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                To: 999 (all members) From: K5B (David J.MacGraw.) Subject: BeeBug Magazines The 512 Forum articles by Robin Burton published by BeeBug form a valuable source of information on the 512 CoPro. I am compiling a detailed index for the whole series which might be included in a future 8BS issue (Editor permitting). EDITOR... yes!  To: 999 (all members) From: K8F (Stuart Angell) Subject: HELP Music Hard/Software Has anyone out there got or knows where I can possibly get hold of any of the following music hardware and software. 1.EMR MIDI track editor software. 2.EMR SCOREWRITER software. 3.Hybrid Technology MUSIC 2000 MIDI interface. 4.Hybrid Technology MUSIC 4000 Keyboard for M5000 synth I am also keen to hear about any MIDI related Hard/Software that was developed for the BBC MASTER computer. If anyone knows if EMR Ltd are still going and how to contact them I would like to know their new telephone number. Also, does anyone know if the AMPLE music clubs known as MUSIC CITY or the AMPLINEX club are still in existence? ANY HELP MUCH APPRECIATED TELE 01494 862636 PS: Anyone selling the AMPLE PROGRAMMERS GUIDE?  From K8C Arthur Adams, 125 Hall Lane, Upminster, Essex. RM14 1AU Tel: 01708-226137 HELP! I have a couple of books which go into great detail of the intricacies of the 8271 disc controller, but does anyone know of any similar books which go into the fine details of the 1770? I would like to purchase such a book, but even details, or, better, a loan, would be very much appreciated. Thanks.  From: K4U (Chris Robbins) Subject: Useful Contact A useful and very helpful source of information, assistance, repairs, parts etc in the St. Albans area is :- Phil Bates (Barnfield Computers) 42 Barnfield Road St. Albans Herts Tel : 01727 852418 He's a one man business, working from home, repairing everything from humble Beebs to PCs. He can also supply bits and pieces both new and secondhand, including complete PC systems, and has done a lot of work for schools. He's helped me out on several occasions both with my Master and with PCs, and is definitely worth trying for anybody that lives in the area.  To: 999 (all members) From: D3L (STEVE MASON) Subject: XB24-10 SHEET FEEDER WANTED CAN ANYONE HELP WITH LETTING ME KNOW WHERE I MIGHT OBTAIN THE ABOVE ITEM AT A SENSIBLE PRICE. THE SERIAL NO. IS SF10 DM2. PLEASE GIVE ME A RING ON 0121 550 7268 THANKS TO ALL.  To: 999 (all members) From: D5B (Jon Ripley) Subject: 8721 emulation Users of the 1770 drive controller as used on the B+ and Master 128, will have noticed times when games meant for the BBC B refuse to load and also that many BBC B disc utilities also refuse to work properly. These difficulties are caused by the copy protection techniques used on some games which directly access the 8721 drive controller. Other programs, like the disc utilities, for example were written for the 8721 controller and are therefore incompatible with the new 1770. The 1770 does support some of the features of the earlier 8721 but is largely incompatible if programmers try to access the controller directly. However, all is not lost. Version 2.20 of DFS (and later versions) provide an extra 8721 emulation mode which in most cases should cure any compatibility problems. To select the 8721 emulation mode press Z-Break (or CTRL-Z-Break). To deselect 8721 emulation mode press D-Break (or CTRL-D-Break) which restores the default 1770 DFS. Also, whilst in 8721 emulation mode, INKEY-256 (system identification) will return the value -1, which is returned by a normal BBC B. This was included because many programs use this call to check which computer the program is running on. I hope this is of help to someone.  To: 999 (all members) From: D5B (Jon Ripley) Subject: Visual compactness... Ever wondered what your computer is doing when compacting a disc, well here's your chance to see... (If you have a Master or a B+ and are using ADFS) Enter the following... MODE 128 This selects shadow mode 0, use mode 131 if you want a more colourful display. VDU23,1,0;0;0;0;0; This turns off the flashing cursor which is essential to avoid the unlikely circumstance when your disc might be corrupted. *FX113,1 This tells the computer to display the screen in main memory, you will not be able to see what you are about to type. *COMPACT 30 50 This finally instructs the computer to use the screen memory as a workspace when compacting your disc. When it has finished either press Break, change Mode or enter '*FX113,0' to restore the screen.  To: 999 (all members) From: D5B (Jon Ripley) Subject: More messages... If you, like me, send in lots of messages to the magazine you will have noticed the imposed 25 message limit. There is no reason, aside from available disc space and lack of inspiration, that more messages couldn't be added. To be able to have more messages, load the 'SendMes' program and change line 850 to: (ba% is the maximum number of allowed messages.) 850ba%=50 (for 50 messages...) And enter SAVE"SendMes" to save the altered program to disc. The program can now be 'RUN' or 'CHAIN'ed as usual. If you are using the compressed version 'SendMes' you will need to change the value of y% in line 770 instead and use a different method to save the program. Load SendMes and enter: OSCLI"Save Temp "+STR$÷TOP+"+1C3" This saves part of the program to disc as it will be corrupted when you alter the program. Now alter the value of y% in line 770 to the number of messages that you wish to use. Now enter the following commands: OSCLI"Load Temp "+STR$÷TOP This reloads the part of the program that you saved earlier. OSCLI"Save SendMes "+STR$÷PAGE+" "+STR $÷(TOP+&1C3) This saves the altered program to disc. OSCLI"Delete Temp" This removes the temporary file as it is no longer needed. The program can now be 'RUN' or 'CHAIN'ed as usual. If you want to use the Check Message utility or the ASCII to Messaging system utility (both on TBI-00) it is advisable that you also change these programs as well to avoid confusion and possible corruption if you are using more than 25 messages. In the Check message utility, 'ChckMes'. Change the value of q% in line 480 to the number you used when changing the 'SendMes'. In the ASCII to Messaging system utility you will need to change the value of max`mesg% in line 480.  To: 999 (all members) From: D5B (Jon Ripley) Subject: Hard Drives on a Master I am thinking of upgrading my BBC Master 128 to include a hard drive. In the last issue in the article on ADFS the author said that the largest hard drive can be 512 megabytes, drives of this size can be obtained for around £100. (I really only want 240Mb of storage...) However, no commercial hard drives are available for the BBC at the moment and the ones that are available are hugely overpriced. Can anyone help me with information about the following... What types of hard drive can I connect to my Master? What interface will I require and where can I obtain such interfaces? Will it be able to use it with my twin 5¼ drives? How much will it all cost? And all the other questions associated with hard drives and BBC's. If anyone out there has connected a hard drive or knows how to please get in touch. My address is: 37 Ceylon Place, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN21 3JE. Or phone: 01 @3 721091 (Anytime)  To: 999 (all members) From: L1R (Roberto Di Giuseppe) Subject: COMPACTs link I am trying to join two Compacts. I have considered using the ECONET which may be present in my machine but appears to be missing the ROM. I think that the ECONET solution, would probably be too expensive for me. I have put an RS232 kit into one of the Compacts. If this is going to work, I could buy another RS232 kit for the other Compact I have seen in the BBC catalogue some software that may work with this (Kermit). Could an 8BS member help me? Best Wishes from Italy EDITOR..... Rob asked me to correct the grammar of his message. I hope I have got over the idea of his plea.  To: 999 (all members) From: D5M (JIM BOULDING) Subject: WANTED. I am a relatively new member of 8BS and I would like to know if any member has or knows where I can get a copy of the game JET BOOT JACK as I knocked my copy of the desk without realising it and my loopy Alsation stood on it and destroyed it,Any reasonable price will be paid also any postage incurred.I am not on the Phone but can be reached at 96 Blackden Walk, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 2EZ  To: 999 (all members) From: D6F (JOHN CRANE) Subject: HELP. I have a little package on disc, called "Me and My Micro". Which is a series of games to introduce beginners to Basic programming.I've no longer got the manuals and in any case rewriting programs for my own use is not my strong point. There's a game with this called "Pairs", which is a simple matching game for youngsters. My 4 yr old son loves this, but has a little difficulty with the numbers.Thus :- 1 2 3 4 5 6 The numbered squares are laid out on screen as above. However I would like them arranged as below to match the keypad on my A3010. 4 5 6 1 2 3 Me and My Micro originally came on tape for the BBC/Electron and others, I've just copied it to disc,so I can run it via BBC emulator on my A3010. Can anyone who has it tell me what lines need altering or adding and what exactly I need to type. Or alternatively if I send someone a copy can they do it for me. My address JOHN CRANE (D6F), 34 ST ANDREWS WALK, HARROGATE, NORTH YORKSHIRE, HG2 7RL (NOTE I ONLY HAVE ADFS OR TAPE)  To: 999 (all members) From: 3WU (Fred Price) Subject: Pixy 3 Plotter HELP! Last year I obtained a Mannesman Tally Pixy Three Plotter with a plotter program manual but no disc with it. I have advertized for BBC control discs but with no avail. I got hold of some APPLE II discs, amongst them were two discs of Apple Plot General Plotting Programs. Is it at possible to convert the Apple programs to a working BBC format? OR can I get hold of a control disc for some other make of plotter. I have been in contact with Mannesman and they can't help me. The the company that did the program has moved or closed. I will be obliged if someone can assist me with this one and contact me at: 8 Orchard St, Pallion, Sunderland City, Wearside, SR4 6QL Or ring me on 0191 567 9135  PRESS SPACE