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                      To: 999 (all members) From: D7T (Steve Bispham) Subject: BMW Bikes Anyone out there a fellow member of the BMW owners club? If so see you at the bash in Norfolk over August B.H. weekend. Blue/ Yellow K1 G 517 UYH  To: 999 (all members) From: D6K (Mike Mallett) Subject: Master hard disc I have just recently acquired a hard disc for my Master. It runs OK with ADFS and DOS+ partitions but I cannot find any info on how to run CP/M with the Z-80 co-pro. Can anyone help ? I have some useful info and utilities. Feel free to call 01734 615019. By the way the documentation with the Z-80 was only written for the BBC and not the Master. I have not been able to find much more than the basic info in the manual plus a book in the library which was basically the same stuff.  To: 999 (all members) From: D6K (Mike Mallett) Subject: Master 512 Having just joined 8BS I notice there is still a lot of interest in the 512 co-pro. The guide supplied is very basic and I am looking for extra info especially copies of the Dabhand books. I have recently acquired a number of discs which have useful utilities and info. I also have a real PC and I am working on testing a large collection of SW/PD on the 512.  BBC hardware and software for sale ---------------------------------- 30 BBC cassettes BBC Master video digitiser 3 games joysticks trackerball (not very precise) MAX ROM by AMS Genie ROM by PMS Acorn User Dump ROM Gemini mail list Scrapbook database Acorn User 4 gallery discs A4 forms designer Fancy labeller Fax file organiser MEWsoft extra fonts Fernleaf Castle under attack Grand Prix The Circus Fun School under 5 Fun School 5 - 8 Fun Scholl 8 - 12 Infant Pack Junior Pack Nursery Rhyme Acornsoft Hits Starspell Linear Graphics Jetsoft Covenant utils modem (faulty ?) Keystrip holder and strips AMS art AMS PageMaker/ Stop Press MS Extra Extra Mouse and trackerball Cutouts for Stop Press All software is on disc with books etc. unless mentioned call Don Somner on Reading (01734) 419147  From: K5P (Andrew Fay) Subject: Items Wanted Can anyone help with the following items: USER PORT SPLITTER. I would like one of these gadgets to allow two items to be plugged into the user port and switched between. TUBE SPLITTER. I would also like one of these items that responds to the X command on a Master and allows two external processors to be swapped between. If any one has any info on it, such as a circuit diagram, that would also be appreciated. MASTER MOS UPGRADE. Can anyone help with information on this upgrade. I have a socketed ROM so I could fit it, but would like to know what it adds and whether it works with Dabs Press MOS+ properly. Thanks, Andrew Fay.     