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            To: ADV (Adventures section) From: D5B (Jon Ripley) Subject: Time Switch adventure This is an adventure written in 1983/4 on the Spectrum by Colin Carruthers. This is a direct conversion with a few REMs added at the beginning. I hope you all enjoy it!  To: ADV From: D5B (Jon Ripley) Subject: Adventure games in JJR PD If you are a fan of adventure games then this is for you... In issue 46 there was M25!, in this issue there is Time Switch (never before released on the BBC). Over the coming months I will be submitting adventure games. I hope that this will raise an interest in these games which seems to have died recently. A recent addition to my PD library is the disc, JJR-09 (Adventures disc 1). This disc is available only from myself for £1 (you must include a disc and return p&p). Other discs, unless otherwise stated, are 50p each. This disc contains 9 adventure games, 5 which I wrote myself and 4 games by other authors. This disc is ideal for beginners and can be enjoyed by adventurers of all abilities. Games on the disc are: Laboratory Adventure, Shopping Adventure, Bomb Alert, M25! and House! written by myself, Easy Adventure by Terry Smith, Bungle Brothers by Anon, Old Dreams by Tor O Houghton and Toyshop by Graham Nelson. Over coming months more adventure discs will become available, each containing at least 9 games.  To: ADV From: D5B (Jon Ripley) Subject: Wanted... I am compiling a series of adventure game discs for the BBC If you have written an adventure game and would like to see it included on the disc please send it to me, (including return p&p). In return you will receive a JJR-PD adventure fo your choice. I am also looking for any adventure creators, especially Alps, the Quill, Graphic Adventure Creator (GAC), Adventure Creator, Adventurescape and any (all) others! You can contact me at: 37 Ceylon Place Eastbourne East Sussex BN21 3JE Or phone: 01323 721091 (Anytime)  PRESS SPACE