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              From: D2N (VIC HORGAN) Subject: GENERAL MESSAGES EXILED TO EXILE Some years ago I bought a game named 'EXILE' which had just been issued by Superior Software for Acorn computers. Although not a computer games person I became obsessed with it and very nearly became an exile myself.Acorn Computing supplied some helpful so- called cheats for it and I managed to compose a large map of the complicated planet ( a mammoth task in itself) but,in spite of months of anti-social seclusion,excessive pipe smoking and advice from a friend who was a computer games nut-case,I never managed to solve the game satisfactorily. I feel that at that time not enough prominence was given to this excellent game,probably because, then, the flavour of the month was the ubiquitous 'ELITE' and its clones which became ( and still is ) a cult. It would interesting to know if any of our members have ever completed 'EXILE' - and how it was done.I might be tempted to dust of the disc and have another go.  From: K4K (Graham Leng) Subject: EXILE I would be interested to hear from anyone who plays EXILE. If you haven't got it, it is highly recommended and available from Superior Software at a reduced price. You are a jet pack man exploring a maze of underground caverns and facing a variety of enemies which range from annoying to deadly. Any hints or tips would be useful to pass on or if anyone has a map or the official Exile clues I would like to hear from them via 8BS or snailmail address: 2.snabwoodclose@littleneston.south wirral.L640UP.UK Happy Jetting! Graham Leng.     