8-Bit Software Online Conversion

                            From: K2H (Ron Boyce) Subject: ELECTRICITY/GAS CONSUMPTION/COST PROGRAM This Program, for use with 'PLAN 7' Normal/Low meter readings and/or Gas meter readings stems from a self-imposed exercise in Programming during a time when I was confined to the house - and Computer. I realise my Program technique left a lot to be desired, but, thanks to Chris, the finished article is much improved. To see how the Program works try this:- Press SHIFT/BREAK This BOOTS Program gives SOUND ON OFF option Press 1 Demo of SOUNDS Press any key Displays MAIN MENU Press 1 (or 3) LOADs ELECTR1 Prog (or LOADs GAS1) Press 3 Shows Readings Press any key Shows COST to date Press any key Shows Sub-menu Press 4 (or 5) Return to SOUND choice & MAIN MENU (or end of Program) To use the Program:- Press SHIFT/BREAK to BOOT the disc. You are asked if you want the Sound On or OFF, and then to select one of 4 Programs (1,2,3,4) Programs 1 (ELECTR1) and 3 (GASCOS1) are for use for a current 13+ week period. When using the Program for the first week of a 13+ week period press 1, and alter or confirm the basic items which will appear on the screen - these can usually be found on your last Electricity or Gas Account, or can be obtained from your Electricity or Gas Board. Follow screen prompts and ENTER the readings when the meter was last read by the official meter reader. To ENTER readings for weeks 1 to 13+ press 2 and follow screen instructions. When the current weeks readings have been entered press 3 and then any key to see readings and cost to date. At the end of the 13+ week period (when the meter is read again) use 2 (Electr9) or 4 (Gascos9) from the Menu and use these Programs for the next 13+ week period, whilst retaining the DATA in Programs 1 and 3 for future reference. CAUTION - Always make a BACK-UP copy after you have finished entering the current week's readings!  From: 3WU (Fred Price) Subject: Geordie Broon Poem Well now that Geordie Broon has popped his head up once more but his real name in English is George Brown and actually he is not a real Geordie but a Durham village lad. Now our Geordie is a crafty lad but sometimes his memory can lapse a little as you will find out when our Geordie Remembers ? So put your paper in your printer it should Center up itself and find out what he does Remember in GBREMEM ********* The Kinky Devil.  From: K3L (A.Nelson.) Subject: Archived Utilities. On the software disc is an archive named 'K3Larch'. You can examine this archive using the de-archiver available from the software menu. These utilities are NOT stand alone and require programming on your part. They are therefore only useful if you intend to incorporate them in your own programs. A brief !Readme file also in the archive describes the utilities.     