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                                   8 Bit                  From: D6U (Syd Hetherington) Subject: Computer Set-up In issue 47 Chris invites us to send in a picture of our computer set-up for scanning and possible publication. Looking around the lounge/office/dump of my flat I saw a small problem unless I could get hold of one of those panoramic cameras ... you know the ones which rotate on their tripod My set up occupies all of two walls. To the East a bay window is equipped with a long table on which rest an Epson printer, a Sirius computer, a stack of reference books and a Panasonic PC. Continuing along the wall there is my Beeb set-up. A filing cabinet,a wall mounted cupboard with a table fronting containing the Viglen Beeb twin 5.25 drives. On the right is an Amstrad LQ5000 printer. Behind this is my Hiachi TV/Monitor. Running fro this along the South wall is my video system linked to the Beeb consisting of three Video recorders,a tape deck plus a music centre with a sound/video mixer panel. Right of this is my Home-office cabinet for the more mundane office work. Perhaps its as well that I live alone!  From: K2Q (John Nicholson) Subject: THE WELSH HIGHLAND RAILWAY Work will soon start on the rebuilding of the Welsh Highland narrow gauge railway from Caernarfon to Rhyd Ddu, and thence through the Snowdonia National Park to Porthmadog, connecting with the Ffestiniog Railway. At 25 miles, this will be the longest narrow gauge railway in the British Isles, and will pass through some spectacular mountain scenery. If any 8BS folk are also interested in old railways, signalling and communication systems, steam locos, repairing old buildings or practical work in the Welsh countryside, then do contact me. Volunteers will be very much needed when track laying can begin. John Nicholson 01286 830312.  From: D5B (Jon Ripley) Subject: Parcel Farce If anyone saw the item about Parcel Force on Watchdog around the time of the last issue. At the present time I am making several claims for damaged parcels, mainly from computers that I received in a less than working state. I think that all of us who have sent a lot of packages will have experienced some sort of damage, ranging from torn wrapping and dented boxes to complete carnage of otherwise perfect parcels. If you would like to write to Watchdog, as I have, the address is: Watchdog, BBC TV, London, W12 7TS. The more people who write, the better chance of getting a decent parcel delivery service without having to turn to expensive courier services. If a parcel is below a certain weight, depending on the physical size of the package, it can instead be sent as a first/second class letter. This is often cheaper than sending the parcel by parcel post. If the package is too heavy to be sent as a letter, then it can be split into separate packages which are sent separately. This too can be a lot cheaper than sending by parcelpost. By sending light packages as letters you can be certain that they won't be mistreated/lost/manhandled/etc and should arrive in the condition that they were sent.  From: D5B (Jon Ripley) Subject: What next? The sequel to Secret Maze will appear in a future issue. New adventures will be added also to the Adventures section on my PD library where many excellent unreleased adventures are currently available, with more being written at frequent intervals! If you send me a blank disc with return postage and packing I will send you JJR-00, the catalogue disc for JJR PPD. This disc is packed full of goodies and is constantly updated as new discs become available. It is certainly worth getting. As always I appreciate your comments, suggestions and criticisms.  From: D5B (Jon Ripley) Subject: Strange but true! Outside a locksmith...'Pet discs £2'. I've heard of pet fish, even pet rocks, but this is ridiculous. '10% off OAPS', was proudly displayed outside the shop next door. At the local job centre there was a job advertised for a 'sterile worker', I wonder what the job was for! (A job in a harem?!) This old standard was displayed in the Butchers around the corner. 'Pleased to meet you, meat to please you!'. I couldn't leave without pointing out a couple of things from issue 48, aside from the calculator which wasn't as 'bad' as we might be lead to believe, but also in the editorial we were told that the total of 512 discs is 76. If I didn't know what he was saying I might have been confused!  From: D6F (JOHN CRANE) Subject: THANKS Just a quick note of thanks for the help I got from various members,after my plea in iss 48. I was able to sort out my "Pairs" program, to the delight of David (My 4yr old), who found it a lot easier to understand. I also obtained a 1770 DFS chip, however it was from the BBC and unfortunately I need the Electron version. Thus if anyone comes by the Elk version and wants to do a swap,the offer's there.Alternatively I will sell it for £5 inc p+p.Phone (01423) 885049.  From: K2F (John Davis) Subject: Easy-peasy, maybe... Can you finish this Mastermind game in one move: Right Place : Wrong Place : : 1) 2323 1 1 2) 5566 1 1 3) 8765 0 2 4) 7552 0 1 5) ???? 4 0 *****************  From: D7P (JOHN RATCLIFFE) Subject: GRANDAD'S HUMOUR. My old Grandad, long since dead, had an unusual sense of humour. Here are three stories he used to tell us kids. At five 'o' clock last night this morning a fire broke out in an empty house full of furniture. The old man, not being in, fell downstairs into a bucket of cold water and scalded himself. A dead dog bit him. They took him to the infirmary where he had three fits and died in the first one. There was a man who was walking down the street blowing a rubber trumpet. What was he looking for---? An elastic band. It was Christmas day in the workhouse, the walls were whitewashed black. They brought in the Christmas pudding, ate it then took it back.  From: D7P (JOHN RATCLIFFE) Subject: GREYHOUNDS. Apart from computers, my interest in life and reason for existing is to rescue and care for unwanted dogs, particularly Greyhounds, most of who have a very hard time in their short lives. I have sent to Chris a copy of three true stories about what can happen to these fine dogs when they become too old to win races, and this can be as young as three years. With Chris's permission, I will put them onto a disc for issue 50 of the magazine so that you can read them. If you love dogs you will find these stories very upsetting but I hope that you will still read them and perhaps take the trouble to write to your MP. or anyone else you can think of, to try to get better control of Greyhound racing tracks, or better still, get it banned altogether.(Wishful thinking). . .Anyway, that is for next time. .Bye for now. .  From: K8P (Lucy Tallowin) Subject: POEM FOR SPRING Spring is Alive Again The butterfly drifts across the meadow, As the sheep are giving birth, The birds are singing in all their glory, As the new born lambs gallop by, The rivers are flowing, And the golden daffodils are swaying The rainbow is up from its long winter sleep, The primrose is spreading, And the bee buzzes by, The colours are awake, For it's spring, And joy is here.  FROM: BOB STRINGER D5R Sincere greetings to CHRIS and all members. THANKS ###### My sincere thanks to 'SIMON' who sent some technical details through the post. The information sent has been used with success by me; have not been able to reply direct since was not given any address therefore please accept my gratitude for your kindness.     