8-Bit Software Online Conversion

ARTICLES FOR SALE: Any orders (or enquiries) should be sent to: Robert Sprowson AT 6 Bollinbrook road, MACCLESFIELD, Cheshire. SK10 3DJ. Telephone (01625) 431067 In response to telephone calls asking about technical aspects of what I have for sale I have added as much detail as space permits. But ring me if you need further clarification. If you see P&P<n> then n is a multiple of 25p which must be added to cover postage for example if you choose the View ROM (with manual) then P&P is charged 3 x 25p = 75p) Payment for items is accepted in STAMPS CASH CHEQUE Total upto 75p * * * Total upto £5 * * Above £5 * *SPECIALS Any price reductions end on the August 1st 1996: -NEW! Function key strips, with Acorn logo on left hand side, title box and a massive 30 spaces for the Fkey, SHIFT-Fkey, CTRL-Fkey combinations. 3 strips are 30p. P&P1 regardless of how many you order (eg. 60 strips = £6.25). Fits all models except the Electron. -NEW! GrabROM 1. 00 Save entire 16k ROM images to disk in under 15 seconds. Uses Acorn documented calls and comes with manual on disk. Note: this is a disk based *COMMAND which installs itself in any spare page of memory. Once there, it can be recalled without needing the program disk. Versions can be customised to run at any address from &400 to &2F00 - please specify (default is &C00, the Character Defininition buffer). £2.50, P&P1. -NEW! Re-edited and re-worded manual to ATPL ROM board. Full page of diagrams and 4 pages of clear text telling you all about your board. 75p. P&P1 -NEW! Convert your BASIC programs into *COMMANDS which can be *RUN as though they are machine code. Price converts upto 15 programs (must not take more than 2/5 of a disk to leave space for the *RUNable versions) £2.50, P&P1 -Ever Ready PP3 rechargeables. 8.4v type Still on their cardboard blister packs and shop ready. Argos sell them for £7.50 each. £4.75 and P&P3. (3 left) *ROMWARE -View 3.0 with mint condition box, manual, prompt card, function key strip, printer driver generator (also with seperate manual). £10. P&P7 (two of left) -View 3.0 with original manual only. £5. P&P3 (one of left) -ViewSheet with ROM, Function key strip and Prompt card. 4. P&P2. -Toolkit BASIC programmer's aid (1.25b). Supplied with instructions: adds line editor and many useful star commands to BASIC such as *RECOVER (no more Bad Program) and *RENUMBER (selective renumber) and *UTILS (further screen of 10 utilities). £4. P&P2 -Graphics extension ROM (SN1110-006-3 A3M) by Computer Concepts. Draw ellipses and other normally complex shapes using simple *COMMAND from any language. Also flood fills areas and comes with Turtle style on screen plotter. £4. P&P2 -Pendown ROM (wordprocessor etc. . . ) by Logotron - no manual - but is entirely menu driven and very easy to use. Supports importing of ordinary text files £4. P&P2 *HARDWARE: -ATPL ROM board, the BBC's operating system can support upto 16 ROMs, but the designers at Acorn only put 4 sockets on the board. Expand to 16!: one ROM of which can be swapped for RAM so that you can keep infrequently used ROM images on disk then just *LOAD them in when required. Comes with 4 page manual and fitting instructions. £25. P&P7 -2.5kW dimmer/drill control. See RS catalogue #568-051 for specification. Suitable for resistive/inductive loads RS price 64. Sale: £23. P&P7 (2 left) -BBC beige disk drive 40/80 switchable (can read but doesn't reliably write 80T too) disk drive. With ample lead and 6 pin power connector. £11 P&P2 -Kodak extra long life AA. 4 pack, Card mounted. £1. 20. P&P2. (9 packs left) If you order 3 or more packs the price falls to just 25p a battery! -BBC micro computer system tape recorder. Acorn part number ANF03. Does have speaker and earpiece so can double as a cassette deck, has integral VU meter and powered from battery or mains lead. Price is high because postage is low. £8 + P&P1 -Green toolbox, opentop, 3 compartments, handle, w10"xd15"xh5". 1. P&P6 -Reconditioned Master 128. New batterys (May 1996), and new lead. Fully tested and ready configured - includes CMOSRAM backup program on disk. £68 + P&P9. -Tandy aerobuggy remote controlled car. Black. Type 60-4081. Boxed. £5. P&P6. -RAM chips required by ATPL board or Watford ROM/RAM board to allow *LOADing of ROMs from disk. Simply plug in and you're away. £4.40 each +P&P1 (you'll need two) -Red Metal bench vice. Clamps to 1" desk and opens to 1+". Heavy. 3. P&P8 -Electronic fuse, bulb, and continuity testers. Contains integral battery box to take 2xAAA batteries. Can also be used as a plant pot watering tester, due to darlington transistor technology. Reduced to clear. 50p + P&P2. -Case for Maplin 'pocket multimeter' with popstud front fastener, testlead holder & strap. Type YN65V. Ordered in error RRP 1. 79 selling 90p P&P1. -Audio cassette index (inlay) cards 20p for 10 strip. P&P1, regardless of how many you order -Junior hacksaw blades 40p each + P&P1 -Pack of 10x 13A fuses (to BS1362) £1.20 + P&P1 *SOFTWARE All disks come with any available documentation that I have -Turbo Pascal. Borland 1983. 8086 CPU or better. 5. 25" PC format disk (can be translated to 3.5" if required for 95p and I'll even include the original 5.25" disk too). £3. P&P1 -Desktop integrated suite of software including WP, database, sheet, comms (supports XMODEM), graphics. Does not required sideways RAM: it's entirely self contained £0.50. P&P1 -Equation V2.10. PC only. 286, 512k, HDisk minimum. A level standard graphical maths aid, even lists the working it is doing for you to copy off the screen. Works with linear/quadratic and circle graphs. Also has 'visualise' section to view ANY graph, regression section, intercepts section and scientific calculator. Icon driven main menu with submenus for more specific control. Disk manual postage and next version included in price of just £5. -Repton with level editor, 60p. P&P1 *OR* Repton alone, 40p. P&P1 -Mini Office II. ADFS version, with manuals, box, disk. Mint condition. £5 +P&P8. NB: this is for machines with ADFS only. -Thrust. 1986 Superior software. Hardback case in dual 40/80T format. £1.25, P&P1 -The following are all 60p + P&P1: CITADEL, BROLLY, GRANDPRIX, CHUCKY EGG, MONACO RACING, BLITZ KREIG, VORTEX, JS WILLY, PHANTOM, COMBAT, BEDBUG, SKI, HINKY, POGO, LABRYNTH, JETPACK, THRUST, SPELLBINDER -Super invaders, boxed, with printed manual. 1982 Acornsoft. £1.25, P&P2 -Starship command, boxed w/manual. 1983 version by Acornsoft. £1.25, P&P2 -Welcome cassette, boxed, with original manual. 1981 BBC soft. £0.75. P&P2. *BOOKWARE -Functional Forth for the BBC Micro. 1983 Boris Allan author. 50p. P&P1 -Build a PC. Maplin book XL73Q. Free. P&P1 -BBC B User guide, 1982 w/addendum, 1983 by BBC literacy project. £3. P&P8 -Acorn Electron user guide, June 1983, Part #405000. £3. P&P8 -A Concise introduction to MS-DOS. Babani BP232 (1992). Good general guide. £1. 50. P&P2 -Acorn Computers BASIC II user guide. 20 sides, 1982. Part#980014. £1 +P&P1 -A Concise advanced User's guide to MS-DOS. Babani BP264. Covers V3 upwards. £2. 50. P&P2 *WANTED Amounts mentioned are negotiable, the last 2 must also be reasonable! -Spare TMS6100 only (I've already got the TMS5220) 'PhromA' WILL PAY UPTO £5 -Spare 8271 controllers WILL PAY £3.50 each -Watford BeebScan (UPTO £55) or just the interlinking junction box (UPTO £15) -Econet PCB or circuit diagrams -Instructions (photocopy/original) to "GREMLIN" machine code monitor *DWARFERS -Red Dwarf "Smeg Ups" (NB not more recent "Smeg Outs") £8. P&P5 *CUSTOM Can't see what you need? Having problems with programming/hardware? Drop me a line, I can usually help, or find someone who can. Eprom Programming fees £3 (new rom) *OR* 50p (blank your old rom) 50p (fixed programming fee) For custom problems/EPROM programming don't forget to include a 25p stamp so I can write back.