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                                From: 0E7 (Fred Nevin) Subject: PARCEL FORCE I think Chris is correct in what he says on this subject. Unfortunately, with the vast quantities handled, there are bound to be some casualties, and nothing is worse if it one of your items. I think Chris's FIGURES SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES. In all my years of dealing with the GPO/PARCEL FORCE I do not recall ever losing an item but I must confess earlier this year I sent a parcel from Newcastle to foreign parts ie Basingstoke and after some ten days or so it had not got there. So as it was a very expensive item I went through all the rigmarole and claimed, only to have it turn up a couple of days later in absolutely mint condition, so I leave you to draw your own conclusions. I recently dispatched a HD drive, Twin disc drive and a Printer all very heavy items enclosed in the best cartons I could scrounge from the local stores/supermarkets and all arrived without any complaints May the FORCE be with you.  EDITOR........ I recently heard of someone suffering at the hands of Parcel Force. He had purchased a number of items from someone, they all arrived ok apart from a disc drive which had been so badly mishandled in its very adequate packaging that it had come through the side of the box. The delivery driver had duped the recipient of the parcels into going into his house with one package, he then deposited the damaged package and disappeared before the recipient could examine it. A similar thing recently happened to me (this was a Post Office Van though), the driver was clutching the package to his body, with hindsight I should have smelled a rat, he thrust the box into my arms and disappeared in a cloud of dust, as I closed the door, the penny dropped and I looked at the side of the box that he had been hiding. There was a big hole in it, fortunately, the packing was brilliant and no damage had happened to the disc drive and BBC inside. I wonder if it was one of Watchdog's step ladder legs that went through the box? For those that are willing to pay £5 extra for postage, I now use TNT, next day delivery, so far so good, however, I have still had people say to me that they are no better. Alan Honeyball was impressed when the TNT man delivered a heavy box from me to his house, his mother was the only one in. The driver not only carried the box into the house for her but offered to help her unpack it too.                   