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                                   8 Bit                    From: D8C (BRENT KITSON) Subject: NEW MEMBER HELLO,Thanks for taking the time to read this. Can you help?I have a Morley Teletext unit. Unfortunately I need a wiring diagram but cannot get one from Morley themselves. If somebody owns one or can advise on the wiring for the circuit board I would be most greatful. The circuit board can be removed (one bolt/two self tappers/sticky pad. under aerial input box, just cut through, the circuit board can be eased out). Four of my six ribbon band wires have come away from their soldered mounts (Area r5 on the board).The unit is to be used with a BBC Master. If you can help contact Brent Kitson 110 Fearnville Road, Leeds Ls8 3dz Tel.01132 409494 ps.Anyone who is a BBC master user and has software that can be used for French/Chess/or Music Database please feel free to contact me.  From: L1M (Janny Looyenga) Subject: Where is the difference?    *  *  * *  *      the beginning ... * there * * was In the beginning there was *THE* BBC book for computers play, arranged by Tim Hartnell, Mike James and S.M.Gee, from which I typed in several games. Eilas I could never ever play and finish the first one - THE CRYPT OF GABON, written by Ian Watt -, because there isn't any difference between o and 0 (zero). ... the trouble starts at line 690, which says: M=0:N=0:O=0 and from here I can't see what it should be! Someone out there??? PLEASE, light your fire ....  To: 999 + D4J (Oliver Debus) From: L1M (Janny Looyenga) Subject: Master Compact. When I got my Master Compact, I had no idea, no idea about the machine at all. When reading in old Acorn Users I discovered some articles from november 1986 till april 1987, which cleared a lot. It seemed that the Compact did not have a DFS fitted, just working on ADFS, but on later welcome discs a DFS was added. People like me without such added DFS have to try other ones. You need a DFS especially working on the Master and when it does you can really initialise it with CTRL + D + BREAK! And by the way: software only working on the Compact does work on the Master either when you have the Sprite Rom loaded, which can be found on the Master Compact Welcome disc. Does anyone have a Compact Welcome Disc with DFS rom added onto it?  From: D6E (Richard Harker) Subject: CD-rom for the Beeb As you may know, it is possible to connect a standard tape player via its left and right audio outputs to the beeb. So the same principle could be used on a standard audio CD player. You could then copy all of your tapes onto the CD (this would cost about 15 pounds) with each track number being a different file. You could then skip to the file (track) that you wanted and load it !!  From: D6E (Richard Harker) Subject: Help (monitors) Does anyone know how to connect an Acorn AKF18 monitor to a Master 128? Help!! Phone 0181 524 1210 OR Write to - Elmlea, Sewardstone Road, Chingford, London, E4 7RG  From: D6E (Richard Harker) Subject: Help Offer I can now copy software between any of the following formats, providing that the disks have no copy protection on them. BBC 3.5" ADFS or DFS BBC 5.25" ADFS or DFS Archimedes 3.5" L D E and F formats PC 5.25" 1.2m and 360k PC 3.5" 1.44m and 720k Atari 3.5" 720k and 360k It is your responsibility to ensure that no copyright laws are broken. Make sure that you have backups of any disks that you send me, incase anything goes wrong. Please send me the disk to be copied, a disk to copy it to, your phone number, and either a SSAE, or stamps, and address label, to stick on your original envelope. MY address is : Elmlea, Sewardstone Road, Chingford, London, E4 7RG Phone 0181 5241210, evenings, weekends  From: D4A (Paul Richmond) Subject: Printing in Colour? I have just got myself a Cannon BJC-4000. It works O.K.but I don't seem to be able to print in colour. I have tried using the Printmaster Rom and TBI-68 Screen Thief, but without any joy. Is it possible to print in colour with a "B" or a Master 128? Is there anyone out there who could give me some advice? My address is; 5 Wood End Hill Harpenden Herts AL5 3EZ  From: D4A (Paul Richmond) Subject: Lemmings I have been given a copy of Lemmings, without any instructions. It is from Micro User Vol.12 Issue 2 April 1994. Is there anyone out there who could send me a copy? I will pay all expenses. My address is; 5 Wood End Hill Harpenden Herts AL5 3EZ  From: D4A (Paul Richmond) Subject: Printing Supplies Having just got a printer, I needed to find a cheap and good supply of ink. I would like to recommend; Beach Imaging Ltd. 243 Eltham High Street Eltham London SE9 1TX Tel. 0181-850-8344 I found they were helpful,and run a fast Mail Order Service. If you refill the ink cartridge with their ink, the savings can be huge!     