8-Bit Software Online Conversion

A quick tour of View Spell by Jon Ripley D5B To use View Spell you need the ROM and the accompanying dictionary disc. *Spell <Return> This is used to enter View Spell. Whilst using View Spell the following commands can be used. MODE <mode> <Return> Changes the current screen mode. LOAD <filename> <Return> This loads a View file into memory for spell checking. When you load a file the total number of words and the number of unique words that are used. To see this list type, LIST <Return> To abandon the list you can press ESCAPE To check the words type CHECK <Return> You will be asked to put the dictionary disc in the drive if you need to. View Spell checks the words against the dictionary, this may take a few minutes. You are told how many words were not found. You will be asked if you want to check a User dictionary, if you have such a dictionary type its filename, else just press Return without typing anything. You can see te list of words that View Spell couldn't find in the dictionary by typing. LIST <Return> It is wise to point out now that this is a list of words that are not in the View Spell dictionary, indeed some of the words may be correct. This should be checked with a dictionary if you are unsure. You can now save the text to disc with all the unfound words marked. Put your disc back into the drive and type. MARK <filename> <Return> Generally it is advisable to use a filename different to the original text, just in case anything went wrong. Words are marked by prefixing them with #!. Now you can enter view and load the marked text. *Word <Return> LOAD <filename> <Return> To search through the file you can either do this manually by pressing Escape and editing the text normally or typing. SEARCH #! <Return> View will then take you to the first marked word. If the spelling is incorrect then you can correct any mistakes. Press CTRL-f2 to go to the next marked word. When you have corrected all the mistakes you can remove all the markers by entering REPLACE #! <Return> You can then save your text using SAVE <filename> <Return> For more information including how to create user dictionaries and other facilities available, or if you want a manual for View Spell, then give me a ring on 01323 721091.