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                                                                  Hi, my name is Jon Ripley and over the last few issues of 8-Bit Software's disc magazine you may have seen some of the programs and articles that I have written. Well, I have had such an overwhelming response from my submissions and a lot of interest in my new BBC/Electron PD library, JJR-PD, I have decided to set up my own user group. The name hasn't yet been decided on but as you can see B.U.G (BBC User Group) is a definite possibility. If you think you can do better and would like to suggest a new name for the group then please send (or phone) it to me. It must be short, catchy and hopefully include the word BBC. In return, you will receive a free JJR-PD disc of your choice if your name is used. BBC User Group is a brand new postal user group centered around a regular disc based magazine. Combining the existing JJR-PD library with an exciting new bimonthly disc magazine. Supporting the BBC B, B+, Master, Compact and Electron computers. BUG is a non profit making user group which I run in my spare time. BUG is looking for new members and submissions for it's issues. There will be about 6 issues yearly. Membership is free! Each issue costs only 50p and you must send a disc with return postage and packing. Issues are available on 80T double sided DFS discs although if you only have a single sided drive the issue can be supplied on two 80T single sided discs. The magazine includes hardware and software reviews, news on what's happening in the BBC world, articles on programming your BBC (both simple and advanced) with BASIC, assembler and more, amazing games, dazzling demonstrations, cheats for games, utilities which make the most of your computer, advertisements (if you are a member then your 'for sale', 'wanted' advertisements are FREE and have NO WORD RESTRICTION and more, the response is often better than advertising in commercial magazines), messages (on all topics - either to all members or between individual members), feedback for programmers and game players. For more information about BUG and JJR-PD please write to me enclosing a formatted 5.25" disc with return p+p and ask for JJR-00. This disc contains more information about BUG and a complete catalogue of all the discs in the JJR-PD library. If you would like to become a member please contact me and I will issue you with a member ID, if you would like to receive the first issue as soon as it comes out, send your discs now. The first issue is due to be released around the start of June. Write to BUG at: Jon Ripley BBC User Group 37 Ceylon Place Eastbourne East Sussex BN21 3JE Or telephone (01323) 721091 anytime. Cheques should be made out to J.J.Ripley. It is hoped that all members will contribute something occasionally for inclusion in the magazine, whether; reviews (of PD/commercial software, books, films, shows, concerts, ANYTHING), news (anything you think we should know about), games, utilities, articles (on programming, general computer related or even non-computer related topics), comments (ie constructive criticisms) on other peoples' programs appearing in BUG, advertisements, contacts (eg companies who support the BBC market or anyone useful to know), questions (about games, software, hardware, programming - we will try our best to find out the answers!), opinions and any information you feel may be of use to the members (especially answers to peoples questions). If there is something you write that you don't want to appear in the disc magazine then please mark it clearly to that effect (eg Please Don't Use the following paragraph). IMPORTANT! When sending envelopes containing discs they should be clearly marked 'MAGNETIC MEDIA'. Coins should preferably be taped to a piece of card so they won't tear the envelope and get lost in the post. At the moment BUG can only handle 5.25" (40T/80T DFS/ADFS) discs although in the future discs will be available in all formats. The BBC User Group is a combined user group and PD library which has been set up to help ensure the continued use of the BBC and Electron range of computers and promote the development of new PD software.                                                       