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                                   From: Mike Holdaway Subject: WANTED for BBC B Please can you help with any of the following items ... 1 .. A Watford Electronics 32K shadow Ram extension board (with or without the system eprom). 2 .. The Watford Electronics DTP ROM system 'Wapping Editor'. 3 .. An ATPL Sidewise extension ROM board or the Watford Electronics equivalent i.e. the plus 12 ROM not the smaller one. I would be most pleased to hear from any one who could assist, 'phone me on 0181 599 2541 or if you are in my area pop in for a cuppa at - 106 Mill Lane Chadwell Heath Romford Thanks Mike H. Essex RM6 6UU  From: D8L (Mike Holdaway) Subject: Wanted for BBC'B In the days of Viglen, and the beeb, a PC type housing was made .... These housings came in two parts, one for the keyboard and the other for the mother board, power supply etc. The second part also provided space for two disc drives together with a power supply for the drives, beeb loud speaker and a sidewise ROM socket. I am hoping that by now someone may well be saying "I've got one of those I don't want any more", or even have two going spare. Yes you've got it (I hope) I am looking for two such beasts. I would be most please to hear from anyone who may be able to furnish me with one or both such units. Please don't forget they came with a coiled lead for the keyboard connection. Please 'phone or fax on 0181 599 2541 or just call in if you are passing and have a chat over a cuppa and a bickie. at ... 106 Mill Lane, Chadwell Heath, Thanks for Romford, your help Mike. Essex. RM6 6UU.  From: D7Y (SAM MEDWORTH) Subject: WANTED SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE FOR 'B' OR MASTER FOR SENSE AND CONTROL, I.E. ROBOTICS. I BELIEVE A NUMBER OF SYSTEMS HAVE BEEN PRODUCED OVER THE YEARS TO DO SUCH THINGS AS CONTROL "TURTLES". I AM INTERESTED IN CONTROLLING 2 MOTORS IN A MECCANO MODEL.  From: D4J (O.Debus) Subject: WANTED The serial port chips for a Master Compact. Please contact me via 8BS.  From: L1T (Jeremy Stanton) Subject: Wanted !!!! Far out in Cairo, Egypt I am searching for the following items. 1) A set of manuals for the Master 128 and the utilities disk (ADFS format). 2) Games for the BBC, BBC + and for the Master 128 with 65c102 co-pro. I particually seek games that have been trained with extra lives! 3) Serious software for the BBC+ and the Master 128 with 65c102 co-pro. 4) A manual for the Toolkit plus 2.02 Rom for the BBC B. Is this the final version of toolkit? Is toolkit the best ROM to have in one's computer? I will be coming to London in August for a few weeks. Please write to me or Fax me on the following address. Jeremy Stanton 17 Gabarti Street Manchiet el-Bakri Cairo Egypt Fax: 00 20 2-455 2138 Attn J. Stanton Thank you .....Jeremy  From: D7K (Wayne Cullen) Subject: Wanted Hi. I am looking for a second-hand printer and mouse at a good price. Would anybody have a spare (WELECOME GUIDE) (REFERENCE MANUAL PART 1 & 2) at a good price.All of the above must suit a master 128. All the prices must include p&p as I live in Ireland. If you have anything I want please write to me at the address below with the price list. Thanks. Wayne Cullen, 20 Marian Hill, Portarlington, Co.Laois, Ireland.  From: D5B (Jon Ripley) Subject: Stuff Wanted I will pay a reaonable price for any of the following items if you have them or exchange them for anything I have for sale. A BBC Hard drive or interface Twin 80T DSDD disc drive with a 3.5 and a 5.25 inch drives (for the Master) CASIO CT670 or HOHNER PSK75 keyboards The Quill, Graphic Adventure Creator and/or ALPS (adventure language programming system), indeed, any adventure creator is welcomed! Any BBC/Electron/Master adventure games on tape/disc (any format) EPROM programmer and EPROM eraser EPROMS, blank or preprogrammed 12.5/21V 4/8/16K (or other, please specify) Disc drive sharer (to link 2 BBC's to one twin drive!) BBC Master Reference Manuals RISC OS 3 PRM Update for RISC OS 3.5 and above. Manual for NEC Pinwriter 6+ will consider loan if you will! Any computer magazines, ones with type-in listings with or without tape/disc/CD. Prefrably Electron User, CPC User, Acorn User, Micro User and Input. Magazines for any computer will be considered but must have type-ins or a tape/disc/CD. My address (and name) is; Jon Ripley (D5B), 37 Ceylon Place, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN21 3JE. Telephone:- (01323) 721091 (24hrs!)  From: D4H (Paul Smith) Subject: Wanted - sound card I am still looking for a sound card for my ageing Amstrad PC2286. Can anyone help please? An older type 8 bit Soundblaster or Adlib card should do. Anything more up-to-date would probably by out of proportion to the value of the computer! Any help greatfully appreciated. Reply to Paul Smith, 9, Renishaw Road, Mastin Moor, Chesterfield, S43 3DW.  To: 999 (all members) From: L1T (Jeremy Stanton) Subject: Wanted I need a metal (cream coloured) stand for my Master 128. I am prepared to pay five pounds and postage costs. Please contact me after the 16th August on 0181-958 6667 or via the 8BS messaging system. Thank you  From: 4TK (Henry Frost) Subject: WANTED - (Trains) Like most children my grandson, he's five and a half is train mad. Oh yes he enjoys the computer, rides his bicycle, swims (after a fashion), plays with his sister and other girls but lives TRAINS. I want to get him an electric train set, something like his dad had when he was a lot younger. I forget the various gauges but anything up to rail width of one and a quarter inches approximately which can be mounted on a 4 foot square sheet of hardboard would be suitable. A train, a couple of coaches or trucks, a signal and possibly a station would be very acceptable. As an OAP I cannot afford to purchase a new outfit for him, one very simple one I enquired about was in the region of eighty pounds........way beyond my pocket money. Now surely among our members there must be somebody who has one which they have outgrown and which is now tucked away in the attic or somewhere which they would be prepared to sell me at a reasonable price. I have been advised by well wishers to attend 'Boot sales', but with arthritic legs (and other parts) I can only walk a very short distance before I've had it. So please, can anybody help me. I will answer ALL letters and refund postage. Henry Frost 3. Rupert Road Bedford Park LONDON W4 1LU TEL:(0181) 994 1989.                    