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Alien Life. I think it would be fair to say everyone would like to know if there's life elsewhere in the universe or even in our own solar system. I think it's also fair to say no one is totally convinced by UFO reports or totally unbelieving of them. We just don't have the information to be decisive about it. There's never been an incident let's say where a UFO flies past a city in broad daylight seen by thousands of people and filmed in detail. Now that's evidence. It's almost always someone on their own or with a friend or relative on a dark night miles from anywhere etc. Anyway I thought I would put a few facts together which should be considered when we think about UFO/Alien issues. They're in no particular order and just meant to make you think about the subject and our place in the pecking order of the universe. They form no conclusions but do shoot down in flames many so called accounts of alien encounters; 1. Man is actually very primitive. The size of the brain is only marginally larger than when we could be described as wild animals. 2. Mans technology is primitive with only two hundred years of engineering of metals and manufacturing. 3. The evolved mathematical formula and program that has designed our genetics/DNA is beyond our understanding. We cannot use it to program creatures of our own design, only dabble with minor elements of it. 4. Mans rise from wild animal to a so called civilised race was not due just to our larger brain as is often said, but due to the brain size plus dexterity. Our hands enabled us to fashion tools and build. A dolphin that actually has a larger brain and a full language has little or no dexterity. This means it cannot engineer etc. 5. Compared to an alien lifeform that may have technology millions of years old we would be incredibly primitive. 6. However unlikely it seems, time travel may be possible. This means we all have our place in time. We may die tomorrow but to a time traveller there will always be a route to find and view us. 7. Considering that planets can vary in density, weight, composition, and location at the very beginning. Consider also that life has billions of routes to go down based on this. It seems unlikely that aliens would be human shaped. What percentage of life is human shaped on this planet? 8. Alien visitors theoretically could have traveled in time, space and dimensions. They could be from a planet that evolved life in a previous universe before the big bang and before a previous big collapse. They could even be from a universe within a single molecule or an existance outside the molecule that our universe is encapsulated in. 9. What appear to be alien lifeforms may in fact be probes genetically engineered to approximate/mimic existing life forms while gathering information. 10. Considering that the highest level of lifeforms are probably energy based creatures which can travel at high speeds and don't suffer from molecule decay, our alien visitors may actually be quite primitive themselves perhaps only five hundred years of technology ahead. I could imagine the human race being capable of star travel within 200 years. 11. There's no reason to think that alien lifeforms are friendly or hostile. I personally think they would be indifferent to us. Just like someone at a beach who sees a few crabs between the rocks. You might prod a stick at one to see if it attacks it, watch it a while. Not really bothered whether the crab lives or dies. The crab may live 10 years or appear in front of you at a local restaurant the next day. That crabs existance will not be important to you. I'd be interested in opinions on these thoughts. Counter arguments etc. Perhaps we can hammer out some logical facts from all the ideas. Is there evolution or is there God? Surely there can't be both? Martin Wilson 4WL