8-Bit Software Online Conversion

                                From: K6N (Brian Raw) Subject: Large Font Text Editor ********************** As the title suggests, this program takes key inputs and uses the current font definitions as plot data to produce large letters in a 8 x 14 grid useful for title pages etc. The font may be changed by redefining the characters either using one of the fonts provided (taken from BBC 109), or using a font editor to design your own, also to be found on BBC 109. All this would be quite useless without a print facility, the program provided is for Epson and compatible printers but has been kept separate should you want a different program for this purpose.  To: 999 (all members) From: D7Y (ANDREW MEDWORTH) Subject: Banner Text Printer This program originally appeared in Beebug Vol 9 no 2 with several subsequent amendments. It is a useful utility program to enable you to print text of any size DOWN the page on continuous paper, thus creating a banner or headline for a display. The letters may be outline or filled, and you can choose the height and width and then enter the string. If you want to print more than one line on the page, you have to rewind the paper between lines and use the margin setting; 1 sets the text at the bottom of the page and 70 sets it at the top. The printer needs to be set to "no linefeeds". Due to memory limitations, the data for capital letters and punctuation marks is on Banner1 and for lower case and numbers is on Banner3; you can change between them easily by rebooting the menu (BANNER), and the printer carries on printing where it left off provided you enter the same parameters. I think that the smoothness of the outlines of the letters is excellent and gives a pleasing result. The original program was written by David James. N.B. If using these progs on a BBC B, they will need to relocate themselves otherwise they will not run. Just delete line 750 in both BANNER1 and BANNER3.  From: D6E (Richard Harker) Subject: Liner (instructions) This is fairly straight forward, just move up and down, to try and avoid the 'yellow bits' Alternatively you can have a real story to the game. You have been sent on an intergalactic mining mission, with a group of other space craft. Somehow, you lost the rest of your team. The only way home is to travel through the 'Caves of Doom' in the hope that you will reach the earth... maybe in a few million light years. Your ship is equipped with 4 Mark IV mining lasers, which can blast away parts of the caves, although your ship takes 60 microseconds to recharge, before it can fire another laser. Good luck commander.  From: 2J3 (C.J.Richardson.) Subject: ASCII to Interword Conversion. I was converting a couple of hundred short Interword files to PC format for someone. A bit of a boring task. To make the job more easy, I renamed all the files on the 6 discs involved to sequential numbers and wrote this program to convert the Interword to plain ASCII text. I have removed the loop that enabled mass conversion and inserted a routine to allow you to select individual files to convert.  From: K8J (C.PIKE) Subject: PIK-O-GRAM Hi, here I am again, this time with a word puzzle. You of course will wonder why a technical group should be harrassed in this way. O.K. so I will come clean: it's all because of DAN, that's not his name; but my acronym which describes him to a T. Damned Aggravating Nipper. He is more computer literate than I, pokes his nose into my Telegraph crossword, and all in all is ever ready to point out any error that might slip through, no matter what the subject. How come, that with eight times as many years experience to call on, I am always the loser in the one upmanship stakes. On occasion I can see how one could embrace the thought of infanticide....with glee!! Coming clean has caused me to deviate from the gen regarding the word puz. There are a number of words within the square, entered up, down, and diagonally, some are even backwards. Crossword type clues to 25 are listed to assist or aggravate. The original was to keep DAN off my back for a while, and what do you think he was doing...hunting for words then finding a clue to fit. The latest is that if I produce another square, he will be using Kate Crennell's 'Word Square Solver' for a quick response. I give up the mighty struggle, and should you also be inflicted with a DAN, why not print the square and use it as a form of meditation in the smallest reading room! By the way, for those with only a limited time, or alternatively a low concentration threshold,the answers next time: bye for now Cyril.  From: D5B (Jon Ripley) Subject: Secret Maze Pt.2 This is the sequel to my Secret Maze adventure that appeared in a previous issue and is the next in the continuing series of adventures. This game was also made using my mini-adventure creator and took me just 10 minutes from the idea to the finished product. I hope it provides much enjoyment! Once you had completed the last maze, after only a few minutes respite you were transported into another maze. This time there is no exit to find. To complete the game you must traverse the maze collecting the many treasures that lie in your path. In future, adventures will be appearing on the disc magazine of BBC User Group.  From: 3WU (Fred Price) Subject: Geordie Broon Well friends here is another one from that lad from the wild lands of Backworth that little suburb that exists in Newcastle. Yes our friend Geordie has been dreaming this time, so have a look and find out what it's about in: GBDREAM ******* ********* ***********                    