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I have received this list of items for sale from Bob Martin. He does not want me to publish his address. If you are interested in any of the items below, please send your enquiry to me at 8BS, please include a stamp so that I can then write to Bob with your enquiry. Bob did ask me to put prices on the items, but I did not feel that I could do this. Use the 8BS advert as a guide to the sort of prices you should offer. When writing to me in response to this advert, please remind me that it is the Bob Martin advert. BBC/TORCH COMPUTER ITEMS HARDWARE 1.Acorn BBC "B" Computer 01-ANB03-502370 little used in perfect condition in original packing box. (With complete set of literature listed below).DFS 0.9, OS 1.2. 2.TORCH Z80 (ZEP100) extension processor chips installed in Item 1. (Computer may be used as BBC"B" or as CP/M Z80) View A2-1 stored "C-mode" (With complete set of literature listed below) 3.Philips 12" monitor 80 (green anti-glare treated screen), 20 MHz video bandwidth, 80 characters/line, 25 lines 2000 character display, complete with instruction book BM7502/05 in original box, with video connector BNC/phono lead, all in new condition. 4.Two separate Cumana 5.25" 40/80 track switchable mains powered disk drives CS400 for BBC computer with mains cables. One little used, second unused apart from testing and in original box. Complete with "Cumana Disk Drive Guide 5". 5.(a) Flat ribbon connector for joining Items 1 and 4 above. (b) BBC - Centronics flat ribbon printer connector cables, two. (c) DIN 180 degree - DIN 360 degree 5-pin connector, grey, for Item 8 (d) DIN 7-pi - DIN 7-pin connector, black. Cassette connector. (e) BNC/Phono connector, RF video from computer to monitor.(Packed with monitor) (f) Multi-pin McMurdo plug to 5-pin 180 degree DIN for connecting Item 8 to typewriter. 6.Two Acorn Data Recorders (cassette system) ALF03, complete with data cable and mains power unit. One in new condition, second unused in original box. 7. RS232 to Praxis electric daisywheel typewriter interface electronics in metal box. (Wireless World August 1983 refers) with copy of article giving data 8.Shinwa CP80 dot matrix printer, little used in original box with handbook and some spare ribbons. LITERATURE 9. Assorted literature as follows:- TORCH Computers "Programmers Guide" TORCH Computers "BBC Basic" TORCH "Installation Guide ZEP100" - Z80 extension processor TORCH "User Guide Version 1" TORCH "Perfect Writer" Corresponding software program disks listed TORCH "Perfect Calc")below TORCH "Perfect Speller" TORCH "Perfect Filer" TORCH "Perfect Software Notes" "An introduction to CP/M" by R.A.Penfold "BBC User Guide" by John Coll and David Allen "30-hour BASIC" - BBC Standard edition National Extension College "BBC Microcomputer Disk Companion" by Tony Latham BBC Micro - "Advanced user guide" Bray, Dickens and Holmes BBC Master Guides - "Mastering Assembly Code" Richard Vialls Gemini Manual and User Guide for "Database". Acornsoft "View Printer Driver Generator for BBC Model "B"" (see also under software) "Graphs and Charts on the BBC Microprocessor" Robert D. Harding "DAP2" - A data analysis program for the BBC Micro (see also under software). "Masterfile II" disc version by Sheridan Williams (see also under software) "Analyser II" "Fontwise" Font Editor "GRPSTAT" Statistical analysis Analyser I literature SOFTWARE 10.5.25" disks Note: in many cases the corresponding literature exists, see above. 2 lockable disk filing boxes with keys, two disk boxes - empty. Individual disks as follows:- DAP2 (Data analysis program, plotting, correlation, statistics) Analyser II, No 1 Systems Huntingdon electronic circuit AC analysis program Masterfile II Fontwise + Fontwise Editor Biosoft GRPSTAT (Statistical analysis) BBC Disk formatter Cumana BBC Disk formatter "DDD-Base", "DDD-Plot","DDD-Calc" 5 spare new disks loose Two sealed boxes of new disks, unopened Box containing 10 new disks and 8-bit software pool number BUG 7-4, original and copy (for temperature data logging). Cassettes. Memcal 1 & 2 GRPSTAT (Biosoft Group Statistics) DAP1 Data analysis package RUNSIL, RUN2 (Acorn User Sept. '85) believed submarine game HOME FINANCE, Heating, Rentbuy, Borrow UTILITIES INIT COLOURS, BEEBDISASS, REDEFINE MAZE (Acorn user Sept. 1986) DEFCHR, SORTM/C, REDEFINE ANALYSR (2 copies) DAP1 Data Analysis Package BBC DFS Disks 1 blank formatted DFS Masterfile II BBC Basic 003 Memcal I, Memcal II, Borrow, Rentbuy, Runsil, Printer driver etc. disk 012 DAP2 Data analysis 013 Gemini BBC 80 database 005 DDD-calc DDD-base DDD-plot bbc basic Easy PC demonstrator Analyser II Fontwise Plus 017b Fontwise Editor 017 Fontwise Demo 009 Analyser II 014 Analysr Fast Fourier Freanal (Wireless World December 1985) Acornsoft Graphs and Charts, Gemini Beebplot 000 BBC Format BBC Printer Driver Printer driver for VIEW - Canon (Acorn User June/July 1985) 010 Driver (Acorn User 1985) Shinwa, Viewsuite (Acorn User Sept.'85) {for driving Shinwa printer in "View"} 011 BBC DFS Microaid utilities 001 Acornsoft Printer Driver Generator for View, Shinwa printer driver (Acorn User June 1985) 13 blank disks some of which are formatted others unused TORCH Z80 Perfect Calc V1.12 Perfect Filer V1.12 Torch Standard Utilities V2.0 Torch BBC Basic (Z80) Torch Perfect Writer V 1.12 Perfect Writer, Perfect Speller (Vanilla) ----ditto---- Copy 1 unmodified master Torch Epson.DOC, Torch Epson.Com - Screen dump for FX-80 PRICE Mr. C. J. Richardson please insert from your experience what is a fair and reasonable price for the above lot. All items to be sold as one lot, buyer collects by arrangement from Guildford Date 05/12/95