8-Bit Software Online Conversion

Hello Again! ~~~~~~~~~~~~ The 8BS Get Together. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jonathan Harston has kindly thrown his doors open to 8BS for the following 3 days: Friday 19.7.96 Saturday 20.7.96 Sunday 21.7.96 It is intended that the 'get together' is for us all to meet up again as there is no Acorn User Show at Harrogate this year (we have used this as the 8BS get together for the last 2 years). We can use the opportunity to have a look at each others favourite bits of kit. Jonathan has a number of computers. If you have a favourite bit of equipment or software that you think others would like to see, bring it along. I intend to bring a couple of odds and ends along. There is limited space at Jonathan's house for people to stay over. There is room for another 5 people to sleep at Jonathan's. The following information may also be of use: Guest houses in Sheffield: These are listed in order of distance from the house of JGH nearest first. 15 Lonsdale Rd 0114 233 0918 91 Crookes Rd 0114 266 2241 8 Ashgate Rd Broomhill 0114 266 3659 70 Broomgrove Rd 0114 266 9549 92 Brocco Bank 0114 267 0760 1 Guest Rd 0114 268 0289 113 Rustlings Rd 0114 267 0692 397 Fullwood Rd 0114 230 8588 34 Wostenholme Rd 0114 255 1853 6 Causeway Head Road 0114 236 4328 Eating arrangements. There are a number of 'Take Aways' in the vicinity of Jonathan's house. Cooking may be a bit of a problem if all of us intend to bring our own bacon and eggs etc, so I think we are best sticking to simple food to be eaten in Jonathan's or take aways. Jonathan is providing the materials to make sandwiches, if any one requires a special diet, please let me know. A liquid diet must be funded by the person requiring it, (bring some for me). Jonathan's address is: 70 Camm St Walkley Sheffield S6 3TR There are a couple of scanned in maps of Sheffield on this issue. I have some maps/directions available, send an SAE to me or Jonathan. Please let me know if you intend to come. I am going to be there from Friday, late morning until Monday morning. Error. Oh woe is me. Drat. Phooey. AAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHH. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I inadvertently locked the file LOTSETS on DFS versions of issue 49 issued before 13.5.96. The feel good lottery program. This makes the program fail. To fix this, insert disc 2, the software disc. Type: *DRIVE 2 <RETURN>. Then type *ACCESS LOTSETS <RETURN>. Changes to the TBI pool since last time. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TBI-74-2 View Professional manual now on 720K DOS in Word 6 format and plain text, just in case you want to print it out at work on a laser. TBI-103 Welcome discs. These are not Public Domain. Acorn have given 8BS permission to distribute the Welcome discs for Master, Compact, BBC and B+ (DFS and ADFS) and Electron (ADFS). TBI-104 Digitised pictures from the 1996 Australian Grand Prix. From Chris James. 2D. Thanks AGAIN to Janny Looyenga (L1M) for increasing the size of the 512 section of the catalogue: 512-50 Flopcat 800K DOS. Floppy catalogueing system. 512-60 PC-Type+ Three 360K DOS discs. Very large and powerful word processor containing spell checker and mail-merge facilities (amongst other features) 512-61. Acorn CP/M utilities submitted by Andrew Fay. 640K DOS+ We are on the Internet. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8BS Magazines are on the Internet courtesy of Dave Walker the Engineering Support Manager at Acorn. Our address is: ftp.acorn.co.uk/pub/8bit/8bs Thanks. ~~~~~~~ To J.G.Harston for improving the 8BS catalogue menu. On the surface, minor alterations, but great improvements to viewing ease and speed. Update your TBI-00 to see what I mean. Thanks to Jon Ripley for all the work on menu that I ended up not using. Jon had suggested an archiving system to save file name space on DFS versions. However, file name space has never really been a problem for me. The new menu however was causing me too many problems, it was slow, bugged and complicated, I abandoned it. The menu on this issue is an adaptation by Jonathan Harston of Steven Flintham's menu. K2F John Davis has for some time been asking that we go back to the old system of saying within the menu what the item is (40 column text, 80 column text or program). This is what I used to do in very early 8BS menus. I abandoned this as it was wasting space on the screen. Also, more recently, you can read the articles in any format that you wish anyway by simply pressing the 4 or 8 key for the format you require no matter what format the original article is in. I have finally caved in to John as you may have noticed. At the bottom right of the menu screen, you will see a short description of what the presently highlighted item is. This method allows a slightly longer description without using up any extra space on the menu. Thanks to Brian Raw for his work on the 40 column text viewer. I keep forgetting to tell him that I have used the viewer on the 40 track version of TBI-00 as it allows the catalogue data to be trimmed down enough for it to fit onto a 40 track side. The 40 column text viewer converts 80 column text into 40 column, colourful text on the 8BS magazines. So BRIAN, I have used it! Thanks to Stephan Richardson for his regular phone calls and help. Thanks to Neil Parry for the phone calls. Thanks to David Macgraw for the Master 512 articles. Thanks to Albert Schofield for the Tape to Disc articles. Thanks to Janny Looyenga for the corrections and 512 software. Thanks to Porle Clucas for the spellin chek of de issew annat. Thanks to Gill for putting up with it all. Me. ~~~ I am a 40 year old Ambulance Paramedic with 24 years experience. I qualified as a Paramedic about 6 years ago. I have seen (and done) a lot of things that most people are best not knowing about. The (many) mathemeticians amongst you will be able to work out that I started in the Ambulance service at 16 years of age, just a little kid really. I have a family consisting of Gill, Carol, John and Peter. A VW Camper van, pushbike, guitar and Tarantula. I have a huge collection of CDs, half of which are Blues. I like making things and have an insane love of new technology. I don't believe in reading manuals until I am confident that I know how the thing that the manual is for works. I used to enjoy cycling until computing took the time for it away. 8BS takes up most of my spare time now, hence suggesting to Jon Ripley that he form his own user group rather than swamp me with his submissions. I make no money out of this, I have often considered attempting making a living out of it, but to do so, I would have to raise prices and therefore lose the custom that I value. It would also go against the grain. I am not a business person and have no wish to be so. I am not in competition with anyone! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I work 12 hour shifts on a 10 week rota which is almost a 5 week rota that repeats itself. I go to bed at some odd times. To see when it is best to ring me, use the shift calculator program on this issue. Until next time, bye!