8-Bit Software Online Conversion

Hello again. Just for a change, the thanks are at the start: Thanks for all the submissions again. Especially Jon Ripley who sent 31 messages and enough software to fill the issue on his own. Thanks too to Paul Clucas who checks the issue before it goes out to you. Thanks to Stephan Richardson for all the help and advice through the regular phonecalls that I rely on. Thanks to Neil Parry who always gives me a good laugh. James Roberts without who January and February would have been without incident. Thanks to the rest of you for your support. Keep it up! REMEMBER! Issue 49 is going to be a double DFS issue. DFS users, please send 2 discs. ADFS users send one disc. Examine the 8BS advert carefully! There are some real bargains there. In particular, please note that there are some brand new Master 128s available from me for £90 each. Stop Press! This added 3.4.96. 8BS is having a get together on 19, 20 and 21st July at 70 Camm Street Walkley Sheffield. Bring a bottle and computer. More over the next 2 issues! Changes to the pool since last time. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TBI-74-2 Bug in the program SimPrt on the disc fixed. Simprt prints out all the manual for View Professional in one go. I had left out one of the files. PART2-2 was not printed out. TBI-92 Scanned Computer Jokes. 26 Pictures about computers and their uses. 2D TBI-93 Text Adventure Compilation. 1D. I gathered up this collection from the library so that I could send it off to Neil Parry who is compiling a Mega Adventure. He plans to link a lot of adventures together into some form of genetic adventure quest. More later. BBC 154 contains the rest of the adventures from the library. TBI-94 1D. King Lear. Large text file. TBI-95 2D. Worms. Scanned Humour. TBI-96 MA. Teen Text. Risc 1. Risc 2. 3 Magazines submitted by D.Bradforth. TBI-96-1 1D. Teen Text. TAU-89-93 Compilation. ADFS ONLY. NO MENU. Taken from an ACORN user CD ROM. A collection of hints and tips with loads of odds and ends of software. JJR-10 Wordsquares. 1D JJR-11-1 Fractals A to I. 2D NOTE! The 512 discs require that you have a Master with the 512 board fitted. 512-49 Mandelbrot Magic. 360K DOS 512-50 Flopcat. Lost in translation. Sorry Janny, can you send it again? 512-51 The Golden Wombat Adventure. 360K DOS 512-52 Beyond The Titanic Adventure. 360K DOS 512-53 Windows Boss For C. 360K DOS. REQUIRES 2 DISCS. This brings the total of 512 discs in the library to 76 now! Plenty of support for your Master 512. Forged Cash. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Someone sent me a FORGED 50p. Please check your change! You can send stamps instead of a 50p coin by the way. The same day that I received this forgery, I had someones cheque for £20 returned from the bank, there were 3 enquiries without return postage and someone sent a heavy package with only 25p postage on it. I was surcharged 26p. Several points here which I am sure you all have taken note of! John Davis. ~~~~~~~~~~~ John, thanks for your comments in the message to me. You echoed a few points others have mentioned. The pound sign seems to be causing problems for people in the messaging system. Don't worry, type the pound sign, forget what it looks like, it is OK honest! If you want to display text in 40 columns EVERY time you view an article. Press '4' when the article is highlighted, NOT RETURN. Likewise, if you only want to read text in 80 column format, press '8' when the article is highlighted. If you want to read the article in the format it is on the disc, press RETURN when the article is highlighted. The colours in the 80 to 40 column converter are altered, I agree with you John! Acorn User Show. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There is to be no Acorn User show in Harrogate this year. What a shame. No 8BS club meet this year. Photo Booth. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Go on, get yourself down there, or send me one of your holiday snaps. I am compiling a collection of pictures of members, their setups, motorcycles, pet hamsters, kids etc. I have already scanned a few and may well put the results onto the ADFS version of this issue. Me. ~~~ I am an Ambulance Paramedic. I work 12 hour shifts from and to 0600. You are welcome to ring me any time, but please avoid ringing after 2000 hours (8pm) as I quite often go to bed very early. ShiFt Rota. ~~~~~~~~~~~ M T W T F S S 1 - - - N N N N 2 - - D D D - - 3 FLOAT 1. 4 Shifts 4 N N N - - D D 5 D D - - - - - 6 - - - N N N N 7 - - D D D - - 8 FLOAT 2. 3 Shifts 9 N N N - - D D 10 D D - - - - - D = 0600-1800 N = 1800-0600 - = day off Float could be anything anywhere for that week for the number of days stated. I start on shift 4 on Monday March 25th. Occasionally, I have to attend training courses to be taught how to finish off unsuspecting 'customers' in new and more modern, highly technical ways. From this, if you are a serious 8BSser, you can work out what shift I am on unless it is a float week. That's it again. See you next time.