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Tim Parsons, 40 Coniston Road, Flitwick, Beds, MK45 1QH. 01525 715013 6-8pm Dear Members FOR SALE I have available a 4 * 16k Rom socket board for a Master 128, this Rom Board fits into the two 32k internal Rom Sockets, that occupy sockets 4/5 & 6/7, therefore to make full use of the board you really need some switches fixed up to the SWRam links. Open to offers? The board was made by Derek Walker. I also have available a couple of TWIN Master cartridges, one from Acorn (empty), the other from ACP which has already got fitted with Advanced Disc Toolkit and Advanced Rom Manager. Offers? Also for sale, I have an ATPL Rom board for a BBC B, this also has fitted 16k SWram, I am unable to discover whether it works or not, but I am assured it does (fitting info included), OFFERS please. For more details please write or phone me. TA. *********************************************************************** Tim Parsons, 40 Coniston Road, Flitwick, Beds, MK45 1QH. 01525 715013 6-8pm Dear Members WANTED I have been given an Amstrad 1640 with a 30meg Hard Drive and a 360k floppy, could I please enquire among our esteemed membership, whether anybody else has got one of these wonderful Alan Sugar machines? As far as the wife is concerned, it has triggered the beginning of the END, well almost !!. Anyway apart from this gigantic OBSTACLE (i.e. the WIFE), I would be very pleased to hear from anyone else, who also has one these 'Pooters'. Later:- I have recently upgraded it to MS DOS v3.3, I am also having great fun learning how to use Word Perfect 5.1 I have recently RUN a Utility to CHECK my HD, it reported an error, something like DOS FREE SPACE, my HD consequently failed the "test", any ideas what that means, anyone? However with 18meg still free, it still continues to work OK. I have also fitted a V30 chip which supposedly speeds it up a bit, it is a direct replacement for the original 8086 chip. Now my next mission is to INSTALL, MS DOS 5, with great success I advertised for it, on 5.25" disc's in Micro Mart.(I already had it on 3.5" discs but my Amstrad is stuck with a 5.25" drive, unless somebody out there has got any brilliant ideas about fitting an extra or alternative 3.5" drive? Bye For Now. Tim Parsons