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Hot Keys for the 512 - Listing

10DEFFNS="Stop" 20MODE7 30VDU23;8202;0;0;0; 40PRINT'TAB(16);"STOP!" 50PRINT'" Please read the articles re garding the"'" Compression and Decompres sion"'" routines before running the thre e"'" programs LZSSC, LZSSD and LZSSDF." 60PRINT''" Please read the article '5 12 Part 5'"'" by K5B regarding hot key d efinitions"'" for the Master 512 before using the"'" file 'HOTDEF'." 70PRINT'" This file requires moving t o DOS and"'" loading into the Essential Software"'" 'Memopad'" 80PRINT'" The short utilities from K3 L require"'" de-archiving. See the 'Prog ram"'" Documentation' article part 2." 90PRINT'" Press a key to return t o menu." 100*FX21 110REPEATUNTILGET 120*EX. !BOOT 130END