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            One week before the deadline and the issue is full! Many messages have been held over until the next issue. Here are a mixed bunch that I managed to squeeze in:  To 999 (All) From K29 (D.Loveys) Subject 8BS Bulletin Board I am going to set up a bulletin board dedicated to 8-Bit Software. I need to assess whether the interest is great enough for me to continue with the idea. I need a great deal of help and advice to do this. Please send your offers of info/help/software/hardware to me at 20 Links Field Grove, Stafford, ST16 1TG Tel. 01785 213050  To: 999 (all members) From: 20G (Roy Dickens) Subject: Bits that may help. If any time that you find a key has packed up just when you most need it. Why not program an fKEY to take its place. If it was say the A key then type in OSCLI("KEY0 A") or if say it was also the F key then type OSCLI("KEY1 F") Then when you need these two keys just press the fKEY.  Another powerful VDU command (have you noticed that most utilities are described as powerful?). Have a go at typing VDU 7,65,80,82,73,76,46,49,33 You will wonder how you managed without it.  From: 20G (Roy Dickens) Subject: Our poetry corner! (Issue47) Who is this Mr, Mrs or Ms Mouse? Worried about the ozone with words so humorous. With a fancy first name (yes) Anon. Submitting poems with words Anglo- Saxon. Suggesting we 'think green' in our public house. What IS your ID Mr, Mrs or Ms Mouse? Who is this poet with with the name Anon? Do they use a Master, Beeb or a Electron? With this extraordinary state of affairs. Do we have in our group a naughty Pam Ayres? With readings like a script from a film 'Carry On'. Who IS this person with the name Anon? Who is this with a middle name initial E? Reckons that we think twice before ordering curry. I can understand you being a shade of green. But its that food I like so I am going to be mean. Because where'er I be I shall let wind go free. But thanks for the advice, friend, with the middle name beginning with E. Roy.  To: 999 (all members) From: FWJ Dryell Subject: FOR SALE BBC Master 128 Complete. Including: Twin. Double sided 40/80 Disc Drive. Cub 16 Colour Monitor. Centronics GLPII Printer. Word Processor. Viewsheet. Mouse and Mat. Many Games. New Discs. Disc Boxes. Manuals. Printer Driver Generator. Magazines, key switches, etc etc. £200 Telephone 01162 848661  To: 999 (all members) From: K4F (Brian Dunn) Subject: WANTED Can Anyone please help Me with a Wordwise Plus Program Disk also wanted Manual and Disk containing sample PCB layouts for Pineapple Softwares PCB Program Tel 01254-391682  To: 999 (all members) From: K3H (ALBERT SCHOFIELD) Subject: REPLAY DISC UTILITY Some games have special screen formats and when saved with REPLAY the screen may appear broken up. To correct this, the REPLAY edit utility will have to be used. Some versions of REPLAY have the necessary data built in for certain games to correct this but the data will only be recognised if the game name is spelt correctly in upper case letters. To enter data, first transfer the program as normal from tape to disc. Get into the main REPLAY menu, then enter the 'Edit file' menu by pressing number '4', followed by the letter corresponding to the program to be edited. If the Mode needs changing, then press the letter 'M', and enter first the screen mode (the first number, ie. a number from 0 to 7),followed by pressing the <RETURN> key, and then enter the screen size (the second number ie. either 1, 8, 10, 16, or 20 - do not enter the letter k), followed by <RETURN>. To enter the video data, press the letter 'V' from the edit file menu. You will then be asked 'Register ?', to which you should respond with the first number of the video data (eg. the '6' in '6,16', followed by pressing <RETURN>, and then respond to the 'Data ?' prompt by typing the second number (eg. the '16' in '6,16', followed by <RETURN>. Video data is listed as multiple groups of two numbers. The first number in each group is the video register number, and the second is the video data value. To exit the video data entering stage, simply press <RETURN> by itself (ie. without entering any data) when the 'Register ?' prompt appears. Colours are entered by pressing the letter 'C' from the edit file menu. You will then be asked the 'Logical colour ?' value, which is the first number in the group of two numbers (ie. the '1' in '1,7') which should be typed in, followed by <RETURN>. Then the 'Actual colour ?' value should be typed in, which is the second number in the group (ie. '7' in '1,7' followed by <RETURN>, To exit the colour altering mode simply press <RETURN> by itself (without entering any data). To exit the edit file menu, press the letter 'E'. The most common alterations needed are Mode/Screen size, Colours, and alterations to video registers 6 and 7. The values of these can easily be worked out by the average user who knows something about how the screen displays its data, or simply try different values until it comes right. The first thing to get right is the MODE, so try different values until you can actually see something on the screen that looks at least vaguely correct. If the screen is 'broken up' and you have tried all the different modes available (0 to 7) then you will need to try different values for video registers 1 and 2. Assuming that the screen looks reasonably okay, the next step is to alter video register number 6 until the full number of lines is displayed. Then try different values of register 7 until it is centred correctly. Vine Micros issued sheets of data values for various games already worked out. I have most of these sheets so if you have problems with any games, I may be able to help with the data values. More next month. EDITOR..... Thanks again Albert. Please note that all of the tape to disc articles from Albert are on the tape to disc utility disc, TBI-70.  To: 999 (all members) From: D6U (Syd Hetherington) Subject: New Boy Hello. As a new entrant into the 8BS world, I thought a few words in addition to those in my questionnaire answer might be appropriate. I am a young 76 years old recycled teenager. Some of you know me from another group. I have a BBC-B with STL SWR and twin 5-1/2 disk drives. I also have a Panasonic PC, several Sirius computers, Epson, Amstrad, Quendata and Brother printers. I have not yet succeeded in linking the computers in spite of 'Kermit'. I am the President of the local Residents Association, Press officer for the Sussex Music Hall Society and Chairman of a small limited Company so I have plenty of uses for my Word-processing skills(?) Although a Mechanical Engineer by profession, I am also well versed in electronics and not afraid to use a soldering iron when necessary. And finally, I live in Sunny Eastbourne, sun-trap of the South Coast although I do occasionally visit my native Birmingham of which I am equally proud.  To: 999 (all members) From: 4WL (MARTIN R WILSON) Subject: Support In support of Jon Ripley's proposed and hopefully established Elite section, I'd like to say I read anything going on Elite; stories, events, sightings but never use cheats. It kills the game. EDITOR.... Seconded! I am trying to find time to have a go at the co-pro version.  To: 999 (all members) From: K2B (C.Culpitt-Smith) Subject: Wanted WANTED. A 386 or 486 PC motherboard in GWO. Ring CWCS on 01738 812186  PRESS SPACE