordprocessor that you can save ASCII text from, and type something like this: > *BASIC > CHAIN "LABELIT" (or whatever your program is called) > 1David Bradforth > 240 Honiton Road > 3Romford > 4Essex > 5RM7 9AJ After this, continue until all of the fields containing DATA are filled in. I wouldn't recommend selecting an option such as a PRINT option, as there is always the danger that any program you loaded before had a definition for F10 set up (F10 is the break key), which then makes it's presence known all over the print option, and causes reams of paper to zoom out of your dot-matrix. This works, as you are - in effect - working through each option of the Label It menu, and placing your own data into the fields. The same principle should apply for packages such as Interword, where it's all based around a central menu. I hope this information proves to be useful. CONTACTING ME As 1996 appears, my Master is urging for a reason for something new and wonderful to be created on it. I'd love this to be Label-It Pro, should there be somebody who'd like it. If you're one such person, why not let me know and I'll see what can be done. Presuming it is done, Chris Richardson would have first refusal for the 8BS disc. If you'd like to contact me with any suggestions for Label-It Pro, here's my address: David Bradforth 40 Honiton Road Romford Essex RM7 9AJ