8-Bit Software Online Conversion

            From: K5B (David J.MacGraw.) Subject: Amplinex In Issue 48, member K8F Stuart Angell requested information on the Amplinex User Group for the Music 5000 system. I made a similar request in Issue 38 and member K4B George Lynch responded in Issue 39 (1st.Help! section) with the sad news that Roy Follett, who was the mainstay of the group, had died in January 1993. It would appear that the group died with him, which is a shame considering the number of apparently active members there were. There must be many 8BS members who own a M5000 system and would be supportive if a Music/Midi/M5000 section was to be created in the magazine. I'm sure our Editor would welcome all contributions! It would also be a fitting tribute to Roy Follett if such a section existed. Perhaps some of the original AMPLINEX discs could be included in the pool - I guess copyright problems will prevent most of the music transcriptions from being included but the editorials and tutorial sections etc.might be OK. Perhaps other members could put forward their ideas and comments about starting a music related section along the lines established by AMPLINEX. EDITOR.... I have a LARGE collection of M5000 and M500 software gathered with the various machines that I have bought and sold. Sadly copyright is a big problem, I cannot pass on the software acquired. I have attempted to contact owners of copyright without success so far. Anyone wishing to contribute to the above mentioned section is welcome to!     