8-Bit Software Online Conversion

Richard Chamberlain 78 Whitemoor Lane Belper Derbyshire DE56 0HD 01773 880631 080/K6L Below are listed a revised set of books that I am still willing to loan out to members. As I no longer have any BBC equipment or books, (these were transferred to Chris Richardson several months ago), the list no longer includes any BBC books or manuals. What I do have are a load of PC related books, some that will be of interest to 512 owners, others are purely PC related. I make no apologies for my apparent defection to the dreaded PC. It was purely a financial and utilitarian decision, and I'm afraid (for the present) BBC's have no room in my house. Not that they won't be missed. I feel they are more to me than computers. More like old friends, but something had to go, and the Beeb lost. I needed room and funds for a PC. It's a fact that PC's rule in the big wide world of business and, more so than before, in the education sector. The school my son will be attending uses mainly PC's, and I needed one to keep my skills up to date, in various applications, to aid me in my search for employment. So there we are. Sad really, but one has to be practical, especially when one has limited funds. Here is the list of aforementioned books: Using 123 - Que Books Using Pagemaker 4 - Osborne/McGrawHill Peter Nortons Assembly Language Book of the IBM PC - Brady Learn C Now - Microsoft Press Microsoft Windows Users Guide CorelDRAW! 2 - Osborne/McGrawHill Windows 3 Shareware Utilities - McGraw Hill Enhanced Batch File Programming - McGrawHill Illustrated WordPerfect 5.1 - Wordware Dbase IV 1.5 Programming - McGrawHill Dbase IV 1.5 Inside & Out - McGrawHill MS-DOS Advanced Programming - Sybex Unix Systems for Microcomputers - BSP Standard Pascal - W.W.Norton Ability User manual Gem Write Manual Lattice C Compiler Reference Manual Vol 1 Lattice C Compiler Reference Manual Vol 2 Epson LX 400 User Guide Using WordPerfect 5 - QUE Using WordPerfect 4.1 & 4.2 - QUE Pascal, an introduction to Methodical Programming - Pitman Gem Desktop manual Introduction to Wordstar - Sybex Thank you and Goodnight!