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            From: D5B (Jon Ripley) Subject: The big wordprocessor debate! For many years, people have been arguing about which wordprocessor is the best for the BBC, these have usually been biased to the persons favourite, which I assume is a fair point because people generally don't advocate in favour of things they don't like! In my youth, with an Acorn Electron I often used Mini Office because it was the only word-processor I had. Later on, at school on the BBC Micros I also used Mini Office a lot and was introduced to Wordwise which I quickly changed to my wordprocessor of preference. When I had a BBC B to myself I abandoned Mini Office in favour of wordprocessors which didn't need to be loaded from tape! These were Mini Office II which I hardly ever used, View which I used a bit more than Mini Office 2 but still not much and finally Wordwise + which I used almost every time I used the computer. My liking of Wordwise back then was mainly due to the fact that it produced pure ASCII text files which are useful if you don't have a printer for the fancy stuff. Aside from that I also used it to edit BASIC and LOGO programs, speed was the major factor here and Wordwise + definitely has it. Now that I have a BBC Master, Mini office won't work, not that I'd use it anyway. I have Edit, View and Wordwise + plugged into the machine and I must confess now that I have no favourites inasmuch as I like them all for what they do. When I am editing Basic programs I generally use EDIT. When I am writing program documentation or creating text files I normally use Wordwise + unless the files use control characters, then I use EDIT. I also sometimes use Wordwise + when chatting to deaf friends. Wordwise + is also quite useful when printing labels as printer commands can be easily embedded in the text. When I am writing letters I usually use View because of the ease of formatting and I don't lose the text if I press Break! Recently I have discovered SideWriter which I often use when debugging programs because it is inobtrusive and always available. Edword has been gathering dust since I got it many years ago, Pendown never really had a chance, Folio was used a few times a long, long time ago Stop Press needs documentation, Wordwise + 2 won't work in Sideways ram so it needs blowing onto an EPROM. Interword eats into valuable RAM space. I have another 10 or so wordprocessing packages for the BBC each of which is never used for various reasons. Overall, I don't think that you can assign the title of best wordprocessor to any particular program because they are all so different in their strengths and weaknesses. PRESS THE SPACE BAR FOR THE MENU