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                      From: W79 (Jonathan Harston) Subject: 8BS Bulletin Board ReplyTo: K29 (D.Loveys) Yes, Great! A dedicated 8BS bulletin board. Go ahead, I'll log in.  From: D7P (JOHN RATCLIFFE) Subject: GREYHOUNDS BRIDGES. Some people take their unwanted Greyhounds to a high bridge and throw them alive and kicking over the side. Imagine...if you will...the fear in shining bright eyes, witnessing the rising ground revolving and spinning towards them...the searing pain on impact...the once sleek and powerful athletic animal left for dead or dying by the human kind...with their body crushed and broken do they howl and whimper calling for help...or do they lay silent upon realizing no one will answer their call...no one will come to their rescue...only low groans waiting for death to release them from their suffering. Only one more bridge to cross. HITCHED. In Northumbria, 3 Greyhounds considered too old for racing by their handler were taken to a field where they were hitched by the handles of their leashes to a fence a space apart. 2 of the Greyhounds were shot in the chest, the third had to wait and watch the shotgun be reloaded before his life was blasted away with a single barrel. The person removed the collars from his victims for use on their replacements. "Away the lads...". THIRSTY. There was a little black Greyhound, not much bigger than the average size Greyhound bitch, who gave his all whenever he ran. One Sunday morning during a trials session at a Lancashire Independant track, he rounded the final turn in style clear of the field. Galloping further ahead on the run to the line...he stumbled on the uneven surface...a crack was heard. Getting back to his feet it was clear he had broken his off fore...he hobbled as best he could towards the pick-up point. His connections looked angry, gathering him up roughly as they removed him from the track. While discussing what to do with him a concerned individual, who had often seen the little Greyhound run, and admired his spirit, enquired what was happening. The connections asked the Greyhound's admirer if he wanted him.. the individual refused offering reasons why he could not. One of the connections said he had a friend who would take care of him in a slaughterhouse, his shift began that evening, he would take the dog then. The connections let the little black Greyhound make his own way as best he could to the back of a small van. They did not help the little fellow as he scrambled awkwardly into the back of the van. He turned sideways, standing on three legs with his off fore raised...moving his head his eyes fixed his admirer... the 'hounds mouth opened, his tongue hung out the side...he was thirsty. The van doors closed. That was the last the admirer saw of the Greyhound. Moist eyes blurred his vision...nausea overwhelmed him thinking about the scene of carnage that would greet the little 'hounds eyes...the stench of destruction that would assault his keen senses...his head ached at the thought of the spring loaded bolt that would smash into the skull of that brave little individual. The admirer stood alone...and ashamed. BONFIRE. A Greyhound trainer in Kent was given a small fine for improper disposal of 'hounds considered surplus to requirements. Following a kennel clearance, (the manner of death is not known),the person made a bonfire of the bodies of those he had killed. GENOCIDE. For one reason or another thousands of Greyhounds find themselves unwanted each year. The numbers reach genocidal proportions. An estimated 90000 Greyhounds were born to produce the 30000 racing in England in 1986. Less than 10% of these would have their rightful lifetime. Most of the others would not make 4 years old. Their murders would range from clinical to barbaric and worse. The Greyhounds are often kept in abysmal conditions, sometimes for ridiculous lengths of time. Some are confined in cramped kennels between visits to the track, which could be 2 or 3 week intervals. Small wonder some Greyhounds look enthusiastic at the track. There can be few as abused as the Greyhound. So much indifference and so little care to such marvellous and so magnificent individuals. Well that's about it. These are the stories as promised last issue. The trouble is they are not stories at all they are true. If you are looking for a pet or if you know of someone who is then you cannot do better than a Greyhound. They make the most loyal and devoted pet you could have, and contrary to popular belief they don't need a lot of excersise. If anyone wants any more information, please get in touch with me. During the writing of this message six Greyhounds who share our house with five other dogs, were never far from my side.  From: 20G (Roy Dickens) Subject: How rotten can I get? (issue 48 Aprilish) A big sorry to JON     I feel so mean, horrible, terrible, awful.It was meant to be a April Fool prank.(I also got the slip up from the 'Micro User' back issue). That is why I mentioned the A and the F keys. But we did get and I must admire the excellent article that Jon gave us about the subject. I am sure it will help others new to this problem.  From: 20G (Roy Dickens) Subject: A revival? (Did it ever go away?) In the June issue of'ACORNUSER'the Hints and Tips page by Mike Cook the well known contributor for 'Micro User','Acorn Computing'and now 'AS'. Reckons that he has been hit with a sudden flurry of requests concerning 8-bit Acorn computers this month. He also reckons. It seems that there is a revival in interest in archae- olgical computing. But can't devote the space to it here (AcornUser). So anyone with a Beeb for sale put the price up. They are rushing back because you get more fun out of the 'archaeolgical' Beebs!  From: 20G (Roy Dickens) Subject: JON'S new disc mag. This venture of JON'S, starting another disc magazine, appears to be a good idea. The big question is will we see things in triplicate. Chris (ED.) and RON (ED.) are doing a great job with the two mag. discs that we have now. As Chris stated it is best but very hard not to see the same thing on both discs now. What I would like JON to do is gradually lean towards the newer ACORN machines. The problem with this idea will be... a,Will Beeb only members agree to this b,Will the member have both machines. c,Will the discs be 3.5 or 5.25. d,Will the members have a Beeb and a PC not of the Acorn family. e,Maybe other difficulties. As JON is a bit of a expert on all these machines he would manage all this with no bother I am sure. It would be rather a daunting task for him all the same. Lets wish him the best of luck.  From: 20G (Roy Dickens) Subject: No books for the Archie and the RiscPC (+ other sad observations) Sob, sniff pass the tissues. Did you know that no one bothers to write books for the new Acorn machines? If you want to learn about programming these. There are only three or four publications. These are rather long in the tooth. Acorn do a 'Programmers Reference Manual' it only costs 100 pounds! Perhaps this subject is not taught any more. Just use the ready made programs. Its easy but no fun. My local library had shelves full of books for the Beeb. The problem you could not solve in the first three or four you could in the next five or six. These books have all gone (pinched, sold or fallen to bits) and not renewed with other up-to-date Acorn books. There are plenty of publications and manuals for the PC. Even the few magazines that are left do not trouble to tell us much. They are OK for studying the reviews of new software on the market and a few hints and tips.Also the letter pages are OK. These sorry notes continue with the observation that the TESCO vouchers will now buy a PC if the school would rather not have a ACORN! Oh dear! And another 'Oh dear'.A local school near-by has spent 100,000 pounds on a new IT dept. Loads and loads of new computers. They never stated the maker, but boasted that 'they all have INTEL inside'! (Ding Dong).  From: D5B (Jon Ripley) Subject: BBC User Group The first issue of BBC User Group is out! Send in for your copy now, write to: Jon Ripley, BBC User Group, 37 Ceylon Place, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN21 3JE. Or phone: (01323) 721091 Anytime. Please enclose a formatted 5.25" disc, 50p and return p+p. Issue 2 is due to come out soon, don't miss it!  From: D8F (B Jones) Subject: Introduction My first name is Brian and I became a member of 8BS about 2 months ago I've dabbled with computers off and on for about 4 years with an Electron-BBC B and now a Master 512 - double disc drive and printer I have had several types of jobs in my working life-factory worker-coalminer -machinist-turner-H.G.V.driver and now I'm a postman I shall be retiring in two years time and providing my job has not made me brain dead by then I shall still be dabbling with my computer My last comments must be to compliment Chris and the people who support 8BS such as Steve Flintham-J Ripley and others who make it a well organised and informative User Group`````````Bye  From: 3WU (Fred Price) Subject: Morley Teletext With reference to my plea for help regarding Teletext, it is now working perfectly and I must give heartfelt thanks to the members who phoned and wrote to me on this subject. After the help and advice I was given and used, it turned out that one man hit the nail on the head and it turned out that it was the Aerial that was at fault. Now a new one has put it right. So friends once again thank you for the help you have given me. Fred Price.                    