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                  To: 999 (all members) From: K3Y (Lorna Jenne) Subject: Items for sale Thanks to all the members who bought things from the Hospital Computer Unit. Have raised £110 so far, still items left (see 8Bits No 46 for details and phone 0181 670 6665 for what's still available. I am open to offers if you think my prices are too high! Please Phone before 9pm thanks  To: 999 (all members) From: K2C (FRANK JONES) Subject: SALES. The following advert is by a man who is not a member of the group. Through a horrific car accident he is giving up computing and has the following items FOR SALE:- Electron with Plus 1, new data and Intro cassette £35 First Byte switched joystick interface and joystick £5 2 off Desk Diary with instructions £3 Games:- Starship Command 2 off Snapper 2 off Sphinx Adventure 2 off Boxer 2 off Meteors 2 off Chess Business Games 9 other misc. games .50p each Books: Start Programming with the Electron £1 2 off Atari 520ST with floppy drive, Power supply, joystick, mouse, manuals and a load of games on disc £110 ZX81 with Fuller keyboard, 16k RAM, and DK Tronics UDG addon, spare 16 pack, 2 power supplies, Sinclair printer with 8 rolls of paper. About 40 games £45 Spectrum in DK Tronics case, built in power supply, manual £45 2 Rubber key Spectrums, 1 faulty, will not initialise £15 for both Joystick 2 on offer £1 each Stonechip programmable joystick interface £3 Curragh Microspeech Complete £5 About 30 games £10 Timex Thermal Printer for Sinclair computers. Uses Fax paper £5 Books: 30 hour BASIC ZX81 edition by Prigmore Byteing deeper into your ZX81 by Harrison Computer Puzzles for the Spectrum & the ZX81 by Stewart Easy Addon Projects for the Spectrum and ZX81 by Stewart and Bishop Further Computer Programming in BASIC by Bishop Games for the ZX81 by Charlton Mastering Computers by Wright Mastering Machine Code on the ZX81 by Baker MicroComputers by Dirksen Not only 30 programs for the ZX81 16k, Peek, Poke, Byte and RAM by Stewart Problems in Computing by Goldstein Sinclair ZX Spectrum by Vickers 60 Programs for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum by Erskine Spectrum Interfacing Projects by Bishop Spectrum Machine Language for Absolute Beginners by Tang Supercharge your Spectrum by Webb Beginners Programming Handbook in BASIC and M/C by Watts The Complete Spectrum ROM disassembly The Micro Enquirer The Sinclair ZX81 Turbocharge your Spectrum by Lettice ZX81 BASIC Book by Norman All at a £1 each All prices negotiable M.J. Floyd, 30, Beeley Road, Grimsby, N.E. Lincs.. DN32 8NJ Tel:- 01472 690 280  To :999 (All) From:D4J (Oliver Debus) Subject: For Sale via 8BS Oliver has sent me a box full of software and things. He has asked me to sell them for him and to put the credit into his 8BS account for future issues. Send requests for items and payment to 8BS. Cheques to C.J.Richardson please. In true 8BS fashion, all prices include postage. Tape Software: £1.50p each unless otherwise stated. Lunar Rescue Acornsoft Question of Sport Vegas Jackpot Physics O/A Level Gemini Easiledger Gemini InvStat Revise GCE/CSE English. 2 Tapes £3 Painting The Computer Programme. Programs 1 The Computer Programme. Programs 2 Secondary Science. Micro Technology. Software On Disc: £3.50p each. A Question Of Sport Electric Fields. An Interactive Simulation. Books: The Good Software Guide. £3 Discover Your Electron. P.Williams. £3 BBC Soft Home Finance Instructions. £1 Z88 Soft Carry Case £5  To: 999 (all members) From: D6F (JOHN CRANE) Subject: FOR SALE/WANTED HARDWARE ******** 5.25 Ext drive with own PSU £20 +1 for Electron £10 ROMS STARWORD £5 SOFTWARE 5.25 DFS DISCS: WATFORD FX80/KAGA PRINTER DRIVER (With instruction sheet) PRINTER DRIVER GENERATOR (Acornsoft,with Manual) BBC PD CATALOGUE AND SAMPLER ? KEYWORD (DICTIONARY/THESAURUS) (With instruction sheet) WATFORD PAGE FONTS ? BEEBUG MEMBERS PACK (40T) ? MICRODRAW TRACKERBALL ICON ARTMASTER(40T) ? BOOKS ELECTRON ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE ELECTRON ADVANCED USER GUIDE (I've got two of these) 2ND STEPS WITH YOUR BBC MICRO (simple programming guide) (BBC) DISC FILING SYSTEM USER GUIDE (1770 DFS) BBC ADVANCED USER GUIDE SP64 USER MANUAL MACHINE CODE FOR BEGINNERS (Electron/BBC) *************** ABOVE PRICES INCLUDE P+P EXCEPT BOOKS AND DISCS.BOOKS ARE FREE TO A GOOD HOME,COVER POSTAGE PLEASE.IF ANYONE BUYS THE 5.25 DRIVE I'LL SEND THE DISCS WITH IT.OTHERWISE,AS FOR BOOKS (THE DISCS MAY NOT WORK 100%,BUT THEY CAN ALWAYS BE REFORMATTED). John Crane (D6F),34 St Andrews Walk Harrogate,North Yorkshire,HG2 7RL (01423) 885049 WANTED Advanced Electron 1770 DFS (E00) Rom When I wrote my letter of introduction I anticipated getting sorted out,however due to technical problems,I'm still struggling. If any one has this and doesn't want to part with it,perhaps an image on disc could be provided,all mine seem to be corrupt.Any help would be much appreciated,as I have a lot of software laying idle for want of DFS. John Crane (D6F) address/phone above  To: 999 (all members) From: K8F (Stuart Angell) Subject: FOR SALE I have the following for sale 1 HYBRID TECH MUSIC 500 synthesiser complete with manual and associated control and demo software on 5.25" Disc. Price = £17.00 inclusive P&P   NB: System set up for MASTER but I think it will work on a BBC`B without any problems as it original was used on one. TELE 01494 862636 anytime   From 8KC Arthur Adams, 125 Hall Lane, Upminster, Essex. RM14 1AU Tel: 01708-226137 WANTED SCANNER for B+/Master. I will pay generously for a scanner in good working order with adequate instructions. Anyone out there tired of scanning?  To: 999 (all members) From: 0E7 (F.W.Nevin) Subject: SALE/EXCH/SWAP W.H.Y. As Spring Cleaning has started early in this household this year I would like to dispose of the following items and no reasonable offer will be refused. I have 10 Verbatim Datalife MD 2HD disks which have never been used and 11 3M DS.HD disks which have been used with a PC. These will not format on my 5.25 drive They are of no use to me but maybe of use to someone with a PC. Original BBC Acornuser 3.5" ADFS program disks September 1991 to September 1992 Copies of Beebug Magazine disks Volume 3 issue 1-10,Volume 4 issue 1-10 and Volume 5 Issue 1-8 on DFS 5.25" discs BEEBUG Magazines in good condition Volume 10 N0 6-10 Volume 11 N0 1-10 Volume 12 N0 1-5 VIGLEN 28Mb Hard disk complete with Manual,cable. CENTRONICS GLP printer complete with stand,tractor feed,cable,and Manual in good condition and good working order. May require a new ribbon but these are available BBC Data Recorder complete with leads in good condition and good working order. Also a cassette case of 15 used blank tapes. The ACORNUSER Magazine from January 1991 to September 1992 Please allow for packing and postage Some of these items are heavy and postage charges will be high if you cannot collect or arrange collection. For further details please ring me on 0191 413 8988  To: 999 (all members) From: D5B (Jon Ripley) Subject: Wanted... I have recently been given a non-working Acorn teletext adapter with ATS 2.58. Everything seems to be working okay aside from 2 things, 1, I can't seem to tune it in and 2, when plugged in and switched on the soldered joints on the most forward part of the power-supply from the middle to the right of the PCB become extremely hot and there is a smell of solder. Can anyone help? I am willing to pay for a repair. I have had a couple of responses to my request for DFS readers for the Archimedes but I am still in the position where I cannot WRITE to a DFS disc on the Archimedes. If you have a program which can read/write DFS discs on an Archimedes contact me and we can arrange something. I am also looking for copies of Repton Thru Time, the original Repton 3 and images of the following ROMS: AddComm, Caretaker (By Computer Concepts), Toolkit (Beebug), U Tools (Intersoft), Basic Extensions (Micro Power?), ADE (System Software), Debug (?), Interpreter (MIRRA Systems), EXMON 2 (Beebug), Gremlin (Computer Concepts), Graphics Extension Rom (Computer Concepts), Printmaster EPSON version (Computer Concepts), Disc Doctor (Computer Concepts) and MUROM (Beebug). Images of any other ROMS are welcome. My address is: 37 Ceylon Place, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN21 3JE. Or phone: 01323 721091 Anytime  To: 999 (all members) From: D6G Subject: For Sale/Wanted ITEMS FOR SALE,ALL INCLUDE P&P Hardware: *Watford electronics ROM/RAM board.Fully upgraded model - with battery backup utilities disk and original manual.Half magazine price from Micro User 1988:£32 *Watford electronics Quest Paint piggy back ROM,original manual,Quest Mouse mat and Quest mouse.Can be accessed via BASIC commands.Also ½ price:£18 *Analogue port joysticks.Voltmace type £2 each or £5 for all 4. *Mini 4½" chassis monitor (ie.needs case) about the size of the ones used in Argos by the tills.Got a deep technical manual for it.Composite video in. £5 *2.5kW dimmer/drill control.See RS catalogue type 568-051 for full spec.RS price £64 : selling £25 Software: *Breakout *Hopper *Jetpack *Loads of disk of BASIC games *Desktop - RAM based suite of office tools such as Sheet and Wordprocessor *Brolly *Jet Set Willy *Citadel *Repton (and Editor) *Phantom Combat *Spellbinder *Spaceman Sid *Play it Again Sam 4 *Welcome pack (disk & manual) *Space invader (professional version) All titles 50p each inc. their disk Bookware: *BASIC programming (pink cover) £2 as it is still available for £7 in the shops *Lisp (hardback) *Functional Forth *First Steps with your BBC Micro All titles 50p each unless otherwise ROMware: *Toolit BASIC programmer's aid (version 1.25b) £4 *View & manuals,boxed as original £10 *View and manual only. £6 *Viewsheet ROM £3 *Viewspell & disk & manuals £10 *View printer driver generator £1 *GXR ROM for BBC B+ only.Boxed £8 Wanted: *Speech upgrade chips TMSnnnn £5 *Spare 8271 disk controllers £5 *Hand scanner,iMHz bus,Mode 0 £55 *Link box between Watford Beebscan and 1MHz buz £8 *Econet manuals upto £2 *Instructions to GREMLIN ROM 50p or cost of photocopying All enquiries or monies to: R.P.SPROWSON, 6 Bollinbrook road, MACCLESFIELD, Cheshire. SK10 3DJ. If buying items call in advance to check that they're still available. Phone after 4pm (01625) 431067  PRESS SPACE