8-Bit Software Online Conversion

                                   8 Bit                From: D6F (JOHN CRANE) Subject: WANTED WANTED ****** Advanced Electron 1770 DFS (E00) Rom 32K SWR CARTRIDGE for Electron John Crane (D6F),34 St Andrews Walk Harrogate,North Yorkshire,HG2 7RL (01423) 885049  From : ID K1D Lawrie Hallam Tel 01234-742988 SUBJECT: WANTED It is some time since I've been around. I am now seeking a 3.5 twin disc drive. self powered preferred, if anyone out there has one for sale or the knowledge where I can obtain one I would be most greatful.  From: D5B (Jon Ripley) Subject: Stuff Wanted I will pay any reasonable price for any of the following items if you have them or exchange them for any of the stuff I have for sale. A BBC Hard drive or interface Twin 80T DSDD disc drive with a 3.5 and a 5.25 inch drives (for the BBC) CASIO CT670 or HOHNER PSK75 keyboards The Quill, Graphic Adventure Creator and/or ALPS (adventure language programming system), indeed, any adventure creator is welcomed! Any BBC/Electron/Master adventure games on tape/disc (any format) EPROM programmer and EPROM eraser EPROMS, blank or preprogrammed 12.5/21V 4/8/16K (or other, please specify) Disc drive sharer (to link 2 BBC's to one twin drive!) BBC Master Reference Manuals RISC OS 3 PRM Update for RISC OS 3.5 and above. Manual for NEC Pinwriter 6+ will consider loan if you will! (I will pay all postage costs) Any computer magazines, ones with type-in listings with or without tape/disc/CD. Preferably Electron User, CPC User, Acorn User, Micro User and Input. Magazines for any computer will be considered but must have type-ins or a tape/disc/CD. My address (and name) is; Jon Ripley (D5B), 37 Ceylon Place, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN21 3JE. Telephone:- (01323) 721091 (24hrs!) Payments accepted by cheque or postal order made out to 'J J Ripley'. If you are making a postal enquiry please include a stamped self-addressed envelope.  From: D5B (Jon Ripley) Subject: HELP! Disc drives wanted! I've recently obtained a Master Compact and I'm looking for an 80T (or 40T/80T) 5.25" drive with cables that I can use. Failing this I am looking for a 5.25" and a 3.5" drive in 1 unit, as sold by Watford and other companies. This would be plugged into my Master 128. Failing this even, a working 3.5" disc drive single/twin that can plug into my Master (pref with own PSU) and a disc drive sharer so I can plug my twin 5.25" drives and the 3.5" drive(s) into the Master and switch between them.  From: D7X (Martin Hodgson) Subject: Serial ULA for BBC B HELP ! Two weeks after I donated my spare BEEB to a local school, the remaining one protested by blowing its Cassette port chips !! Does any one have, and want to sell, a spare Serial ULA chip (Ferranti 2C199, IC 7 on the board) ? Phone me on 01276 65512 any time.  From: 4WL (Martin R Wilson) Subject: Wanted Contacts I have an Archimedes 3010, 2meg, 60meg internal hard drive system. I'm after contacts and I'm also after Protext for the Archimedes. Write to. Martin Wilson 32 Grass Royal Yeovil Somerset BA21 4JW  From: D4H (Paul Smith) Subject: Wanted 1) I am looking for a copy of a program called "CARTESIAN". It is a program to draw graphs and to find solutions to equations. Can anyone help please. 2) I know you lot out there are mainly BBC enthusiasts but does anyone have an old(ish) 8 bit sound card for a PC. Early Soundblaster or Adlib cards should do. I want one for my ageing Amstrad 2286 and it isn't really worth buying a new 16 bit card. (The card would almost be worth more than the computer!) Any replies to - Paul Smith, 9, Renishaw Road, Mastin Moor, Chesterfield, S43 3DW.  From: D5M (JIM BOULDING) Subject: WANTED Does any one out there have a MASTER 128 keyboard for sale if so could you please contact me at the address given with the price. J.S.Boulding. 96 Blackden Walk Wilmslow. Cheshire. SK9 2EZ. EDITOR... Try me Jim!  FROM: BOB STRINGER D5R 31 Shelley Road High Wycombe Bucks. HPll 2UW tele: 01494 529188 WANTED. ####### Double Disc Interface Kit. MASTER 512 Technical Guide by DABS PRESS. Good price will be paid for copy, and kit. A 34pin lead for BBC B Rom Box manufactured by Norhern Computers Cheshire. Any Technical information regarding this box and pin connections would be greatly appreciated by me. Payment will be made by me plus carriage.     